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  1. Thank you for this tip. Is it possible to set indentation before the underline starts with this technique? I didn't manage to do so. Desired result (whitespace inbetween text and the beginning of the line): Ok, nevermind, I managed to do it with the text ruler: Now I only wonder, can such a line can be styled? Thickness, dashed lines, etc...
  2. For forms it would be a valuable feature to being able to insert or set a repeat-character or line until the end of line. Manually filling the space with underscores results in non-pixelperfect line ends and small text changes results in unwanted line breaks. Example form (notice the non-perfect line endings):
  3. Congratulations Florian! I hope you create some great stuff with it.
  4. Congratulations for the award and thank you for the giveaway. A correction: The flash sale ends at 12am (noon), not 12pm (midnight).
  5. This bug is happening to me when my external display went to sleep and I wake it up via peripherals. MacBook Pro 2016 with Radeon Pro 460
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