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  1. There is a replace image button on the horizontal toolbar. But yes, maybe it would be better when using an image in a frame, to have it scale to fit the original image aspect by default (no cropping), then if you held down some ctrl-alt-shift combination it would kick into the current behavior, and perhaps a different key combination would allow you to reposition the image within the current frame. I do think they're onto something here and could definitely improve on how InDesign works.
  2. Slow and inflexible or not, I'd like it either way. Of course if they're able to make the process more efficient all the better. What's the alternative you suggest?
  3. Yes, InDesign is supposed to do it, but it's basically broken. I've always had to export pages and then have Acrobat Pro order them for booklet printing, a pain and required two exports which is always dangerous. If Publisher could do this (it should be easy!) that would be fantastic. It would also be nice if Publisher could add creep (based on page thickness and number of pages).
  4. Coming from InDesign this took some getting used to, but I think Publisher is actually much more intuitive with how it handles images overall. InDesign's use of frames is not especially intuitive. One big difference I noticed with Publisher is the ability to place an image with or without a frame. If you place an image without a frame, it works more like many of you are wishing it would. If you want to crop the image, you can apply a vector crop (nondestructive). For my own work flow I think I would end up placing images without frames most of the time, and with them when I wanted to work very quickly, when absolute precision wasn't required.
  5. When underlining text in a numbered list the numbers are also underlined, whether they are selected or not... most of the time. A few times I managed to only underline the text to the right, but most of the time that didn't work and I have no idea why it worked those few times. Example: 1) One 2) Two 3) Three Usually comes out as: 1) One 2) Two 3) Three Great software though, already superior to InDesign in a lot of ways.
  6. Is it possible to record a macro in the develop persona of Photo? Or is there some way to batch develop a folder full of RAW images using identical settings? Many thanks.
  7. Thanks so much, you've been extremely helpful.
  8. Thanks very much, yes this is what I was trying to do. Copying the line initially makes sense. I must be connecting the nodes incorrectly however, because when I do this the fill is still messed up (like in my first example). Also if I try to add a curve to some of the line's nodes, they don't move, but others adjust as expected. Ah I see, if I first tell it to "close curves" and then "join curves," it works. Some of the nodes still don't want to have "corners" applied to them. I'm sure I must still be doing something wrong here. Thanks for the help.
  9. Can someone explain what I've done wrong here? This file simply has a solid color rectangle as a background with two curves on top. Why does the top curve have this odd issue where white angels surround part of it? Just for some clarity -- I originally had a seperate file with a line drawn mountain/cityscape. I wanted to perform a color fill above the line, and another below the line, with the line on top. I drew a new line from one end of this line all the way around the bottom of the canvas connecting back to the beginning so I would have a completely connected shape. I then joined all the nodes so that I could fill it. Once I filled this shape I had all sorts of odd white angles around the original line. I decided to try to fix this by drawing a new shape over the first complete shape, this time with a stroke of zero. I then filled that and it worked correctly. But I wanted the original thick line drawing to be on top, so I brought its layer back up and the problem came back, even though I had removed its fill, and even though I was only bringing the original line up, not the complete shape. I then opened a new project and dragged my curve from the other project in -- that's the strange one here, the other I drew in directly. Is this a bug or am I doing this completely wrong? I've also attached the file with the original issue I was having. Thanks in advance. Solid Color Issue.afdesign Original fill issue.afdesign
  10. Nathan Shirley

    Designer: Exporting cropped vectors not applying

    Ah, I was hoping this was user error, but thanks for looking into it.
  11. Nathan Shirley

    Designer: Exporting cropped vectors not applying

    Thanks, file attached. I noticed that if I open the resulting SVG in a web browser it seems to display correctly -- but in Designer or Photo the crops don't take effect. Kevin Logo text seperate.afdesign
  12. I made a Designer file with vectors, some of which are cropped (which added the masked rectangles). The cropped area of the images is over a transparent background. When I export this as an SVG file, the resulting file has the uncropped images, the masked rectangles seem to have not been exported. I'm opening these SVG files in Designer itself (and same result in Photo). I'm assuming I'm overlooking something here.