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    Main interest in photography - classic landscape photography, particularly classic Japanese landscape photography and Chinese landscape painting. This because they penetrate the picture plane to the underlying Zen and Tao through the use of geometric composition. Other than that linguistics, environment and applied philosophy.

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  1. ms.fuentecilla


    Hello Chris I have found the source of this. It is excessive tone compression in the automatic response of tone mapping. It can be controlled by reducing this and by also controlling local contrast. Hope this might be helpful to others, though there don't seem to be many of the latter! Using TIFFs instead of RAW also helps, since RAW frames in Tone Mapping, especially of panoramas, exaggerates several aspects of saturation and local contrast. Long delays as we continue trying to cope with relocation under the gloomy skies of Brexit! Apologies. Michael
  2. Hello, I return to the topic of what goes on in the panorama dialogue. There appears to be still too much interference when assembling RAW images in that the saturation is increased far too much and strong colour shifts occur. I appreciate that we are more recently advised to convert to another compression format such as TIFF before processing but it would be good to be permitted to take control of something like this and not have it automatically judged by what the algorithm thinks we might want! Changing the outcome subsequently requires a huge amount of manual readjustment, not always successful. Please note however that I consider this finction in Affinity Photo absolutely brilliant. So many things have been put right. Therefore a niggle only! Michael
  3. ms.fuentecilla


    Hello Chris Long delay but we are having to try and deal with complicated personal aspects of Brexit fallout amongst other things Does anyone know what part of the mapping process might cause this? It is obviously quite a complex set of manipulations, each of which might react with another, but which part is most likely to handle the contrast of edges using such a wide pixel count? If I process this image manually and carefully using a wide range of techniques nothing like this occurs. The mapping is a very useful quick tool but so far I have found no way of dealing with such an event within its parameters. I'm reluctant to upload this particular image but could use another since this result occurs frequently.
  4. ms.fuentecilla

    New photo iteration problem

    Pity! Strange that it happened only with the last iteration though because I have been making panoramas from RAW since it became possible, so I found this rather weird. The results from using TIFF exports are in general less pleasing. But thank you for explaining the situation with RAW. Michael
  5. ms.fuentecilla

    New photo iteration problem

    The example I illustrate was assembled from Sony RAW. Developing a single file it doesn't happen. Developing individually exporting as TIFF and reassembling it doesn't happen. So it afflicts only RAW it seems. Michael
  6. ms.fuentecilla

    New photo iteration problem

    It doesn't go away Dan. This screenshot shows an assembled panorama on the left hand side of which are colour distortions. There are no switches for anything in the interface that I can see. And these distortions remain after tone mapping. This is something completely new in my long experience of APhoto. I can't proceed at all with this panorama. Michael
  7. Hadn't noticed that and I didn't switch it on either, so unexpected. I think this might also apply to my subsequent submission. Thank you Dan.
  8. Hello yet again This happens when I open a high contrast RAW in the most recent iteration of photo. The colour distortions remain after developing, sometimes inverted, rendering the image useless. Is there some switch in Preferences causing this please? Michael
  9. Hello Please can you explain what is happening in the attached screenshot? This is with the latest update. What is the switch for this? It looks a bit like an analytical screen. Michael
  10. ms.fuentecilla

    Stack and Panorama output

    Thank you Walt. This had occurred to me, hence my comment about using it for panoramas that typically have around 3 to 7 components. But it would be a tedious process for a stack of 12 or more, especially as batch processing also fails in the same way. Something to wait for then. Michael
  11. Hello Stacks and panorama both output in RGBA 16 bit. Is it not possible to output into 32 bit? It would be good to have the extended flexibility obtained when using RAW as base files. With panoramas it is within reasonable bounds to pre-process individual frames but that is often somewhat excessive for stacks. All goes otherwise very smoothly Michael
  12. ms.fuentecilla


    Hello Chris This is a very new laptop, Vivobook Pro 17 with a screen that supports ROMM. However, following your suggestion I tried out AdbeRGB, with the same result. On images where the tonal contrasts (as opposed to colour) are not so strong there is a lesser impact but present. Hope this is helpful. Michael
  13. ms.fuentecilla


    Hello I attach a screenshot of what happens now using Tone Mapping. There has been a tendency for this kind of halo over several versions but it seems to have become emphasisied with the latest update. It makes the Tone Mapping facility almost unusable because there seems no way of avoiding or correcting it. Apart from this and some minor quirks the latest version is a joy to use Michae
  14. Both Design and Publisher fail to recognise my spanish keyboard sequence for @ which is ctrl_alt_2 @. Can this be rectified please? I have to enter it in Notepad, copy and paste. Michael
  15. Hello, it appears Publisher is unable to edit PDF files. Is this correct? Seems an omission. Michael

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