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  1. I am working in Affinity Photo for iPad. I don't see the menu options mentioned above. (Maybe it's a difference between the desktop version & the iPad version.) I would like to see a tool for creating a stroke from a selection as well, preferably for both the desktop & the ipad version.
  2. The image icon doesn't show up for me on either one. I've tried hovering over the image, clicking on the image, & Control-clicking — for both the profile picture & the header image (viewing in Chrome or Firefox, on a Macbook). But no icon shows up. Ok, that's weird. When I tried to access it from the link at the top right of the page, the icon didn't show up in my profile, but I just tried clicking on my profile picture on a comment, and when I followed that link to my profile, the icon DOES show up. 🤔 🙃 Oh, well. It worked.
  3. I tried creating a layer & drawing lines to use for guides, and it ended up working well. It was easy to turn the layer off or on as needed. I'd still like Affinity to fix the issue, but this will suffice in the meantime. And yes, I've used the "Constrain" feature (holding down a finger, or pressing the "Shift" key) to make straight lines (but I use guides for a lot of other things, too). Thanks for sharing this solution for those who aren't aware of it.
  4. I’m having the same problem. I guess I'll have to create a layer & draw lines. This is frustrating. Having guides for a drawing program seems like a basic feature that should be available. (Especially if it aims to be comparable to Photoshop. )
  5. I’m having the same problem. I want to be able to transform a selection. But I have been able to cut & paste my selection, which creates a new layer with the selection. Then the tools in the Transform menu work for me.
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