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  1. Publisher version on windows 10. - Selecting two text frames at the same time - From Text/Capitalization menue selecting "Lower Case" - Makes the Publisher to crash First time, Publisher freezes and have to be closed by force and restarted Second attempt, Publisher closes abruptly In both cases it will restore the document on restart, which is the good ting.
  2. I totally agree on the above remarks. To me the rulers in Publisher seem very unorthodox. If I'm working with millimeter scales (no problem to switch from inches or pixels) and I'd like emphasize on some useful divisions, like 5 and 10, rather than 2 and 4. Is there any possibility to change this behavior? Of course you can read the tiny figures while moving guides, or use the guides manager, but it would be nice to ha a sensible scale on the rulers. (I'm using the release)
  3. Beautiful! I've worked with the beta versions for som time now, and didn't hesitate for one minute to buy ad install the Publisher. I't an amazing peace of software. Thanks guys!
  4. I strongly agree that this is strange, an very unorthodox. Even though everything can be placed by numbers, this kind of division renders the rulers nearly useless for us meric guys and dolls. One possible solution would be for the to have the option of deciding the division scheme. If not, it should be changed in accordance with Pierres suggestions. Looking forward to get this implemented. Fine working area otherwise.
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