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  1. Overall, APhoto works quite well. Kudos to the lab team working on it. Although APhoto 1.65 tfreezes and takes very long time to be functional after using an external filter (Akvis, Topaz or ZyCod, for example) and returning to it, at least it eventually works. It would be nice if it quickly returned to its normal functions. However, the beta version stays dead after I wait for awhile. Windows 10 Acer R572, 12 GB Lenovo Yoga 720 16 GB
  2. So all the betas I have worked with, from the very beginning, never caused any major issues. This latest version (170.305) is the first one that freezed so much I had to go back to 170.293. This shows that sometimes a newer version is not "beta" than the previous ones. Win 10 64 Bit 16 GB Ram Acer Aspire R15v and Lenovo Yoga 720
  3. I tested importing some dry trees abr brushes into APhoto and the brush had a grayish cloud around the trees. When doing the same on the version it was a fine crisp clear tree without the grayish aura. Tested on Windows 10 Acer R272 and Levovo Yoga.
  4. APublisher is great! Kudos to the folks working on it. One question. Is there a way, when outputting to PDF, to default to pages as first option instead of spreads? Although spreads are a very good option (I believe absent in PPX) for clients to view a book, as many of them don't know how to set up their PDF viewer to view first page as the right-side page, most of the time, especially on files for publishing, one will need pages. Thanks.
  5. First, you folks are doing a tremendous job. AP is easy-to-use and quite efficient for production, even at beta stages. One great feature PagePlus had was the ability to create a package containing images, fonts, etc. When passing files from one computer to another this feature is essential. Unless I somehow missed it, I can't find this feature in Affinity. Thank you.
  6. AffPublisher promises to be a fantastic layout software. The Affinity team has done a great work and I look forward to purchasing it when it is ready, as I have already done with APhoto and ADesign. I still have some problems with automatic image replacing, although the images I have used on the layout were linked and not embedded. Sometimes it does a great job, even replacing seconds after I have edited it and saved on my art program. Other times it doesn't happen until I manually replace them. I also had some difficulty changing the pages size in the program once it had already been done in the document set up. I had to make changes one page at a time because changing the size of the master and applying them to the pages didn't cause the pages to change. I am sure all this will be sorted out on the final version. Thank you again and keep up the good work. Windows 10 64 Bit Intel Core i5 -4210U CPU @1.70 GHZ Intel HD Graphics Family
  7. Affinity Publisher is getting better all the time. Just thought about pointing out a couple of points: 1. Although I have the images in the file linked, automatic replacing the new ones under the same name and folder doesn't always happen. Sometimes I can't get the images to be replaced even after closing and opening the document. I end up having to do all the replacements manually. 2. This was a first, as on previous versions it has worked fine (I am presently using version 170.221). When converting a text balloon to curves, the balloon disappeared. Windows 10 64-bit Intel Core i-5-4210U CPU @ 1.70 GHZ, 12 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics Family
  8. So far all the versions I have downloaded and worked with were actually quite stable, except for this very last one (170192). Sometimes it just doesn't respond or crashes. Not sure if others have experienced the same.
  9. I am usually quite fast when drawing or painting and sometimes AD crashes if it cannot handle too many strokes too fast. I increased the RAM Usage Limit and Disk Usage Warning, but it still crashes when I paint brush strokes too fast. Any tips? Thank you.
  10. Is there a way to import a folder with images into Assets, as done in PP? This way I can just drag images into a page. Tx. Found the answer. It does a bit different but works the same.
  11. Hi, Yes, I have checked the box to update automatically and sometimes it works wonderfully, even replacing the old file automatically in seconds after I have made changes. Other times, even after I restart Publisher, no changes are made. I am sure eventually it will be consistent when bugs are ironed out. I am running Win 10 latest version.
  12. So far the program is great!!! Kudos for the team working on it. Although I mentioned this before, the "update links automatically" isn't working. On PPX it did automatically. On AP, although there an option to tick a box under General Preferences, it still doesn't work.
  13. Great software. Almost everything working well. One thing a noticed was that linked files didn't update automatically.
  14. Thank you, folks. It's getting better all the time. I haven't had problem with installation with any of the versions. The automatic replacement of new images on embedded files is not working. I always found this feature in PP a wonderful addition. When opening a file that had the sketches of a book in them, it would automatically replace them with the newer versions of the images.