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  1. totally right ! Magically resolved 😄
  2. The support of DxO NIk collection appears as partial, as lots of filters state is unknown. Fortunably, it seems to work when you choose to check the use of unknown modules. I've tested with the demo version of the filters. Another thing : these filters are really powerful, but they are not sold in the Affinity Store. Is there a way to buy these filters supporting Affinity (an affiliation link) ?
  3. Thanks for your work, and theses great tools. Finally, after Designer, Photo, i've pre-ordered Publisher.
  4. Hi, I want to disable the lowercase -> uppercase conversion applied when typing in text tools. I haven't found the way to disabling that in text spelling correction when typing.... Where is this option ?
  5. Right. This is why i asked. This is my point too. In my opinion, Serif is doing a fantastic job with the Affinity products, i really hope that all developpers have a fair wage, and for this kind of product, i can offer more. but perhaps these products are not known enough on the market to set another price. We'll see. Anyway, i'm really impatient, and right, you already have my money for Designer and Photo, and you will for Publisher
  6. Do we have an idea of the Affinity Publisher retail price ?
  7. No one can help me about it ? Perhaps Affinity designer or Photo aren't able to do that ?
  8. Hi, How to limit the ink coverage when generating a file for printing ? In photoshop, that's easy : Print Production--> Output Preview --> Total Area Coverage (i need to limit it to 220%) How to do that in Affinity Designer or Photo, to prepare the file for my print worker ? Thanks !
  9. Just want to thanks about that. I've bought Affinity Designer, then Affinity Photo. I 'll probably buy Affinity Publisher then. This idea is for me a kind of customer respect, with a good product. Some of my friends use a not so legal version of Illustrator, none of them makes illegal copies of Affinity Products. Thanks for this, really.
  10. Thanks for your answers. Right, it is a must have for professional use, and even free programs as inkscape have this functionality. Nothing is perfect anyway, but i'm really loving AD for other useful tools !
  11. Thanks, MikeW. I'm a little desappointed with your answer. Hope this functionality will be added to a future version
  12. thanks, but it's not my question. Sorry about my english. I wanted to see the bleed guides (thanks for the right english term i saw on your screenshot)
  13. Hi, i need to display the "lost edges" guides (don't know the exact terms in english ; in french, bords perdus, cut in printing process) for a printable edge to edge document. How to display that guides in affinity designer ? Thanks in advance
  14. Right. I'm for forced to word with Scribus, and this is so painful
  15. Hi, i've bought, and i'm using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, and i'm using them every week with a lot of pleasure. The Affinity DesignerWorkbook is really impressive too. But, do you have any news about the Affinity Publisher software ?
  16. Hi, many thanks, MEB, for all the anwswers on Affinity product. You answered all my questions on this forum. Your solution is okay for me, and great use of power duplicate, i'll work a little more on this. But, this is not a vector pattern really, so, there's no vector pattern support for now if i'm understanding your answer well ? And it is strange that you can access the filling of an element fast (it appear over when you select it) but the bitmap pattern never appear, only when you specifically select the the filling tool.
  17. Hi, im' terribly sorry, but i'm looking to work with pattern, and i don't know how. With inkscape, it is really easy, for example, to create a dots pattern, you just have to organise some dots then select it all and use the function "Objects as Pattern". Then you can fill an object with this pattern, then adust the size, position, angle with usual tool, as a gradient. I even haven't found how to do that with affinity Designer, neither to use a sample SVG image as a pattern multiplying it as necessary. I know, this is a basic use, but sorry, i don't know to do that with Designer
  18. Hi, Working on some file with designer, i just have a bad surprise : undo works good, but redo doesn't. Do you know why ? (see my screenshot)
  19. thanks for your fast answer. I've already bought Photo and Designer, i'm waiting quite impatiently Affinity Publisher ! Many thanks for your support.
  20. View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas Thanks ! for my immediate use, i'll use it. Many thanks for your - very fast and impressive - help ! Thank you very much !
  21. Hi, I'm learning to use Designer, and i've bought the book. It is a great book to learn Designer, thanks ! I really love the positionning tools for objects in designer. i've a question, because this is really an annoying point for me : Do you have an idea to display the objects that are outside the page ? Every object outside is masked.... Thanks !
  22. Hi, thanks for your answer MEB. Do you know if this is a future features, or if there's a list of futures evolutions in affinity designer ? Thanks.
  23. Hi, How can we create diagonal guidelines as in Illustrator, or even in Inkscape ? Thanks !
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