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  1. Hi, Are you still having this issue using the latest build? (
  2. Hi Seneca Do you have any steps I can follow to recreate this at all?
  3. Hi Kryat, I still haven't been able to replicate the crash from gmail on chrome pasting into a new document. Could you provide the document you're using in your screen recording above?
  4. Hi Kryat, I have just sent you a PM with a Gmail address, please let me know when you have forwarded the email and I will investigate the issue.
  5. Hi Kryat, I haven't been able to replicate the crash here. Could you paste the text into a Word document and attach it to the forum?
  6. Hi Old Bruce Have you had this issue when pasting text from a PDF also?
  7. Hi Jim_A, Thanks for your report, this has been fixed in the latest build. (
  8. Hi Isilden Elendil, Welcome to the forum Would it be possible to provide the document so I can test this?
  9. Hi raguay, I've been able to replicate this, i'll get it logged.
  10. Hi Glenn Murdoch, Welcome to the forum! I've taken a look at the document and it seems there is an additional text frame on top of the frame containing text, I have removed this and reattached the document. You should now be able to edit the text. publisher bug updated.afpub
  11. Many thanks @De Heren van Eerd, this has been logged
  12. Hi JasminS Welcome to the forum Does this issue occur when trying to open a specific file? Or does this happen when you open the app itself?
  13. Hi Celestine Could you provide the file so I can take a look?
  14. Hi garfybeds I've had a look at the file and also see that it takes a considerable amount of time to export so I will get this reported to the development team. As rusty5 mentioned the error is caused by the FreeVector-Tank-Front-View.afphoto file. Can you provide the original afphoto file at all? This may help to determine what's causing this. Thanks!
  15. Hi Gilescooperuk Could you perhaps provide a screen recording of the issue so I can look into this?
  16. Hi postmadesign, Are you trying to drag+drop the PDF while the app is closed? I have tried dragging a PDF while the app is open and this seems to work fine for me.
  17. Hi FabianV Welcome to the forum, Can you upload the file so I can investigate?
  18. Hi jwjw, Sorry for the delay responding to your post. Can you confirm if you're still having this issue in the latest build of Affinity Publisher?
  19. Hi KipV, I can't say that we have encountered this issue.. Could you provide a sample file?
  20. Hi, My apologies, i'm having some trouble replicating this. Could you provide a screen recording of your steps so I can follow?
  21. Hi Stephen_H, Thanks for your post, Would it be possible to provide a file that you're using? If you could save the file before the point you paste i can test this. I'm having some trouble replicating the issue at the moment.
  22. The file is crashing for me in multiple versions also. I'll get this passed to development!
  23. Hi Lensman Are you using Mac or Windows OS? Also, can you confirm whether this refers to the latest beta builds of Photo/Designer or release builds?
  24. Hi Lensteruk, Many thanks, I've passed this on to the developers
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