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  1. First off, Affinity is a stellar piece of kit. I am a very satisfied customer. However there is a small oversight that is really strange and I think should be fixed. So, I checked the help section, which was incredibly useful and very well designed, lovely experience. and I couldn't find any way to add strokes to selections. This seems like a really weird oversight. Krita and Medibang can do this, photoshop can, and so can gimp, but Affinity can't and that does sour the experience in an otherwise fantastic piece of software. I hope this feature is added to affinity photo in the near future. the selection tools available are nothing short of spectacular, so it seems strange that there is no option to add a stroke with a pixel line or a current brush when everything else is really good. I am doing this on 2 fold: 1 I wanna help affinity as much as I am able, especially since its a reasonably priced 1 off payment. 2 I don't want myself or those who have similar opposition to adobe as i do, come crawling back to photoshop. I will continue to explore this app and report my findings and thoughts here to help the devs keep this tool awesome for everyone who uses it. Will also be down in the future to keep buying software from you guys should you continue to take a stab at adobe. I'll be happy to give money and feedback. Photo is such an incredible piece of kit, and I want to help make sure that everyone who needs it doesn't have to crawl back to adobe over some silly trifles. I will gladly give some of my time to the devs of photo if they want me to test the implementation of this. Have a nice day everyone.
  2. Glad to be useful. Just for transparency sake: I have an XP Pen display tablet, specifically the 15.6 artist pro. The brush was acting weird without that tablet setting on even though its experimental at the moment. but with windows ink off, and no windows ink option on in my driver, it works as intended. Hopefully this will help others who use affinity photo on windows with xp pen, and other brand tablets. I really wanted to digitally paint with affinity and now that the brush issue is fixed its just fantastic. Hope that helps keep this program awesome for everyone. And happy to be able to give back. Thanks for this wonderful tool. haven't had it for very long yet, but its really impressive. Edit: Just Updated to 1.7.2, and its pretty much the same as before. the tablet setting in affinity still works as intended, and I just need to make sure that Windows ink option in my driver is off and everything is fine.
  3. Okay so I checked my settings before restarting my computer after disabling Windows ink. that tablet setting was off. So I restarted my computer and the issue persisted. So I tried turning that option on, and it fixed my issue, but it also distorted my strokes, but with it on i could see my strokes happening in real time with tiny brushes and quick motions, but the cursor also jerked and pixels were put in the wrong place. So I tried hand writing "Test" with that feature on and this is what happened Edit: Update, my Tablet driver was doing this. it had a windows ink setting and i unticked that and enabled the tablet setting in affinity, and now the brush works as intended. thanks for the assistance guys!
  4. So I was looking into alternatives to photoshop and this came up alot. I got a trial and played around with some tools and filters and the ease and speed at which Affinity does things really impressed me. But I noticed a flaw that's extremely easy to reproduce. So when you use a brush, and its really fine compared to canvas for hand writing or drawing and the motions are really quick, the stroke registers correctly, but the preview as it happens is gone and it stays invisible until the stroke is done. there is also a slight delay before drawing happens. For background, I just updated my windows 10 machine to the August patch, and then shortly after that I bought a copy of Affinity photo. everything else works like a charm, but when I try hand writing or drawing with the brush tool it doesn't update in real time even though at the end of the stroke, it registered correctly. I'm also on a fairly decent game ready machine and its only Affinity Photo that does this, I tried in other programs and there were nothing similar to this. I'll be glad to post my specs if that's gonna help. But i did notice a couple things i did when i had my issue. First off, no matter how many times i restart my computer, this persists. second, i made some changes to the brush's dynamics options. all i did was make the stroke taper to pressure sensitivity. it happens regardless if i use a stabilizer or not. Again, this isnt a huge issue for general usage of this incredible tool, but specifically for illustration and note taking its a huge deal. I'm not sure if this can be fixed by disabling or enabling something. I haven't had this program for very long but i have been playing around to see what it can do. so if its a settings thing, my program is pretty much on factory default settings sans the brush for pressure sensitivity. I think this is a bug, but my situation is tricky seeing as I am pretty new to the tool, updated windows shortly before buying, and only have this problem in this tool and nowhere else. So If this can be fixed by enabling, or disabling something, I would really like to know.
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