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  1. Hello There are many really good things in the new update but the edge fades of the overlays, both brush and gradients really go too abruptly, leaving 'edges' that are then difficult to deal with. This seems to be something that has changed over versions because there have been times when it was much gentler.
  2. I have now tried this on the updated BETA and it is much better than the release. I should add that this is making adjustments on RAW images. But this was previously very good.
  3. Hello The various sliders for control of levels, highlights, saturation, selective colour and so on have become so crude in this update that they are almost unusable. First of all they are too fierce and then, especially in selective colour, they descend into serious distortions. I shall almost certainly uninstall this and return to the earlier version. so far I haven't tried if the beta update does similar.
  4. Well, it helps to know that it isn't possible after seeking to do so but it surely would be really nice to have it possible to create macros to batch process RAW files. It is incredibly tedious to edit 20 or so RAW files for a stack individually in order to take advantage of the extended control of light and shade!! It ceases to be possible to exercise much control once the stack has been created even with rgb-romm.
  5. Correction: this is possible from TIFF conversions but not from RAW originals.
  6. Why is it not possible to get a romm-rgb output from stacks? The s-rgb is rather limiting with what one can then achieve with manipulation.
  7. Hello The improvement in processing RAW files in automated panoramas in the new BETA is really good. Colour balance is about perfect. There is a slight difficulty with the darkness of the originals when one needs to adjust the tiles but nothing serious. This obviates now the need to develop to TIFF or other formats before assembling an image, retaining most of the original quality. Really pleasing. Michael
  8. Thank you MEB. I did a total reset in the Beta version and when I opened the main version it had also done a reset there! Seems strange but it did happen.
  9. This is something I appear to have inadvertently inflicted on myself and have repeated now in the Beta version. Please would someone be kind enough to tell me how to get back to the default Adjustment dialogue? Michael
  10. It would be useful to have this feature because of so much in available resources for PS styles and a seemingly quite different way of creating them. However, I can understand the reluctance of the software designers to implement this. And indeed, why?
  11. Despite update this still occurs: on opening RAW files there is no Basic dialogue option Michael
  12. Hello, despite the superb improvements to automated panoramas, which really are good, they still have a tendency to smudge in the vicinity of overlaps. I feel sure you are already aware of this but just mention it as an ongoing thing. Michael
  13. This situation doesn't occur in the new beta. Apart from this the new version is really good, especially with panoramas (but see another post)
  14. There seems to be a problem with the recent update with the develop persona, in that there is no adjustment dialogue only lens details tones and overlays. I have tried a repair but that doesný improve things. Am I being in some way stupid perhaps? Michael
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