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  1. Thank you. No, I am not entering the text with caps-lock on. Blambot as well as most true comic fonts are all look in capitals but the real capital mode has a special "I" . Formatting in sentence case works great, but unfortunately at the moment I have to do it manually. Anyway, it will be in my Affinity bucket list for the future. Thank you for your support.
  2. It's OK. Maybe the dev team will add the "sentence case" option to Styles. That was all I asked for. Thank you for trying.
  3. I am using Blambot font. It's all capitals but personal pronoun "I" has the bars I mentioned. Everything works well but it tends to capitalize all the 'I's. Selecting the whole paragraph and choosing "Sentence Case" solves the problem All I ask is to have it included uner Text Styles so that I don't need to do it manually on each balloon text. I am attaching a pic to make it clearer. The top is how it comes out when the text is pasted and styled. The second is after I manually selected and choose "sentence case"
  4. I do a lot of illustrations and layout for comics and graphic novels and one convention for balloon texts is to use "I" crossed on top and bottom for personal pronoun. Comics fonts always have the capital "I" with crossed bars. All other uses of I are supposed to be written without the crossed bars.However, the only to get a normal "I" without the crossed bars is to have the text formatted to 'Sentence Case". Is it possible to add it to Styles so that the text will automatically change? Thank you and kudos to the Affinity team for producing great software!
  5. in the official APublisher, I exported as series of pages to PSD and the artwork (lines) on the master page didn't export with the pages. Sample attached.
  6. Sorry, I should've been more specific. The master artwork is not showing on the exported PSD file.
  7. Great job! All Affinity products are tops! I have been having a problem with the official AP when exporting pages in PSD with the master artwork. I tried the latest beta (180523) but the problem persists. Just thought of letting you know so that the issue can be addressed -- unless I am missing something when exporting.
  8. I am using the latest official AP. When exporting the pages in PSD format the master page artwork is not there. Any ideas?
  9. I work with comics and I was looking for a feature in text style that implemented the "sentence case" option. I couldn't find it so I created a keyboard shortcut for it.
  10. Hi Gabe If you try any of the art programs I mentioned you'll know what I mean.
  11. Hello, Gunny Thank you for your comment. Yes, I have done that already. Regards, sdrum
  12. First, I must commend Affinity team for the great software they have produced. I have all of them and buy most of the relevant additions for Affinity. They have filled a great vacuum in the market of digital art software. I lived in Japan some years ago and at the time I was introduced to Illuststudio (now Clip Studio Paint) as well as other popular art programs in the country. One thing I noticed is that they had (and still do) fantastic pressure sensitivity in their software compared to most. Over the years I have bought many art programs and have yet to experience a better brush engine, as far as pressure sensitivity goes. Even some new programs that have been awarded as great emulators of traditional art don't compare in sensitivity. I have both Wacom and ULogic tablets that work great with Affinity Designer in vector mode, but when switching to pixel in AD or in APhoto they require a lot more pressure on the screen. I know there are other art software with very good pressure sensitivity in the market but the nice thing about APhoto for example, is that it has filters and other adjustments that some art software lack. I know this is a "biggie" but is there a way to get more pressure sensitivity in Affinity pixel mode?
  13. It seems like the latest 514 version doesn't have pressure sensitivity. My official versions are working fine in this respect, as well as previous betas. Windows 10 Home 16 GB RAM
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