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  1. Not sure of anyone else's requirements, but I just moved the pages to the right side.
  2. Are you adding a new pixel layer above the one you want to burn/dodge? I always add a new pixel layer, fill with 50% grey, change the blend mode to overlay. Seems to work on both rgb and cymk images. All the d&b is on the new layer which make it non-destructive.
  3. Does this version work with filter forge 6? (the latest beta versions did not). If not, is it possible to keep version 1.5 along with 1.6? If so, how does one do that?
  4. Must have had a seniors moment! Checked the 1.4.3 preferences and discovered that even though filter forge was on the list, the plugin was not directed to the plugin search and support folders in 1.5.0. I guess I just figured that if the NIK and Anthropic plugins were working properly, that there was a problem with filter forge. Pointed the search and support filters to the filter forge folder and all is well now!
  5. Yes. And it works fine on 1.4.3, but not one the beta 1.5.0 RC1
  6. Yes, I'm doing everything exactly like I do in 1.4.3. The NIK and Topaz both work from the same layer as well. Also tried the same photo in 1.4.3 and Filter Forge opened no problem.
  7. Just tried Filter Forge again on beta 1.5.0. It shows up under the plug in section, but clicking on either 5 or 6 doesn't launch the plugin like it does in 1.4.3. Checked and it was an 8 bit file.
  8. I tried define and viveza and they both work with the newest beta. Filter forge works on the current regular release, but not on the new beta. If that plugin won't be compatible with the new release, will it be possible to keep a copy of 1.4.3 as well as the updated version, or will that version be wiped up by the new one?
  9. With Beta 1.5.0 RC1: Portrait Pro (anthropics), all Nik plugins seem to work, Topaz Impressions 1, and Simplify, but if you use one, the other won't work. You have to close and reopen to use the other one. Filter Forge 6 is now also working properly!
  10. applewoodj

    20% off in Canada?

    JYCreative, Don't forget the exchange rate. $39.99 US is around $45.99 Canadian.
  11. applewoodj

    Photo and Designer

    Thanks Andy, For me, that is one of features I am most interested in having. Credit card is all ready for the 9th!
  12. applewoodj

    Photo and Designer

    Currently have the latest beta update, and also have designer 1.2.1. At this time, regardless of which application I'm in, the "edit in" option is greyed out. Will this option be available when the full version of photo is released?
  13. applewoodj

    AP Beta keeps crashing for me

    Just updated to the new version and it also crashes here. The previous 6 versions never crashed once. I'm running osx 10.7.5. It's an old mac pro which can't be updated any further, but still does the job!