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  1. Would the solution shown in the video help you? FixTOC.mp4 Fix TOC.mp4 Fix TOC.mp4
  2. In the TOC I miss assigning a character style to the fill characters in the tabulator (mostly dots). This would give the TOC a more professional look. I hope one day that will be possible.
  3. Option for Win version: Rename a copy of the file from docx to zip and follow the steps in the attached video. Word_2_AP.mp4
  4. Hi SamuelS, it is partly possible to generate something what you desire, but not exactely. You have to insert the kilometer as own style (in this example Head 3) and not assign a color. For text corrections you can temporarily set the color to black. In the TOC the red side line is created in paragraph style Ihv 1: Head_ 2, the background for the kilometer in Ihv 1: Head_ 3. You can see this in the attached example. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to make the points before the page number in roman and to set the color to black without changing back to the original version with every update of the TOC. The TOC function seem to be somewhat buggy yet for me. Maybe there are better options. TOC_example.afpub TOC_example.mp4
  5. Since the Affinity update to 1.7.2 the Skylum products work as PlugIn in Affinity Photo Win on my PC. Thank you Affinity.
  6. Is there a way to place a multipage APub file or PDF in APub?
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