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    Main interest in photography - classic landscape photography, particularly classic Japanese landscape photography and Chinese landscape painting. This because they penetrate the picture plane to the underlying Zen and Tao through the use of geometric composition. Other than that linguistics, environment and applied philosophy.

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  1. ms.fuentecilla

    Crop tool

    Please now see my added note to the release version comment on the same topic. This is caused by first requesting crop to opaque, which fixes the ratio, something that didn't occur in earlier versions.
  2. ms.fuentecilla

    Photo crop tool

    I have now sorted out what happens. I requested crop to opaque, which now seems to fix the ratio, which didn't happen in earlier versions. If I crop manuallly from the outset this doesn't occur. It is easier to crop to opaque first and then adjust, so I wonder why this has been changed. Anyway, there is a workaround!
  3. The failure I noted with the beta version has now been added to the release update. I have edited my Beta on this subject with screen videos showing what happens
  4. ms.fuentecilla

    Tone mapping fault

    Thank you
  5. The inpaint tool from the Edit dialogue is now less successful in that it doesn't conceal the selection boundaries and leaves evidence of its use. This was excellent on the last version. I'm afraid I'm reverting to the last issue
  6. There is another issue with panoramas in the update in that immediately they are assembled the adjustments dialogue disappears completely. How does one get it back please? This is in addition to the crop tool issue. This update is behaving more like a Beta.
  7. ms.fuentecilla

    Tone mapping fault

    For some reason the 'natural' setting on the tone mapping box has disappeared. The selection starts with 'detailed'. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software now twice with no change to this. Suggestion please? It is fine on the beta! Michael
  8. ms.fuentecilla

    Overlay erase brush

    Hello, I find it necessary to revisit this topic which I have set aside because I believed it might be my computer capability at fault. However, I now have a computer with core i7 8th gen, 12Gb memory and Nvidia G force and still have this problem with the overlay erase tool. It leaves much to be desired. A screenshot is attached. It makes a mess of cleaning the edges of brush overlays, needing constant scrubbing and repainting. Michael
  9. ms.fuentecilla

    Scanning from scanner

    Thank you. I just used the Win10 inbuilt scan and fax but felt that graphics software should incorporate such a facility, especially as the Workbook for Design advocates the use of scans. Faststone and Irfanview I have used for many years. Wonderful software.
  10. A rather large omission from this type of software is the ability to import directly from a scanner. Surely this is intended at some time? Michael
  11. ms.fuentecilla

    Crop tool

    The crop tool in the new beta appears to malfunction. Unconstrained works as original ratio. This occurs only when trying to crop a panorama. The panorama has to be exited to crop successfully. This doesn't happen in the released version. At present due to computer changes I cn't make a recording. Sorry. But I hope this amplification clarifies things. If I pull on the adjusters at the sides or top of the crop outline the whole crop moves to the same proportion as the original. To avoid this happening I have to complete the apply on the panorama and can find no way of avoiding it. This fault has now been added to the new release version, making panorama cropping unusable. I am attaching a screen video. However I can't see that it functions. Affinity Photo - 08.06.2019, 06_49.mp4 Affinity Photo - 08.06.2019, 06_49.wmv
  12. ms.fuentecilla

    Serif promotion

    That seems to have drifted away into nostalgia!
  13. ms.fuentecilla

    Serif promotion

    Thank you for your interest and for your comments. He was doing his best and perhaps steering me to what they had available! The error was to believe the Serif data. His boss was even worse! It is a pity though that Serif are not a bit clearer because it is better to go into a real store than to shop in the abstract. If there comes a time when there are none, only the Amazons, - I didn't go there - that would be dire. However, I had done my own research in this instance and what I bought might have been over the top but easily obtainable, an Asus Vivo-book, not a gaming pc. Perhaps Silent-knight hasn't tried to tone map a large panorama made from RAW files yet or ARM are just that much better. I'm not sure what the balance is in such a process, whether processor heavy or memory heavy but I suspect both are well used. It tends to induce profanities when one has to use the off switch to get out of Photo and lose the work!
  14. You might be amused and interested by this experience. Having serious problems with APhoto hanging on a pc laptop with 4Gb memory and 2.4GHz processor I decided to buy a new laptop. In the local shop I told them exactly what performance I wanted, i7 and minimum 8Gb. So I was asked what software I used to which I replied Serif Affinity Photo amongst others. The smart assistant then looked up your stated requirements of 2GB memory and a fairly basic processor and proceeded to argue for nearly half an hour that I needed only a basic laptop based on that information. We abandoned that, needless to say and I then bought via the internet. Perhaps your promotional information might be a little more precise? Because it is impossible to apply some processes to a large panorama with those basic requirements! It runs perfectly on an i7 with 12 Gb!
  15. ms.fuentecilla

    Brush overlay

    The highlights and shadows dialogue doesn't function on a brush overlay when using tone mapping