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  1. Is this font really so important to your work that you cannot find a better one? Find and Replace might be used to select the punctuation and apply a character style, a different point size, or a different font, but this kludge will surely cause problems.
  2. Bhikkhu Pesala

    Super/Subcript position

    My free fonts have superscripts and subscripts. Superscripts are aligned with top of Cap Height Subscripts are aligned with the baseline Scientific inferiors bisect the baseline
  3. Bhikkhu Pesala

    Drop Capitals Misaligned

    Clearly a bug in Affinity Publisher. CapHeight is a metric that is known and line-spacing is known for any font. The Drop Capital size is incorrectly calculated.
  4. Viewing the master pages and changing the margins there fixed the problem. I was somewhat surprised to see that the master page was still set to A4, after I hand changed the page to A5. This could be made more user-friendly, e.g. a checkbox to change spreads for master pages when changing them for the page.
  5. Just set another ordinary left aligned tab stop Type Name, Tab, Tab, Type Next name, Tab, Tab Type Anschrift, Tab, Tab Type Anschrift, Tab, Tab Tab, Tab, Tab, Tab for the third line with just empty lines.
  6. I changed it for the All spreads (but it's only a one page document).
  7. The proper way to do this is to set a dot leader tab, not by using underscores.
  8. I changed the default margins for the attached publication to 0.5" Flowing the story with Shift+Click on the link icon flows it to 126 pages, but the margins are not carried over. Dependent Origination.afpub
  9. Bhikkhu Pesala

    Excesive document size

    I see no change after using Save as. I do see a huge difference between before and after flowing the story to 126 pages. 1 page = 172 Kbytes 126 pages = 14.41 Mbytes
  10. Bhikkhu Pesala

    Accessibility Issues

    Yes, I am using the latest beta. Try with the light interface, and you will see what the problem is. Pressing Tab does not highlight the next field for input.
  11. When setting margins in the spread setup dialogue, the Tab key does not navigate between fields.
  12. The text on the startup screen “Show this panel on startup,” is now fine. The About Affinity Publisher splash screen text is unchanged.
  13. In Affinity Publisher, the top of CapHeight of the Drop Capital is below the top of CapHeight of the Initial Word in All Caps. In PagePlus X9 the alignment is just about spot-on.
  14. Why not simply point out that Affinity Designer uses per mille instead of percent? That clarifies without being a sarcastic PITA.
  15. I don't understand what your problem is with always fault-finding. In PagePlus 1% condensed = -8% of tightening in Affinity Designer. Maybe that would be -10% if the frames were exactly the same width. I did not measure it, I just resized it to get the same line breaks.