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  1. That's great, not sure why it went off screen Thursday. Today I am not having that issue. Next time I will post a screenshot.
  2. Would love to...(opens the Beta) and not an issue today. No idea why it happened on Thursday and is not happening now. I did not change my resolution or zoom settings. Must have been a NOOB error. Next time something is going on, I will be sure to post a screenshot.
  3. Agreed, it's also well worth the time to spend more time working with the software, lol. I have been working overnight for the past few days and just now got back to a day shift. UGH, definitely makes practice and learning a bit of a challenge.
  4. Ya, it's been a few days and I brain farted. I looked for a way to delete my post after I found it but could find no delete post either. Perhaps I need more coffee this morning, LOL.
  5. Please provide a Hexagon shape. Sorry, found the options in the polygon tool.
  6. When I open the Grids and Axis Manager window, it is so large that the upper part of the window is off the screen and I am unable to click and drag it out of the way. In doing so, this obscures my workspace so that I can barely see what the change in spacing is.
  7. As my comfort level with using my Adesso drawing tablet is nearing its top level I am looking to move to a graphics monitor. I have been using AD, AP and APub quite a lot and have been moving along at a good pace. So, the (shopping season) time is drawing near and I want to advance to the next level. I want to draw on the screen with a pressure sensitive pen. I am not a pro user and not looking into getting a Cintiq, so what are the alternatives? If you are using something other than the top line what are you using and what has been your experience?
  8. I have been using the Affinity software for about three months now both doodling and with the workbooks. I have learned a lot from the various channels and users of the software on YouTube and appreciate their diving into some of the more intricate uses of the various tools. While I enjoy the rabbit hole that is YouTube and other online resources I was wondering if there is any chance that a more technical book diving into the software and tools will likely be produced?
  9. An uninstall and reinstall appears to have resolved the issue.
  10. Before the Publisher Public Beta - update both the text box linking and eye icon were blue when text was pasted into the frame. Now they both appear red and I can no longer link text boxes to get the text to flow from one into another. Anyone else have this issue?
  11. I wanted to post this to ask, before I get started working with AP what are some solid resources for someone new to DTP to learn about producing both printed and PDF works? I know and understand that AP is just a Beta package right now. For that reason my comments or suggestions about its improvement are covered by the more professional users here. So far, my experience has been positive, if a bit fumbling at times. I understand that documentation directly related to AP will come later. My stumbling blocks right now have more to do with understanding the jargon used in the publishing field. I have written a few pieces for an independent publisher in the tabletop gaming industry but, these were simply word documents laid out in advance. I just added text in the appropriate places. Now I find myself in the position of doing the whole thing from scratch and wow, there is so much to learn and understand.
  12. OK, very strange. Today I went through the same process of copy/paste into AD. Then went to the print dialogue box that shows the preview window. Guess what, today it fits to the page. I am unsure what I did differently, if anything. The preview shows that it fits into the page. Yesterday when the dialogue box appeared I needed to keep resizing what I had pasted into an AD document to get it to fit. So I am not sure why today when I did the same steps that it now shows that it fits.
  13. Please improve the print preview window by increasing the size of the page preview.
  14. I know I am new to this type of program but, is the print preview window off when looking at how it fits onto a page?
  15. Further experimentation with what is happening shows that; when copying the text without the TOC from the word doc does not cause this to happen. There must be something about how Word formats the TOC that causes this, no biggie, as we can just create the TOC in Publisher.