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  1. Sometimes when right clicking a hyperlink to remove that hyperlink (through the popup menu), part of the hyperlink will be deleted, but not all of it. I've noticed this when two or more words are together made into a single hyperlink. Sometimes the middle of the hyperlink will be deleted (deleted from one word, or from a space only), resulting in the two sides of the hyperlink splitting, creating two new hyperlinks. This can be a little annoying to delete all the little bits.
  2. That is the only workaround I've found to this problem. Publisher simply can't handle a large number of linked PDFs, but it can if they're embedded.
  3. This is a known issue (at least it should be since I reported it right around when Publisher came out). I had what I believe is the exact same problem. My project was about 450 pages, also with linked sheet music PDFs on most pages. The more PDFs I added the more unusable Publisher was, with frequent crashes and using huge amounts of memory. The workaround was to simply embed all the linked files (I believe you can do it all at once in 'Resource Manager'). It still takes a little while to load up the project, but it's not that bad, and once loaded, it works great (I also currently have a similar Ryzen CPU). Of course having the files linked would still be more handy, but it's not difficult to update embedded files as needed.
  4. This bug seems to only happen when hyperlinks point to PDFs and SVGs. JPGs and PNGs work fine. Also, there's another smaller bug I found: sometimes when right clicking a hyperlink to remove that hyperlink (through the popup menu), part of the hyperlink will be deleted, but not all of it. Sometimes the middle of the hyperlink will be deleted, resulting in the two sides of the hyperlink splitting, creating two hyperlinks. This can be a little annoying to delete all the little bits. See attached publisher file for an example with embedded SVGs, PDF, JPG, and PNG. hyperlink bug test.afpub
  5. Well it was almost exactly like I guessed. Like PDFs, it doesn't matter if the SVG is sized (rather than vector cropped) to stay within the page; linking to it will still result in failure to export to PDF. Bringing in a smaller SVG, that easily fits on the page without any resizing also fails when linked to. And it doesn't matter if they are linked to or embedded. What I didn't guess right is that this seems to ONLY apply to PDFs and SVGs. I also tested a JPG and a PNG, and links to them work fine. See attached publisher file. hyperlink bug test.afpub
  6. I haven't tested it specifically, though all these SVGs were at least vector cropped to be well within page boundaries. However, I suspect that even if they were both uncropped and fully within page boundaries the problem would be the same as with PDFs. See this on PDFs: My guess is hyperlinks don't work at all if they point to any embedded object, and probably any linked object for that matter.
  7. An update to this bug: hyperlinks pointing to both PDF and SVG files (and probably other embedded files) cause exporting PDFs to fail.
  8. Well my guess seems to be correct. Hyperlinks pointing to either PDFs OR SVGs cause PDF export to fail. I replaced all my SVG links and now I can export the entire PDF successfully. Not sure why I didn't think of that earlier. I'll add the SVG issue to the bug forum.
  9. Okay this is a little strange, I can open and read the contents of the file no problem, but uploading to Google Drive also fails. I've now zipped the file and it looks like it uploaded successfully. (edit: and even stranger it appears that the first upload actually worked after all?) I'm partially suspecting that hyperlinks pointing to SVG files might also fail in the same way that targeted PDFs fail. The pdflib file mentions a negative value that it can't handle. It's possible that many of these SVG files, like many of the PDF files, go beyond the boundaries of the Publisher project. However they've all been cropped (using vector crop) to be within the boundaries, and anything outside was just blank space anyway. That's just my current guess as to what's triggering these bugs, for what it's worth. Come to think of it, I think I did a test where I shrunk a PDF down (without cropping it) to easily fit within a Publisher project, but after making a hyperlink pointing to it, exporting failed anyway. It's been about 10 months so I could be remembering wrong. pdflib.zip
  10. Oh sorry about that. I thought I had sent that right after a failed export, but I guess it's possible I did another and didn't realize it had overwritten the failed log... I'm attaching a new one which definitely just failed. Oh...now I see what happened. The log file was almost 150 mb and the upload failed. I must have tried a different export later that worked, and seeing the new log file assumed it was the original and that I must have grabbed the wrong one as this one was much smaller. Anyway, trying to upload gives me the attached message. I'll upload elsewhere and send a link. pdflib.log
  11. So the limits on either end are: Exporting 1-437 works. But 1-438 fails. Exporting 427-442 works. But 426-442 fails. Page 438 is most likely causing bugs, because that page has almost 200 hyperlinks (that's the page I created an index by hand). The thing is, I've painstakingly gone through every single hyperlink and rerouted the ones that pointed to PDFs (avoiding the known bug) and deleted the old anchors. I even double checked all of these.
  12. I see. Yes I've tried this process, but it isn't narrowing down the problem to a certain page. For example, If I export pages 427-442, the export works. If I export 426-442 it fails. But exporting just 426 works. Even exporting 1-437 works.
  13. I did a couple PDFloggings months ago, but I was unable to make much sense of them, and you found something that seemed to be a red herring. I could try it again I suppose. How would I go about running a binary search? By the way, I can export the PDF with no issues if I turn off hyperlinks.
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