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  1. Ha! That's the one I was referring to that is less stable than the Beta 458. Thanks to you both. No big issue, the 458 beta is working very well and I wait until a new official version comes out.
  2. Thank you, Jon You mentioned a new patch. Where can I get it from? Thank you.
  3. Hi Garrett and John P Thank you for the prompt feedback. I believe every time it happened I was just scrolling the pages on the screen on a 40-page document. Have a great day.
  4. I have been using Affinity Publisher Beta 172.458 for my work and it's a lot more stable than the v. 172 release, which crashes easily. Thankfully, I believe all the features I need are in the beta release so I am fine with it, but wanted to let you about it. Great software anyway.
  5. Thank you. It worked. A the best, SDrum
  6. Hello, Stokerg I am having the same problem after trying to update both Photo and Designer today (to the 172 version), although I was successful with Publisher. I will upload the log to your dropbox. Thanks. Setup.log SetupUI.log
  7. sdrum

    Publisher crashes at start

    Had the same problem with crashing constantly until I started using the beta versions.
  8. sdrum

    Line Around Images

    I output the PDF using the 384 beta version and there were no lines.
  9. sdrum

    Line Around Images

    Thank you, Joachim. Glad to get your input.
  10. sdrum

    Line Around Images

    I have Foxit Pro. However, the client I did the work for was the one who pointed it out to me and I confirmed it after opening on my PDF viewer. In Publisher, I checked Preview mode, which removes all the guidelines, etc. and exported the file. It was fine. I will try again on the latest beta (384) as the issue may have been fixed.
  11. sdrum

    Line Around Images

    Sorry, it got lost in cyberspace. Extracted pagesDone.pdf
  12. sdrum

    Line Around Images

    Thank you for your reply, Joachim. Here are two extracted pages. I have done lots of PDF exports in Publisher and this is the first time that this problem occurred. I usually work in color so maybe a b&w document makes the issue more obvious. The lines you see around the images are the image's boundaries, not page guides.
  13. Just had a problem I didn't have before when exporting to PDF. I did a coloring book and on the PDF export, there was a thin line around all the images.These are the lines you see when laying images but they are not supposed to show on the PDF and they never did it before. I believe I solved the problem by checking "Preview" but I shouldn't have needed to do that. Windows 10 Home, Acer R572 and Lenovo Yoga 720, 16 GB.
  14. First of all, congratulations to the Affinity Publisher team for a very well done job. I already pre-ordered my copy and look forward to getting the final version. Meanwhile, I noticed one problem with the 170.337 and 170.370 versions when adding pages. For some reason if I, for example, add a number of pages to the document, some of them will have a different size and I have to manually change them to the correct size according to the master page. Using the "Apply to All Pages" on the master option doesn't do it. Thank you and keep up the good work. Windows 10 Home 16 GB RAM on Acer Aspire 572 and Lenovo Yoga
  15. Overall, APhoto works quite well. Kudos to the lab team working on it. Although APhoto 1.65 tfreezes and takes very long time to be functional after using an external filter (Akvis, Topaz or ZyCod, for example) and returning to it, at least it eventually works. It would be nice if it quickly returned to its normal functions. However, the beta version stays dead after I wait for awhile. Windows 10 Acer R572, 12 GB Lenovo Yoga 720 16 GB