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  1. For what is this feature useful?! https://www.annenbergdl.org/tutorials/a-quick-guide-to-blend-tool-in-illustrator/ Isn't this already possible with ADv1? (of course with a different workflow)
  2. They could add those features in V1 already years ago but backed off those for V2 ($$$). I'm sure it works in Serif Plus also with images, not only vectors. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/171354-designer-v2-warp-only-for-vector-elements-not-images/
  3. Posted a feature request here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/171560-designer-2-warp-for-images-too/
  4. The new warping options in AD2 are great but doesn't work with bitmap images (no matter if single images, images in groups or converted images into curves). Feature request: add image support for warp! 🙂
  5. So it makes no sense for me to upgrade to V2 😞 But isn't the image a "vector" because i converted it into curves before?!? I own AP V1 but this workflow makes no sense... i want to warp a whole group (incl. images) the way i want... and not switching between AP/AD and putting the puzzle together 🙂
  6. Hi Callum, i did already but it doesn't warp the image, it just stretches the outer parts:
  7. Hi, i tried to recreate this https://youtu.be/QS3PrrOHJIs?t=627 with an image - it doesn't work. So if i want to warp an album art including an image i can't do the same effect with AD?!
  8. Ok but then they should not "spam" me with an update that's not available for my (bought on their homepage) products 🙂
  9. Very confusing! AD + AP doesn't shop me an update notify during startup. AND: I really don't understand WHY the new version now is 1.10 and not something like 1.9.3
  10. Ok i made in AD... 1) Gradient 2) Text 3) Mask 4) Add grey outline 5) Group 6) Add grey outline to whole group Problem: If resizing the logo the outline width always stays the same Logo.afdesign
  11. Is it possible to create such a logo in AD ... which is editable (text) after? I guess it's not possible to choose a gradient for background color of the letters and must be solved with a mask? Also it has TWO outlines (and a shadow) ... Thanks for any hints..
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