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  1. I would have said why not use Photos as your dam and use Affinity Photo via the extensions in Apple Photos. Trouble is I am not sure the extensions are working as they should, or at least not in a way that makes sense to me. Apple Photos is a pain really and all I do is use it to keep my edited images. My originals are kept on a separate dam. The problem with the affinity project files is they are proprietary to Affinity it seems. But cannot you export as a 16 bit tiff with layers preserved rather than save as afphoto. That way you could use something like Adobe Bridge as your dam (and it is free).
  2. Thanks for checking, MEB. Have raised a ticket with DxO.
  3. Thanks MEB. I can confirm Viveza has crashed AP beta every time.
  4. When I run AP the pugins are there as expected with no garbage. They seem to work or at least Color Efex does. I managed to crash AP when I played with Veveza. Using the 1.9 beta.
  5. Your way sort of worked MEB but gives me lots of working, unknown and redundant stuff.
  6. That's right. This is the new installer 🙂
  7. The installer does not create the folder in the chosen directory. It just creates reference to it in the installer and then carries on to the end of the installation. I asked for the folder to be set-up on the desktop and after the install there is absolutely nothing there, even though the installer says it exists.
  8. The new installer is out so can now install on Big Sur. Cannot get the plugins to install to AP though. The installer lets me set up the folder Adobe Photoshop Custom1 but does not physically create it in the directory. Installation continues through to the end ok and the Nik Suite works in Ps and Lr but there is no folder to access when trying to install the plugins into AP. Have raised a support request.
  9. I had to respond because you are getting it all wrong and I thought I had made it clear earlier. You see, my comments are about what I see as an a deficiency in AP and a surprising one given the competition, one of which uses the same database. So completely on topic. Your comment re Adobe however was completely off topic and your choice is of no interest to me or of any relevance to my post. End of debate.
  10. I would have thought it obvious what I am comparing - it is quite simple to understand. AP does not have the lens profiles whilst others do. I question why and especially so as ON1 also have the profile and they too use Lensfun if I recall. Not sure why you felt it necessary to bash Adobe's subscription model. Completely off topic and unnecessary. People are free to exercise their choice any way they feel fit and do not need childish snipes, especially when Adobe's business model has nothing to do with the topic. Please do not bother responding.
  11. I guess that is the strength of outfits like Adobe or Phase One. That is not to decry AP, it is great software. What is strange though is that ON1 2021 recognises the lens and does an auto adjust and I thought they used Lensfun.
  12. Apologies for that and good spot. It is indeed Fuji XT20 which is a supported camera. Not sure what I was thinking when I typed Sony CT20! What is strange is that Lr says the lens profile is in the raf file. This being the case why does AP not use it I wonder? The images do look good in AP though but I am still curious.
  13. Well I went for it. Uninstalled and tried to reinstall - the installer just freezes on Big Sur. So now no access to Nik at all! Have filed a support request.
  14. Thanks Duoro. I am on Mac and the OS has just upgraded to Big Sur so I am a little reluctant to play around just yet. Are there any Mac users on here with the issue - the plugin window in AP preferences is not seeing the Nik plugins in Ps? Can anyone form the AP staff offer any comment before I follow the route taken by Duoro? Thanks!
  15. Yet in the meantime Adobe and C1 either have the profiles (camera and lenses) or somehow use information baked into the raf file. Maybe that is what AP does?
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