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  1. Just reinstalled the collection and went through the whole process from scratch and problem solved!
  2. I had initially installed the NIK (2.0) collection to a folder on my desktop (MAC) and went through the install process and I had no problem with affinity recognizing the plug-ins. I got tired of seeing the folder on my desktop and moved it into applications. I went to preferences and updated where the file was in the plug in search folder. I also did the same for the plug in support folders. Now the authorize global button does not activate and after restarting Affinity (1.8.3) and going to plugins I see the collection in a light font and can't access them. I'm obviously missing a step somewhere but can't figure out where.
  3. This is kind of a one off question. After installing the new Affinity update I was anxious to try Nik 2.5. I downloaded the free 30 day trial and everything works fine, but it shows 2.0. If I buy it do I get an upgrade to 2.5? I know this really isn't a question regarding Affinity but DXO says they don't respond to questions unless you have purchased the product already.
  4. This image looks how I want it to until I flatten it. Any suggestions?
  5. I had installed the 1.7 update but because of the problem with the NIK collection, I went back to 1.6 I am running Mojave and the old free version of NIK. I realize now that I need to update to the new Nik collection to run with 1.7. I know there are a lot of bugs in 1.7 but I'm sure they will all get worked out, but is the new Nik worth the $100.00?
  6. I've just started playing with luminosity masks in channels and the thumbnails that are generated a too small see what will be effected. I can move the whole channel box and make that larger but the thumbnails stay the same size. Is it possible to increase the size?
  7. I tried some night time shots this week and ended up stacking 4 or 5 raw files together to benefit from noise reduction. I then flattened that image and applied multiple adjustment layers till I got the result I was after but of course the file was quite large (that's why I can't attach it here}. My problem is when I flatten that image a lot of the noise comes back into the image. Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be a workflow problem? Thanks
  8. I was unable to get the new version to work as a plug-in. It kept freezing up while it was loading, however I tried using it as a stand alone and everything works great including Viveza.
  9. Do all the applications within the collection work for you? In the old version I had problems with many of them.
  10. I realized it might be helpful to show what I'm talking about so here is an image as it appears in Affinity and then Veriza
  11. I've been running Affinity with the Nik collection without any problems with the exception of Viveza 2. When I import a photo to Viveza it will generally have a strong reddish cast and be de-satureted in the other colors. Has any one else had this problem?
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