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  1. Is there a way that a photo can auto update itself in designer, after changes to it has been made in photos, and then saved? I placed a photo that I edited in photos into designer, then I needed to make adjustments, but every adjustment I make, I need to replace the picture is designer with the updated one, even though it is the same picture, same name. Is there a way to make it auto update like it would do when using illustrator and photoshop? Thanks, Harold
  2. On the mac in photo you can do a selection on the background and then delete it. But on the ipad I can't seem to find that option. I can only hide the background with a mask. Is there a way to delete the background I selected on the ipad?
  3. Please add ruler to designer on ipad
  4. Will do as soon as I am back at the office.
  5. When I use a specific font for example Bree, I add it to designer, then open the document, and the fonts are always bigger then what it is on the desktop version. Example it would say that the font size is 40 pt on both desktop and ipad, but when I open the document on ipad, the font flows over the design next to it, even though it says 40pt on the ipad also. So the font sizes are not 1-1 from desktop to ipad, it somehow converts bigger on ipad.
  6. Yes, I checked and the units are the same. I didn't check the dpi, because it is a document, that was already created, and it should open with the same setup as before shouldn't it?
  7. I didn't try it with Arial, I noticed it always happens with fonts I have to install.
  8. When I open a Designer project that I started on desktop on my iPad, the font are not correct size, example on desktop I use size 40, but on iPad the exact same font same size is too big for the project. Also some of the objects are not aligned as with the desktop version. Please fix this issues.
  9. Hi Callum, When you place an image on the document and then you select it, there is an option that appears that you can replace it with another image, its called replace document (desktop version). I wanted to know if that is available on the ipaf version. Thanks
  10. Is there a way to replace document in designer for ipad, like you can on the desktop version?
  11. Is there a way that photos automatically get updated in Designer after changes have been made in Photo?
  12. Harold78

    One Drive saving issue

    I use the export option, and neither jpeg, or psd will save correctly on one drive, will both will safe on icloud.
  13. I have noticed, that Affinity for iPad has an issue saving to Microsoft One Drive, One Drive does not recognize the file. if I save it to iCloud drive it, immediately recognizes it and syncs, while one drive doesn't. Is there a fix for this?