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  1. Bhikkhu Pesala

    AXVIS Plugins Giveaway

    Someone asked for the Neon plugin, which I posted this morning. Only the Decorator plugin is still available. 1. AKVIS Airbrush Business Edition (taken by someone on Freecycle) 2. AKVIS Charcoal Business Edition (taken by someone on Freecycle) 3. AKVIS Decorator Business Edition 4. AKVIS NatureArt Business Edition (taken by someone on Affinity Forums) 5. AKVIS Neon Business Edition (taken by someone on Freecycle)
  2. Bhikkhu Pesala

    AXVIS Plugins Giveaway

    It is amazing how Axvis manage to sell these plugins for $89 when I cannot even give them away. I received it as a gift, but some professionals must be paying through the nose for these plugins. I guess Affinity Photo at only $49 already has everything that people need. My needs are very limited. I can do what I need in IrfanView or PagePlus PhotoLab
  3. Bhikkhu Pesala

    AXVIS Plugins Giveaway

    I am clearing out some old software that I don't use. I have five plugins from AXVIS to give away. Apparently, it works with Affinity Photo. The plugins require Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 (and presumably work on Windows 10 too). See my post on the Serif Forums: https://community.serif.com/discussion/112338/akvis-software-giveaway All I need is a UK postal address. (Sorry, but shipping elsewhere would need me to fill in customs declarations and queue up in the post office, as well as paying more postage. I have plenty of stamps and envelopes, so posting to a UK address is no hassle at all).
  4. It is indeed just a zip archive containing a few xml files and images. Although I am sure it would not be beyond the ability of any decent coder to create an import filter, this is best done by Serif as they are familiar with the file structure and know all of the different kinds of objects and styles it can contain. An imported *.stt file contains inline images, footnotes, index references, and TOC anchors.
  5. Thanks Tony. I won't bother to test the first beta in that case.
  6. Almost a year now since I posted the above, and we are still waiting for the first Beta. Here's hoping it has some way to import stories from PagePlus, or it will be useless to me. Rebuilding from PDF files is not viable for my publications, which are mostly for books with footnotes, contents, and indexes. The latter could soon be regenerated, but adding footnotes to a plain text stream is very time-consuming.
  7. Colour font support would set Affinity Publisher apart from the competition. PhotoShop supports SVG Colour fonts, but not OpenType (AFAIK). Some browsers already support colour fonts.
  8. WritePlus is just about right for this purpose. Provide support for that format within Affinity Publisher, and make a standalone application too.
  9. I think that Serif could and should improve on importing only PDF files. For posters, menus, or greeting cards it would be fine. For books, the flow of text between pages is crucial. I don't think it would be hard to provide an import filter for WritePlus files, which contain styles, footnotes, inline graphics, and index marks. The screen shot below is of a long WritePlus *.stt file exported from one of my books, and imported into a blank new document. Reflowing the text in a new Affinity Publisher document, then adding other content like master pages, tables, calendars, freely floating graphics, etc., would be relatively simple.
  10. Bhikkhu Pesala

    Character Variants not Working

    When I first designed my fonts, I used the Initial Forms feature for Decorative Drop Caps. Microsoft changed the description of this feature, so although they still work in PagePlus, etc., they are enabled by default in Affinity Designer and cannot be disabled. I therefore replaced the Initial Forms with Stylistic Alternates. I tried Contextual Alternates, but that is also enabled by default. The Stylistic Sets were already in use, so I changed these to Character Variants. These are disabled by default, which is better than calt. This discussion on High-Logic refers.
  11. About 30 seconds for a cold start here (build 28) on my system, and about 12 seconds for a warm restart. Loading one small file from last session. Specs AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 7 64-bit
  12. It's too late for that kind of change now. Try Babel Map — it's much better than Windows Charactermap
  13. Bhikkhu Pesala

    Reopen document on startup

    I reported the issue in July
  14. I added character variants to some of my fonts such as Odana. They work fine in PagePlus X9, but not in Affinity Designer. The other OpenType features seem to be working, but Character Variant cv01 is the only set available. The feature uses a "one to many" glyph substitution. lookup CharacterVariants { sub asterisk -> [asterisk asteriskmath uni2051 uni2042 uni203B]; sub plus -> [plus uni2795 uni271A uni271B uni271C]; sub at -> [at uni260E uni260F uni2121 uni213B]; sub copyright -> [copyright uni2117 uniF000 estimated uni2139]; sub multiply -> [multiply uni2715 uni2716 uni2717 uni2718]; sub dagger -> [dagger uni2622 uni2623 uni26A1 uni2620]; sub daggerdbl -> [daggerdbl uni26A0 uni2691 uni26B0 uni26B1]; sub bullet -> [bullet uni204D uni2023 uni2767 uni2712]; sub blackcircle -> [blackcircle newmoon waxingcrescentmoon firstquartermoon waxinggibbousmoon]; sub circle -> [circle fullmoon waninggibbousmoon lastquartermoon waningcrescentmoon]; sub uni2600 -> [uni2600 sunrise uni26C5 uni2602 uni2603]; } Frame Text.afdesign
  15. I'm off to greener pastures.