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  1. I strongly agree that this is strange, an very unorthodox. Even though everything can be placed by numbers, this kind of division renders the rulers nearly useless for us meric guys and dolls. One possible solution would be for the to have the option of deciding the division scheme. If not, it should be changed in accordance with Pierres suggestions. Looking forward to get this implemented. Fine working area otherwise.
  2. Thanks! As I tried to say "Using semicolon renders the same result though". I know I did succeed once, but I can't remember the settings. Using komma or semicolon as separator with "All spreads" or "Alla pages", just exports the first page (not included in the list). I'll do some more tests and get back here. Intuitive it's not.
  3. My list separator is set to semicolon ; I never even new that existed. Using semicolon renders the same result though.
  4. I'm not sure this is a bug. If not it's a bit confusing. I intend to export selected pages to PDF from a document. If I select Area: All pages, and specify some pages by page number, the result is a PDF with only the first page in the document. The first page is not among those selected for export. Publisher 249 on windows 10. Settings attached.
  5. Hi! After using Publisher 249 for one to two hours, my computer freezes or goes utterly slow. After waiting a few minutes it is possible to close Publisher and get the computer up to speed. This behavior is a clear sign of a memory leak. Using Publisher 249 on windows 10
  6. My pleasure. Here is the anonymized version of the file. Hopefully you'll find the reason - maybe it's a bug. I'm not sure, but it is possible that I made an update from the next last to the last version of AP, after creating the document. (The grey edge is there just to mark bleeding, during document development) /Bertil work 3_2-empty.afpub
  7. Using Publisher beta. On a new document with facing pages, I set the margins on the master pages (spread), and applied the master to all pages. The margins propagated nicely to all pages. After a while, working with the page content, the inner margins on the master pages disappeared. (See attachment), but remained on alla normal pages. Reapplying the master on all pages, didn't change anything. The inner margin must be there, but not visible.