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  1. In PP I use the CTRL C and CTRL+SHIFT+V to transfer the format from one piece of text to another, I believe it is also possible to do this with other objects but I tend not to use that a lot if at all. I find the same procedure in Pub doesn't work for me and I wondered if perhaps I should use another keypress for the copy function to make it work.
  2. I love icons and I love toolbars and much prefer them to keyboard combinations I used to using the undo and redo icons, also the full page and page width ones. Hopefully I will eventually be able to make my own toolbars as I can currently from the large selection of icons in PP.
  3. I'd like to reallocate a different set of pages to each section using the Section Manager, is there a way of doing this in the Beta? John
  4. My excuses for being so slow on the uptake, I didn't realise until now what a great idea this was. It is obviously a proper working feature of BookPlus in PagePlus 11 a great idea that regrettably had to be dropped. This new incorporation is a brilliant move. 1. This suggestion is that, evolving from an earlier post of mine that the Document Setup dialogue includes a drop-down menu beside Layout,Colour & Bleed to read "Canvas" and its choices should be "Restrict to, Page, Section or Publication". 2. Further to another post I made regarding Assets. I suggest that as it is possible to Create new categories, one allocate one to each Section of one's publication and hopefully I'd like to suggest that an "Import of objects directly from a folder in Windows Explorer" be added as a possibility. These two measures would ensure the wholehearted support of all Long Book practitioners, ancient adherents to Corel Ventura and maybe even, God Bless him, my old reliable guru from Legacy PagePlus, Bhikkhu Pesala. John
  5. Happily all is not completely lost in the way of using the canvas to transfer, if the object is dragged from the assets, the view zoomed out and the object moved to a position close to the intended page, then it may be dragged on to that page. So it looks as if fde101's suggestion may be a way forward and perhaps there may be a slicker way of getting things into the assets rather than the existing rounabout ways. I should add that although the layers panel is essential to Photo, I tend not to use it at all for long book work, just for interest's sake I compiled a list of the features of PPX9 that I seldom use. The List.rtf
  6. Walt has just proved what I had thought. Alfred, BenVang and Seneca have got it exactly right. The use of the pasteboard is invaluable to composing a 200 page book. So is the two opposite page view as offered in PP, I'd hate to see all 200 pages on the canvas. That is why editing a chapter at a time (two pages at a time) using Writeplus was so valuable. I am sorry that the canvas has taken this style onboard if it stays like that I shall of course use it for producing the monthly newsletter that I do, but I may find that long book production to be very difficult.
  7. Having put all the images on my master page, when I am on one of the other pages shouldn't I be able to drag them from where I can see them on the canvas over to that page where I want them. The image is fixed to the canvas and won't move from there. Going over to the layer menu to do that seems a rather longwinded way of doing that.
  8. The showing of special characters may not interfere with the text flow, but they are so small and in blue so that they are still quite hard to see. This doesn't affect what Michail says, that on may edit a story as a complete block without having to move from one frame to the other.
  9. I don't want to teach "grandma to suck eggs" but I do feel that in order to strengthen my previous contribution I would like to suggest the following. So that the main Text frame should be preserved as a WYSIWYG it seems obviousl that it has to be kept to look exactly how it will be printed. Hidden Characters such as Page breaks, Soft returns, Anchored objects, Cross references, Index entries, Footnotes or Endnotes do take up space and will increase text flow if they appear and there should be somewhere where they are allowed to do so. All of these may be shown in full in an editor, in fact the information could be extended to show the details of all anchored objects, such as file references for pictures, and even the full text of anchored text boxes. In my experience of DTP the following DTP programs had editors for these very reasons. Wordperfect had a separate editor which showed style marks. Calamus for the Atari ST had one; Aldus Pagemaker had a story editor; InDesign, a Story Editor. Scribus has a Story Editor. Quark had CopyDesk (though you had to buy it). I'm not sure about Framemaker or Venturer as I could'nt afford to buy them. And of course PagePlus had a very efficient one.
  10. This happened to me, I don't know what I did to make the page do this and I tried to find a way of changing it, without success. Maybe someone would kindly tell me what I did wrong or preferably how to put it right. Thanks John cover page.afpub
  11. Thanks Carl, that worked exactly as you said, I must have done this unconsciously without knowing what I was doing, a common state of mind nowadays. John
  12. Yes MEB, I did as you said and it changed the text frame to the same angle as the page was but didn't at that time do anything about the angle of the page itself. It was the page at an angle I need to change. This sorted itself out by reloading the publication and it has straightened the page by doing this, so to you, on loading it, the page would have been square. Nothing I did before could change the page itself from this stupid angle to the square one I expected it to be. I wish I'd made a screen grab of it the way it was. Hopefully I won't do that again. John
  13. Three more reasons for having a separate editor as in PagePlus. 1. Marking words for inclusion in an index is much easier using an editor like Write Plus. 2. Including footnote or endnote text is much easier, as soon as the number is allocated to the main text , the end or bottom of the page is shown below so that the relevant text may be inserted in the proper place. 3. Exporting some or all of the text to an RTF file is made a lot easier. John
  14. I was happy allocating page numbers to master pages when suddenly the numbers acquired a yellow, brown background. I can't find ant way to change this back to a transparent one. Any advice is welcome.
  15. In PagePlus choosing "New Window" will open an extra window into the same publication so that edits may be made in two different places, the one window automatically updating the other. Occasionally I find this very useful in long documents, may I look forward to a similar facility being available in Publisher?
  16. There's a filter in APhoto to make white space into transparent.
  17. One thing I really miss coming from PP to Pub and that is the most convenient feature of having the move tool change automatically to a text tool when hovering over a text frame or text box. Also consequently automatically changing back to a move tool when leaving that area. A very logical and time-saving feature that I have always treasured in PP. They say "you don't miss a thing until you lose it", I find that is true in this case.
  18. I started to lay out a title page as I sometimes do in PP. I used text frames for each line of lettering sizes them by using text adjustments at the top and hoping to space them by eye. All went well for the first two frames but when I came to the third one the cursor seemed to be above the frame and not within it. Also the letters were did non appear to be the right size and took on capitalisation from the choice I made for a previous frame. I was not probably doing things the right way, was I? Essex.afpub
  19. Thanks very much Gabe, I'll get the hang of this, there's a lot to check on. best John
  20. In a document I have produced in APub I get this message shown at first loading the file, yet the font mentioned, "EB Garamond 12" shows up as one of my installed fonts. It also prints out this document properly with no trouble at all. I've grabbed two views of my windows/fonts display to show that I have 17 x EB Garamond 12 fonts properly installed.
  21. It looks OK to the superficial glance but PP shows an exclamation mark in front of the font title whe I load in the PDF.
  22. One item I find extremely useful in PagePlus to check a whole publication and avoid font problems afterwards is the "Missing Fonts" option in Find. If it finds none, I can be sure that there won't be a substitution problem later. I'd certainly like to see this in APub.
  23. Hi Chris All done on the same machine. I read somewhere on the forum about trouble with windows font cache problems, this came under the too difficult category when I read about it on Google. where apparently you have to go into secret parts of windows and delete font.dat files. This kind of complication I didn't find I needed.
  24. When a publication has small internal margins and larger external ones, the deleting of a single left hand page halfway through the document upsets all the remaining left hand pages. The text frames assume the position which would be correct for right hand pages. I suspect that a similar result happens when a right hand page is deleted but I haven't been able to ascertain that at present.