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  1. It is indeed just a zip archive containing a few xml files and images. Although I am sure it would not be beyond the ability of any decent coder to create an import filter, this is best done by Serif as they are familiar with the file structure and know all of the different kinds of objects and styles it can contain. An imported *.stt file contains inline images, footnotes, index references, and TOC anchors.
  2. Thanks Tony. I won't bother to test the first beta in that case.
  3. Almost a year now since I posted the above, and we are still waiting for the first Beta. Here's hoping it has some way to import stories from PagePlus, or it will be useless to me. Rebuilding from PDF files is not viable for my publications, which are mostly for books with footnotes, contents, and indexes. The latter could soon be regenerated, but adding footnotes to a plain text stream is very time-consuming.
  4. Colour font support would set Affinity Publisher apart from the competition. PhotoShop supports SVG Colour fonts, but not OpenType (AFAIK). Some browsers already support colour fonts.
  5. WritePlus is just about right for this purpose. Provide support for that format within Affinity Publisher, and make a standalone application too.
  6. I think that Serif could and should improve on importing only PDF files. For posters, menus, or greeting cards it would be fine. For books, the flow of text between pages is crucial. I don't think it would be hard to provide an import filter for WritePlus files, which contain styles, footnotes, inline graphics, and index marks. The screen shot below is of a long WritePlus *.stt file exported from one of my books, and imported into a blank new document. Reflowing the text in a new Affinity Publisher document, then adding other content like master pages, tables, calendars, freely floating graphics, etc., would be relatively simple.
  7. It's too late for that kind of change now. Try Babel Map — it's much better than Windows Charactermap
  8. This is an important feature. Another benefit of linked files is that externally modified images are updated automatically on reopening the Drawing to which they are linked.
  9. I was confused by this until I looked a bit closer at it. In DrawPlus, Rotate is on the Arrange menu and it rotates the object, not the canvas. The rotate canvas options are on the hintline. The Reset option is "Reset Canvas" and not "Reset Rotation." In my opinion, the wording in Affinity Designer should be changed accordingly, and a Rotate Canvas tool is needed to allow free rotation to any angle.
  10. Right, this is way off-topic, and really just a waste of time. Serif wrote their own software for this forum, but they have more sense than to waste time and money writing code to support SVG for profile graphics. You can upload a SVG, where it makes sense — to a forum post. Nobody needs to use SVG for a profile picture. It's just a software forum, not Deviant Art, or a blogging platform. Why do you need this? Question.svg
  11. These two features have been requested several times, but they belong in the Feature Requests forum. It think they won't happen during this beta as the Serif developers have said that their aim to first provide parity with the MAC version of Designer.
  12. DrawPlus X8 also does this when rotating objects with Ctrl + Shift.
  13. Draw the shape Move the rotation centre Duplicate the shape Rotate it (holding shift to constrain to 15° increments Duplicate the rotated shape again and again (Ctrl J)
  14. Bhikkhu Pesala

    [Fixed] Path suggestion

    I agree. I reported this issue in an earlier thread.
  15. Edit a large text frame while zoomed in as in the attached drawing. Use the navigation shortcuts to go to the beginning or end of a line of text, or to the beginning or end of the text frame (Home, End, Ctrl Home, Ctrl End) Result: The new position of the text cursor is not in view. Expected: Text frame to reposition as in DrawPlus to display the active text cursor for editing Frame Text.afdesign