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  1. Thank you Lee. A quick test revealed the source of the problem as the hardware acceleration setting. Seems in order now.
  2. The beta gives no problems at all, as stated, only the new release. I shall check your other suggestion. Thank you Lee
  3. The new updat is proving unreliable in its handling of RAW files. It fails to develop them. Half the screen remains shaded following development, sometimes for a period, on occasions permanently when it then sets this for the outcome and the screen takes several stages to update when using filters or other processing. This does not happen with the betas. Is this a faulty installation or are others having similar difficulties.\? I have of necessity resorted to using the Beta.
  4. The new update of photo is proving very clunky on my system, nowhere near as fluid as the preceding beta. Corei7 8th gen, Geforce, 12Gb memory, Static disk.
  5. The huge improvement in the handling of RAW image input into panorama creation in the new Beta (perhaps also earlier but I have been swamped with Brexit and residency issues) is most welcome. It really is a pleasure to use. Whatever you have done it is highly successful. The best results are still obtained by developing RAW after controlling highlights and exporting into such as TIF first because the Create panorama process still tends to white out highlights in RAW. It is the colour rendering that is so much improved because it no longer over saturates.
  6. Using modify in the system apps Affinity Photo uninstall has cured the proble. AP now behaves as normal, so the updates seem to cause some corruption. Hope this will all be useful to someone who might encounter a similar event.
  7. This doesn't happen in the new Beta so perhaps there is some corruption of the release version on my pc.
  8. Hello, I was about to edit my topic and update it. After uninstalling the feature update the problem remains, so it is probably in the general update. It seriously retards the export process more than edits but it also delays some of those. (This was interrupted by a call to eat.) The other noticeable edit that is affected is rendering overlays updating the screen. My pc isn't the latest but has always coped. It is Vivabook pro 17 with 12Gb memory, more than adequate for most AP.
  9. Hello The most recent update from Microsoft, the so called fature update slows down Affinity Photo severely
  10. Thank you very much Garry. The fonts were already installed but I could find no route in Help to their use. Works fine.
  11. This is out of ignorance and being too long out of practice. Can anyone tell me please how to intoduce Trutype border patterns into Publisher files? Michael
  12. Hello There are many really good things in the new update but the edge fades of the overlays, both brush and gradients really go too abruptly, leaving 'edges' that are then difficult to deal with. This seems to be something that has changed over versions because there have been times when it was much gentler.
  13. I have now tried this on the updated BETA and it is much better than the release. I should add that this is making adjustments on RAW images. But this was previously very good.
  14. Hello The various sliders for control of levels, highlights, saturation, selective colour and so on have become so crude in this update that they are almost unusable. First of all they are too fierce and then, especially in selective colour, they descend into serious distortions. I shall almost certainly uninstall this and return to the earlier version. so far I haven't tried if the beta update does similar.
  15. Well, it helps to know that it isn't possible after seeking to do so but it surely would be really nice to have it possible to create macros to batch process RAW files. It is incredibly tedious to edit 20 or so RAW files for a stack individually in order to take advantage of the extended control of light and shade!! It ceases to be possible to exercise much control once the stack has been created even with rgb-romm.
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