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  1. I think it's still obtainable on ebay. I still use WebPlus X8 very successfully, it's easy to use and there are still a number of videos on line on its use. I recently put together a website at http://colchesterquakers.org.uk John
  2. I tried out the TOC on the latest Beta, I followed the instructions exactly from the Help and also according to the video. It formed the TOC beautifully but afterwards it became difficult to choose a different Separator or even to delete one I had chosen. After I had messed about with it for a while, the whole TOC disappeared from sight, possibly to be wafted into obscurity into another layer by the Assistant. I still don't understand layers properly so possibly it's my fault. Anyway I thought I'd report it. John
  3. If you go to the View/Studio/Text Frame dialogue there is a tickable box "Balance Text in Columns" which might do what you need. John
  4. There's some good sense talked here, I have been a user of DTP since Timeworks and an enthusiastic user of PagePlus since Version 1. When Serif first released its DTP as a set of floppy 3½" disks it looked very like PageMaker but did not carry the stupid high price. It was buggy yet easy to use getting better and better until it developed into version X9. It became what I considered the most competent and user-friendly DTP on the market. Now we have Publisher it looks to me very much as if many are expecting miracles for a first version. Of course I still use PagePlus for my serious work because I know it so well. I will be getting familiar with Publisher as soon as it is released. It will take a great deal of getting used to. I am prepared to wait, I have a great deal of faith in the programmers. Serif have been unique in listening and responding to the suggestions of its users, Serif users have proved to be the most helpful and courteous on any forums I have been part of. Please be patient, this will eventually be better than any of its big competitors, it will take time but I know, from my personal experience I can assure you of that. John
  5. Thanks Carl, well spotted that's exactly what's wrong with my file. Aso sorry not to have seen this, I will say that I had to increase the size of the page quite a lot to see this, I don't find the colour blue stands out a lot. Also relieved to find out exactly what I was wrong and relieved to find out that it wasn't a bug. Thanks to everyone. John
  6. Thanks everyone for your interest, I did start by choosing from the icons at the top of the page and tried all the justify choices finally settling on Justify All and only getting the last line to abandon what amounted to Force Justify by selecting the last line only and clicking on Justify Left to make it look right. My file does exactly what jmwellborn says. Justify left puts all the lines to the left to leave a ragged right look to them and justify right puts all the lines to a ragged left look. Here's the file. John start.afpub
  7. No Walt, that's what my version does not do, when I choose "Justify Left" all the whole paragraph acts as if I had chosen "Align Left". Every line moves to the left without any justification. John
  8. Sorry Alfred I didn't see your post at first. I seem to remember this working in a previous version of the beta but it doesn't work for me in this one as I said in both of my posts.
  9. Thanks jmwellborn, I tried doing what you suggested but I'm afraid that on windows 7 it just doesn't work, the whole of the paragraph ends up as left align when I have adjusted it as you suggest.. I don't have a minus in the "ignore before" only a blank or an all black square.
  10. I have just tried the Justification options. I want the "justify all" to not only stretch from margin to margin but hopefully for the last line to finish by lining up with the left margin as it does in PagePlus. I had hoped that in Publisher I would have the option of choosing for the last line of the all justified paragraph to line up with the right margin or be centred, a choice offered in InDesign. I hope that I won't have to select the last line of the paragraph in each case and format it as left, centre or right, as I have to do at present. With a long text having to do this would be a real bind. John
  11. I can appreciate that Fixx prefers to do his word Processing with a real word Processing app. I notice that if I use Place to put a word file into Publisher, Word still has that adorable feature of transferring over a full set of styles into your document. This is something I avoid in Write Plus by using CTRL C and CTRL V to transfer text across. Unless there is some way I haven't found yet in Publisher of avoiding this transfer of styles by Microsoft.
  12. I can appreciate that designers producing leaflets or PDFs would not require a text editor, the current tuition videos for the Beta make that abundantly clear. I also find WritePlus very useful in PagePlus because it can show additional information that one can be sure will not be printed. Having the precise text style showing on the left of each paragraph is very useful, also the ability to show the exact number of spaces with dots as well as the details of index entries. I find the Story Editor invaluable when editing text heavy chapters in very long publications. The attached PNG shows the part of a WritePlus editor with all the features I have mentioned.
  13. I'd like to reallocate a different set of pages to each section using the Section Manager, is there a way of doing this in the Beta? John
  14. My excuses for being so slow on the uptake, I didn't realise until now what a great idea this was. It is obviously a proper working feature of BookPlus in PagePlus 11 a great idea that regrettably had to be dropped. This new incorporation is a brilliant move. 1. This suggestion is that, evolving from an earlier post of mine that the Document Setup dialogue includes a drop-down menu beside Layout,Colour & Bleed to read "Canvas" and its choices should be "Restrict to, Page, Section or Publication". 2. Further to another post I made regarding Assets. I suggest that as it is possible to Create new categories, one allocate one to each Section of one's publication and hopefully I'd like to suggest that an "Import of objects directly from a folder in Windows Explorer" be added as a possibility. These two measures would ensure the wholehearted support of all Long Book practitioners, ancient adherents to Corel Ventura and maybe even, God Bless him, my old reliable guru from Legacy PagePlus, Bhikkhu Pesala. John
  15. Happily all is not completely lost in the way of using the canvas to transfer, if the object is dragged from the assets, the view zoomed out and the object moved to a position close to the intended page, then it may be dragged on to that page. So it looks as if fde101's suggestion may be a way forward and perhaps there may be a slicker way of getting things into the assets rather than the existing rounabout ways. I should add that although the layers panel is essential to Photo, I tend not to use it at all for long book work, just for interest's sake I compiled a list of the features of PPX9 that I seldom use. The List.rtf