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  1. steverdezines

    Export to Photoshop issue

    Photo Elements op.mov I created a screen video. Hope that helps In additions, the exported psd file is 11mb, the ap file is 8. I created a new file and made visible all layers. A few of the layers have masks. I opened the file in PSE, and see that the images are visible, but the layers with masks do not export. A side note, I made the visible all layers in the file I uploaded yesterday, with the same results as the files I'm showing in this post.
  2. steverdezines

    Export to Photoshop issue

    I tried that before I posted. Trust me...there's nothing there. See the icon box in the layers palette...they are blank. Even is they were hidden, one would still see an image in those icons. And as you can see, in the AP the layers are labeled. In PE, blank. thanks anyway.
  3. I exported to Photoshop elements. When opened in PE, all layers were there, but were blank...No data in the layers . Is that the usual circumstance with PE, or is it an Affinity bug...or am I missing a step(s)? Thanks. (screenshots below)
  4. steverdezines

    Free Brushes

    Thanks much!
  5. steverdezines

    Free Affinity Photo Brushes

    Thanks! Much appreciated!
  6. here: https://youtu.be/xo9FumW_6Pw
  7. I uninstalled nik and reinstalled and it's working fine now.
  8. If you purchased from the Affinity site, then you should have an account and your download and activation codes are there. See attached.
  9. steverdezines

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Oh my...that's scary. Thanks, Patrick!
  10. I love the new version. Only one disappointment thus far. Nik no longer works. I contacted DxO support and they suggested a work around, which I implemented. It worked, but when loaded, my canvas comes up inverted (see attached screenshot). The left and right sidebar menus are right side up...but the canvas is not. See their response below. "Hello,Thank you in your interest in Nik Collection 2018!While the combination of Nik Collection 2018 and Affinity Photo is not officially supported, please go to the following link for instructions on a workaround:https://www.dam-photo.com/install-nik-collection-plugins-affinity-photo/While we cannot offer technical support for this combination, we have had customers that have had great success with this workaround.Kind regards, Riley DxO Customer Support" Anyone know how this comes about?
  11. steverdezines

    DxO Nic collection

    Never mind
  12. steverdezines

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    There are many things I love about this new version. What one gets for $49, plus free upgrades is simply beyond imagination. I cannot even wrap my mind about the tremendous value one gets. Thanks! There are also, one or two things I'm not please about, at no fault to Affinity. It's 3rd party plugins I'm referring to. It seems as though, Nik Collection no longer works. I love Nik Collection, and I imagine someone will come through with a work around in the near future. In the meantime, I'd like to either roll back, or download the previous version. Is either of those alternatives possible? If so, how? Keep up the good work! To say I'm a fan is an understatement! Thanks!
  13. steverdezines

    nik collection, affinity 1.7.0

    For further discussion go here
  14. I see that this plugin does not work on the new version. is there a chance that will be remedied?