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  1. So there is no solution for this? I thought AFD is THE perfect tool for such isometric stuff :-( Also the export of the attached file shows lines between the shapes - but they don't have contours while editing or something :-(
  2. Hi Dan! You mean drawing a shape with the Pen tool OR fix a node of the existing quick shape? I've drawed three shapes with the Pen tool and they snap into the grid perfectly but the X (and now W too!) are not integers: Is this maybe a mathematically problem? So when choosing 32's grid it can't be always integers? Thanks, NBG isodemo.afdesign
  3. Hi, can somebody please explain why the object is magnetically fitted but the x-value is not an integer? The grid is set to 32 pixels, frame is 640x640 pixel...
  4. Hi, as you can see designing on isometric grid produces always "hard edges": This is because the magnetic tool doesn't put the objects really on the grid, especially on the x-axis: No matter how you move the selected object - it's mostly not on an integer pixel X position. This leads to all those edges where the background is shown etc. Here are my settings for the grid and the magnetic tool (the project file is also attached): Isometrie3.afdesign
  5. No. We wanna use it NOW! For browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) WHO support it. We don't want to way until Apple wakes up and don't BLOCKS WebP anymore...
  6. It's no "hype"! It makes my website much faster saving 25-50% of original jpg size.
  7. Hi Alfred! This works fine so far... but colours the wooden background too. Any idea how to solve this? Thank you!
  8. Hi, i would like to create a t-shirt mock-up (template where you can put logos on top and change color of shirt). Example: Ass you can see the guy didn't took a photo of each coloured shirt, he just made one photo and coloured the shirt afterwards with software. My questions: 1) So i take a photo of a shirt - which colour is the best for the template? White? 2) How do i colour the shirt? 3) How do i put the existing shadows on top of the coloured shirt? Many thanks!
  9. Great idea! Didn't use the gradient for "hard" color changes, only blurred ones...
  10. Hoj Hans! I was dreaming about exactly this solution tonite in my bed :-) Cheers! *g This should also work when GEO->ADD all objects of the same color (in this case the 2 red bars).
  11. Hi Hans, masking does use the non-white curves and leads to this strange result: And it's still not really subtracted so the (t-shirt) printer can't use it. But my main problem is: It's not possible to Geo->Add objects with different colors right? So have to GEO->ADD objects of the same color and "distress" them manually?
  12. Hi, i would like to merge the text and the 2 red bars (with geo->add) to put an all-over distress-effect (geo->substract) on it: But everytime i try to merge the bars and the text it results in one curved vector (correct so far) but with the text in color red! Any ideas? Thanks! test.afdesign
  13. Hi, is there a way to sort/order assets by name? At the moment it's in the order i've added the assets: Thanks! NBG
  14. Great, this is really *the* solution! Many many thanks! Send me your address and i'll send you some beer! Is there a way to save and "import" such objects? Or do i have to create my own collection (in every layer a different texture vector layer saved in an single .afdesign-file) and drag them into another window with the letters?
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