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  1. the release should be out soon though right?
  2. Great! I've been waiting to update. Now I will.
  3. Are you using the old free version or one of the newer version of NIK ?
  4. I had installed the 1.7 update but because of the problem with the NIK collection, I went back to 1.6 I am running Mojave and the old free version of NIK. I realize now that I need to update to the new Nik collection to run with 1.7. I know there are a lot of bugs in 1.7 but I'm sure they will all get worked out, but is the new Nik worth the $100.00?
  5. I've just started playing with luminosity masks in channels and the thumbnails that are generated a too small see what will be effected. I can move the whole channel box and make that larger but the thumbnails stay the same size. Is it possible to increase the size?
  6. I tried some night time shots this week and ended up stacking 4 or 5 raw files together to benefit from noise reduction. I then flattened that image and applied multiple adjustment layers till I got the result I was after but of course the file was quite large (that's why I can't attach it here}. My problem is when I flatten that image a lot of the noise comes back into the image. Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be a workflow problem? Thanks
  7. I was unable to get the new version to work as a plug-in. It kept freezing up while it was loading, however I tried using it as a stand alone and everything works great including Viveza.
  8. I'm using High Sierra 10.13.4
  9. Do all the applications within the collection work for you? In the old version I had problems with many of them.
  10. mberger

    Display in Viveza 2

    I realized it might be helpful to show what I'm talking about so here is an image as it appears in Affinity and then Veriza
  11. mberger

    Display in Viveza 2

    I've been running Affinity with the Nik collection without any problems with the exception of Viveza 2. When I import a photo to Viveza it will generally have a strong reddish cast and be de-satureted in the other colors. Has any one else had this problem?
  12. Thanks, I have been playing with XnViewMP and can't get it to preview Affinity Photo files. What option are you referring to? It would be great if that would work.
  13. I have read the threads already posted about alternatives to Bridge. I have checked several of them out, but I haven't found any that will work with the affinity file extension. I just was playing with Pixave because It looked like that would work but alas I could not get it to work. Is there anything out there? Thanks

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