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  1. I was having the same problem in Designer 1.10.5. I removed the guide lines (horizontal or vertical) from my field of vision and when I moved to the point where I supposedly took them so that they would be erased, there they were accumulated. The problem is that he took the guide and took it to the ruler. When I took it past the application window itself they finally disappeared.
  2. OK, is hidden under "Affinity Designer" menu and then "Export Persona". It is an important tool for many, it should not be so hidden. I really apreciate your help Bruce. Thanks. :-D
  3. The transparency for each one is available right now. Select the element you want to change and then go to the Swatches. There you just click on the fill or stroke and at the right you set the Opacity. Hope that help. :-)
  4. I moved from Sketch to Affinity Designer and I absolute hate to export each artboard if the file have more than one. Usually I have many artboards in a file, so is frustrating every time I need to export one-by-one for the demo to the client. I understand that Affinity dosen't want to add mult-pages and left it only for Affinity Publisher but please, add export multi artboards at once.
  5. Look like the gradient tool can't use document swatches for choose color and instead only use blended colors. Is there a way to use the document swatches? I did something wrong?
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