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    Main interest in photography - classic landscape photography, particularly classic Japanese landscape photography and Chinese landscape painting. This because they penetrate the picture plane to the underlying Zen and Tao through the use of geometric composition. Other than that linguistics, environment and applied philosophy.

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  1. ms.fuentecilla

    Crop tool

    The crop tool in the new beta appears to malfunction. Unconstrained works as original ratio. This occurs only when trying to crop a panorama. The panorama has to be exited to crop successfully. This doesn't happen in the released version. At present due to computer changes I cn't make a recording. Sorry. But I hope this amplification clarifies things.
  2. ms.fuentecilla

    Serif promotion

    That seems to have drifted away into nostalgia!
  3. ms.fuentecilla

    Serif promotion

    Thank you for your interest and for your comments. He was doing his best and perhaps steering me to what they had available! The error was to believe the Serif data. His boss was even worse! It is a pity though that Serif are not a bit clearer because it is better to go into a real store than to shop in the abstract. If there comes a time when there are none, only the Amazons, - I didn't go there - that would be dire. However, I had done my own research in this instance and what I bought might have been over the top but easily obtainable, an Asus Vivo-book, not a gaming pc. Perhaps Silent-knight hasn't tried to tone map a large panorama made from RAW files yet or ARM are just that much better. I'm not sure what the balance is in such a process, whether processor heavy or memory heavy but I suspect both are well used. It tends to induce profanities when one has to use the off switch to get out of Photo and lose the work!
  4. You might be amused and interested by this experience. Having serious problems with APhoto hanging on a pc laptop with 4Gb memory and 2.4GHz processor I decided to buy a new laptop. In the local shop I told them exactly what performance I wanted, i7 and minimum 8Gb. So I was asked what software I used to which I replied Serif Affinity Photo amongst others. The smart assistant then looked up your stated requirements of 2GB memory and a fairly basic processor and proceeded to argue for nearly half an hour that I needed only a basic laptop based on that information. We abandoned that, needless to say and I then bought via the internet. Perhaps your promotional information might be a little more precise? Because it is impossible to apply some processes to a large panorama with those basic requirements! It runs perfectly on an i7 with 12 Gb!
  5. ms.fuentecilla

    Brush overlay

    The highlights and shadows dialogue doesn't function on a brush overlay when using tone mapping
  6. ms.fuentecilla

    Crash without recovery

    There has been another crash after completing complex layer processes, this time on a single frame when Develop was started. My system can find no crash report.
  7. ms.fuentecilla

    Crash without recovery

    Hello Chris, I hope I can't reproduce it. As soon as I can I shall check for a crash report but I was surprised APhoto offered no recovery so perhaps it was a system fault. This is a low memory PC I am currently using on holiday but with a faster processor. The save-as-you-go precaution has been ignored of late due to the stability of Affinity software. Michael
  8. ms.fuentecilla

    Crash without recovery

    Hello, sorry to report a bug in the new update. Having completed a panorama entailing much detail work, APhoto crashed out when 'apply' was clicked to a defringe filter, losing everything. Therefore no file to submit! Michael
  9. ms.fuentecilla


    An apology: after making a small test production and reading through 'Help' I see that indexing is included. Michael
  10. Hello. This really is a first impression. But your startup logo seems to me to lack the classy impact quality of those for Photo and Design. It feels aggressive in the wrong way and amorphous. Off-putting! A welcome additional module would be indexing not just contents. Michael
  11. ms.fuentecilla

    Black holes

    I also use the inpainting brush a lot. This peculiarity lasted until I changed all the settings for the brush and hasn't occurred since then. If it does I shall attempt a video.
  12. In your very interesting tutorial on adjusting wide angle lens perspective distortion the results don't correct the building distortion. I used photogrammetry for some years and in order to retain more accurate representation of the subject matter after making the adjustments shown it is also necessary to adjust the image's vertical dimension. Possibly this isn't considered important because the tutorial is not about photogrammetry but is perhaps of interest anyway.
  13. Does anyone know why the inpainting brush in AP and AP Beta goes cosmic and paints black holes?
  14. ms.fuentecilla

    personal image

    Thank you MEB: so simple!
  15. How do I find how to insert a unique image into the profile identification circle. I can find only for a header image. Michael