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  1. Anthropics and Topaz Studio cause photo to immediately crash upon launch. Filter Forge opens, but crashes after applying. All three worked without problems on all previous beta versions.
  2. Not sure which forum to post this in, but edit-in designer to photo works no problem, but photo to designer doesn't. Window opens..."Failed to open file. The file could not be parsed." This is using designer and photo
  3. applewoodj

    Guides not working

    Do you have "show rulers" turned on?
  4. applewoodj

    Guides not working

    Just tried on version .257 and no problem pulling guides both vertical and horizontal.
  5. After straightening out a photo, selecting select > alpha range > select partially transparent, then Edit > inpaint, the program crashes.
  6. applewoodj

    Edit>inpaint crashes .107

    That is just the way I saw it done in one of the tutorial videos. It's something that worked in previous versions. Will try the Fill>inpainting...thanks!
  7. applewoodj

    Edit>inpaint crashes .107

    I've tried this with various photos and the result is the same every time. I've also just tried simply making a selection and then inpaint, and the inpaint progress bar gets about 70% done, and the program just crashes. I tried the same images with 1.6, and it worked fine. The images ranged from small (300kb) jpg to an 11.1 mb RW2 file. I'm on a macbook pro running sierra (10.12.6). Using the inpaint brush works fine.
  8. Not sure of anyone else's requirements, but I just moved the pages to the right side.
  9. Does this version work with filter forge 6? (the latest beta versions did not). If not, is it possible to keep version 1.5 along with 1.6? If so, how does one do that?
  10. Are you adding a new pixel layer above the one you want to burn/dodge? I always add a new pixel layer, fill with 50% grey, change the blend mode to overlay. Seems to work on both rgb and cymk images. All the d&b is on the new layer which make it non-destructive.