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  1. Perfect! I turned off Metal and the feature is working again. Thanks for the help!
  2. I see... Seems the problem is with me then... Could this be a macOS Catalina thing? I just upgraded a few days ago. Everything else in Photo is working just as intended, only this one feature is giving me trouble.
  3. Hi MEB, I've edited the original post to include the image I used in the example. Though I don't think it makes any difference. The problem is happening with any image I try to use.
  4. Hi! The "Resize Pixel Art Document" feature is completely broken, at least for me. When using this feature, the final result is always a blank transparent file. I've attached a video demonstrating what happens when I use it. The image in the video has transparency, but the result is the same when using non-transparent images. I hope this can be fixed soon... Unless there is some preparation I need to perform on the image before using this feature that I am unaware of... The official Affinity Photo documentation doesn't mention anything in particular. 2019-10-24_09-57-53_T.mp4
  5. When I updated my Affinity Designer to the latest version, it came with the brand new Baseline Grid Manager icon on the toolbar. I restored the toolbar to the defaults to quickly customise it and now I can't get the Baseline Grid Manager icon back, as it is nowhere to be found on the Customise Toolbar list. Luckily I didn't remove it from the Pixel persona, only the Designer Persona, so I still have a way to access, otherwise I'd be completely cut off from it. I consider this a serious bug, as it is keeping me from completely accessing an entire feature of the software. The attached video showcases the problem. Missing Baseline Grid Manager Icon.mp4
  6. I second that! Being able to view your bleed area not only helps you guarantee you are making optimal use of it, but also helps you to minimise cropping your content any more than necessary. It is a crucial part of creating a document for publication. I believe the implementation of this feature to be simple. It could be a menu item under 'View', nested right next to Show Guides and Show Margin. Call it 'Show Bleed Area'.
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