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  1. Sorry for the ultra late response; the issue looks to be user error.
  2. Morgoth

    Broken Tables

    Hitting delete after text extends the height of the cell.
  3. Morgoth

    Broken Tables

    When I attempt to reduce the size of the table by click/dragging from the top down; the table extends itself.
  4. In the latest version of AP the tables add columns and shift some cells when copying and pasting from one cell to another. The last row is extended off the page and I can not remove the extension. The image shows how the table extends beyond the page. When clicking on the 11th row (last) no other row appears below it. I am unable to scroll any further to "see" its end. When dragged upward the table continues to extend.
  5. Hyperlinks in exported PDF have lost the location they were linked. The dialogue box when exporting does not provide any info on which links this has happened. Is it possible to have a list appear when this arises?
  6. Is there a way to globally remove ligatures from a document created with pasted text? Where can I turn off the use of ligatures if I do not want the pasted text to use ligatures?
  7. Ap is crashing when turning off "Facing Pages" on a document of more than 5 pages.
  8. Is there a way to create a radial gradient that progresses from the edge inward instead of a center point outward? Please note, I am not looking to create a glow effect.
  9. Stop workspace from repositioning left each time a row is deleted. For that matter prevent the workspace from moving at all unless directed by the user. Also, when changing column widths hide text instead of squashing it.
  10. Current build crashed when resizing table column. The column became too narrow, and when attempting to widen, AP crashed. Having a crash report submission or popup would be a good idea in any software.
  11. Thanks for the assist. I think this will work for now as a placeholder. I will likely be creating a custom asset for the box later.
  12. WOW, thanks for going the distance there.
  13. Yep, just figured out that the series of boxes is the stroke location around the text. It became apparent when I hovered over the boxes. There is no real sample document. I am just working through the setting in the Text Styles and observing what happens. In this instance, I just made a text box, inserted filler text and began applying styles to see what they looked like.
  14. So my next question is; if I want to change the "BOX" decoration is my only option to create an asset in Designer and use it with body text placed inside it?
  15. OK, so the stroke on the outside of the "box" is not cut off, just not present. Changing the stroke setting does not add a stroke to all side either.