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  1. So far I have not seen any spotlights for Affinity Publisher. Well, among the Role-playing Game design and publishing community a company called The Design Mechanism puts out some top quality books and games. In the AP Facebook group I am in Lawrence Whitaker one of there line developers has used Affinity Publisher for the layout and design of a new and soon to be released game book. Clocking in at over 400 pages with text and art I feel it shows the power of the AP software to the RPG community as the most viable alternative to Adobe products. Can someone at Serif please contact them and ask about the experience using the software for an Affinity Spotlight article?
  2. Hello, I have downloaded a design document from the web to create a cover page for a project. There is a red box that highlights the checkbox in the layers panel. I have looked through the help section and the documentation but can not find what this indicates. What does this red highlight of the checkbox mean?
  3. I posted concerning this before but, here we go again. When typing inside a table cell the cell acts as if the "enter key is being hit and grows larger...without me hitting the key at all. moving the cursor to the start of the text and hitting backspace does the same thing. Please fix this most basic of functions.
  4. Is there a way to globally remove ligatures from a document created with pasted text? Where can I turn off the use of ligatures if I do not want the pasted text to use ligatures?
  5. Is there a way to create a radial gradient that progresses from the edge inward instead of a center point outward? Please note, I am not looking to create a glow effect.
  6. Thanks for the assist. I think this will work for now as a placeholder. I will likely be creating a custom asset for the box later.
  7. Yep, just figured out that the series of boxes is the stroke location around the text. It became apparent when I hovered over the boxes. There is no real sample document. I am just working through the setting in the Text Styles and observing what happens. In this instance, I just made a text box, inserted filler text and began applying styles to see what they looked like.
  8. So my next question is; if I want to change the "BOX" decoration is my only option to create an asset in Designer and use it with body text placed inside it?
  9. OK, so the stroke on the outside of the "box" is not cut off, just not present. Changing the stroke setting does not add a stroke to all side either.
  10. I understand that. What I am asking is that when applying the sample BOX style to text the "BOX" is outside the text frame. I have tried to adjust the settings in the decorations window, but nothing seems to be happening. I have looked through the help menu, but there is nothing that provides a decent explanation of how to work with or manipulate this particular style.
  11. Is it supposed to be the default that when applying the Box text style that the "Box" decoration is outside a text frame?
  12. +1 on this and good to hear that it is in process. I just saw a video of a document created in Illustrator that uses hyperlinked tabs in the exported PDF. Unfortunately, this is in a private FB group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/492397951097039/permalink/800004677003030/
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