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  1. I see thanks. After some messing around I finally got it to appear. Does this make it so assets added in the future are automatically embedded as well, or would the process have to be repeated each time a new asset is added? I'm hoping for the former...
  2. Sorry, where is the "embed assets in document" option? It would be nice to have all assets, user settings, etc. saved in a single folder that could be synced by a user via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. for identical use on multiple machines.
  3. I was afraid to try that, good to know it would be that easy. I thought I remember seeing other differences, but perhaps not. Yeah, no idea with Mac unfortunately.
  4. Nathan Shirley

    Hyphenation bug with slash?

    Good to know. I don't remember running into issues with how hyphenation/slashes were automated in InDesign, but that could be because the chances of encountering any were slim. It does seem like some sort of internal rule could be improved that would treat a slash as a non-character within a word, so that the three letter word 'and' would never be broken, and a hyphen would never be included at a slash. Now maybe there are cases where that behavior wouldn't be desirable... I can't think of any, but who knows?
  5. I wish I remembered exactly... it wasn't easy. Okay I found the file again. I'm in Windows, so if you're on a Mac it will be in a somewhat different location. But in windows go to: Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher (or Designer or Photo)\1.0(or whatever version)\Settings\Fonts.xml So the 'Fonts.xml' file contains the favorited fonts for the specific program's folder you're in. Open it in NotePad, or something you can edit it in. Now look carefully for a line saying, "<FavouriteFamilyNames>" followed by a list of your favorited fonts. It then ends with "</FavouriteFamilyNames>" again. Copy all of this text. Next open the same 'Fonts.xml' file in the Designer, or photo, or whatever Affinity program folder you want to copy your favorites to. Carefully highlight the favorited fonts you want to overwrite, and paste in your previously copied text. Next time you open Designer, or whatever, you should see your favorited fonts from Publisher, or whatever program you copied them from. Good luck.
  6. Nathan Shirley

    Batch RAW Processing for Time Lapse

    Good to know Capture One can do this. Not sure why Affinity hasn't implemented it; should be a piece of cake and would make a lot of people happy.
  7. I believe this is a bug. With hyphenation turned on within Publisher, words separated by a slash seem to get treated oddly. For example, and/or at the end of a line is hyphenated as an-d/or, fast/slow as fast-/slow, he/she isn't hyphenated in any way, and longer words separated by a forward slash like anthropological/archaeological seem to break in all the logical places (and won't break at the slash). This is with default hyphenation settings. I didn't see any settings that seemed relevant.
  8. Okay I see what you mean. Perhaps there's just no great way to do something like this.
  9. Ah good to know, I guess I was assuming that wasn't the case since it's possible to modify an item associated with a Text Style, but not modify the Text Style by doing so (unless you specifically tell it to). Good to have all options. So yes, just add Text Frame parameters to Text Styles and it would be perfect.
  10. Right, that's a very good point. So in that case Styles should be left alone (well, it would still be handy to be able to update them from a selection). But Text Styles should include Text Frames in saved settings. Also there should be an option to "update all items associated with this Text Style." That way, if you made a change to a Text Style, for example modified paragraph spacing, you could then update all items in a project created with that Text Style so they would all reflect the new paragraph spacing. Having to select hundreds or thousands to change them all would be a nightmare.
  11. Nathan Shirley

    Possible to edit "styles"?

    Ah, I didn't realize that, thanks. So yes, in that case Styles would definitely need to be linked to objects just as Text Styles are.
  12. Allow "Styles" to be modified in a similar way that they're saved. Currently they can't be modified/edited. You could simply select the modified object which you want to use to update the "Style," right-click on the "Style" you want to update/edit, and click on the new option "update Style from selection." That would be great. And/or... Allow "Text Styles" to include "Text Frame" parameters.
  13. Nathan Shirley

    Possible to edit "styles"?

    1) That's what I was afraid of. 2) In my case I made several Styles which do include text frames. 3) Yes, it also picks up Paragraph settings. I've been using Styles for several variations of what I had previously used Text Styles for. Someone on this forum pointed me to Styles since text frames couldn't be saved in Text Styles. I now have a project with easily 100 seperate boxes of text created with the same Style... but which I now wish to modify the hyphenation rules of. Styles does save Paragraph settings, including hyphenation. So I'll change this to a feature request: Allow Styles to be modified in a similar way that they're saved. Select the modified object, right click on the Style you want to update/edit, and click on the new option "update Style from selection." That would be great. And/or... Allow Text Styles to include Text Frame parameters.
  14. Nathan Shirley

    Possible to edit "styles"?

    Actually no, I am talking about "styles," not "text styles." The reason why I'm not using text styles for this is because some of these styles include "text frames," which (for some reason) "text styles" don't include. Your tip about setting text styles as defaults to work across projects is a good one though, I'll keep that in mind.
  15. Is it possible to edit a custom preset "styles" without creating a new one? I'm hoping to be able to change the hyphenation behaviour within a "styles" so that it will update all text boxes which use it.

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