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  1. I'll upvote this for Affinity Photo and Designer. Especially since Photoshop and Illustrator don't support it natively and the extension for it is very flacky. This is a chance to out shine them!
  2. Certain Thai fonts to work. Many of them do not properly have their information in the font so they do not show up properly. But, Thai fonts that have all the proper information in the font do work fine. I guess we just need better fonts! For example, the Ayuthaya font works, but Arial doesn't work. Just pick the Thai fonts that work and use them.
  3. Oh, I see. Yes, some of my fonts work with Thai in Affinity products and some don't. I'll make a note of that. Good information. I didn't realize some of the standard system fonts don't have the proper information for the Thai fonts (Arial and such). They all work in browser based programs.
  4. Yes. I'm not interested in the program showing Thai for the menus and such. I want to be able to format Thai documents in Affinity Publisher and make art of Thai letters in Affinity Design. Right now, all the characters that show above and below other characters are instead taking up their own spot. Very annoying.
  5. None of the Affinity products support writing and editing in the Thai language. I'm a missionary in Thailand and need to use the Thai language in many items. When will this be supported?
  6. All Affinity products do not properly display and edit the Thai language. I don't use Design or Photo with much Thai, but Publisher will be used with Thai a lot. For me, it's not usable right now. When will that be supported?
  7. For me, the `นำ` has the น separate from the ำ and therefore not displayed properly. Thai support is a must for me. Especially when Designer is finally released.
  8. Hi, I just realized I could use Affinity Designer for creating my church's bulletins. I'm already using it for creating the graphics, so why not the whole bulletin. But, since I would with Thai, Affinity doesn't properly render complex text like Thai. The characters that go above and below other characters are placed in their own space without the inside text. The result is totally unreadable. The same problem also exists in the beta. Since this isn't a beta only issue, I posted it here. I've attached an example of some Thai text. Richard Guay
  9. Hi, I just came across this web site and was interested: http://flif.info/?ref=webdesignernews.com It's a new graphics format for better compression. It's totally free, amazing fast, and very compact. When browsers start to support it, it will give a great way to getting smaller sizes without sacrificing quality. It would be great for Affinity products to support it as well.
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