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  1. Hi ! How can i disable update notifications for my users (Affinity for Business) ? Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi, We have pro licences for all the Affinity tools for some of our colleagues. Do you know where I can get MSI install files for Affinity Publisher, Designer, Photo to update them to 1.9 silently through GPO ? Thanks for any help about GPO installation / update...
  3. The support of DxO NIk collection appears as partial, as lots of filters state is unknown. Fortunably, it seems to work when you choose to check the use of unknown modules. I've tested with the demo version of the filters. Another thing : these filters are really powerful, but they are not sold in the Affinity Store. Is there a way to buy these filters supporting Affinity (an affiliation link) ?
  4. Thanks for your work, and theses great tools. Finally, after Designer, Photo, i've pre-ordered Publisher.
  5. Hi, I want to disable the lowercase -> uppercase conversion applied when typing in text tools. I haven't found the way to disabling that in text spelling correction when typing.... Where is this option ?
  6. Right. This is why i asked. This is my point too. In my opinion, Serif is doing a fantastic job with the Affinity products, i really hope that all developpers have a fair wage, and for this kind of product, i can offer more. but perhaps these products are not known enough on the market to set another price. We'll see. Anyway, i'm really impatient, and right, you already have my money for Designer and Photo, and you will for Publisher
  7. Do we have an idea of the Affinity Publisher retail price ?
  8. Hi, How to limit the ink coverage when generating a file for printing ? In photoshop, that's easy : Print Production--> Output Preview --> Total Area Coverage (i need to limit it to 220%) How to do that in Affinity Designer or Photo, to prepare the file for my print worker ? Thanks !
  9. Just want to thanks about that. I've bought Affinity Designer, then Affinity Photo. I 'll probably buy Affinity Publisher then. This idea is for me a kind of customer respect, with a good product. Some of my friends use a not so legal version of Illustrator, none of them makes illegal copies of Affinity Products. Thanks for this, really.
  10. Thanks for your answers. Right, it is a must have for professional use, and even free programs as inkscape have this functionality. Nothing is perfect anyway, but i'm really loving AD for other useful tools !
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