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  1. I am testing v.2 of Publisher and when trying to export a PDF without the ICC profile embedded I was unable to do so. The box has the ICC already embedded and grayed out, so I cannot uncheck it. Has anyone faced the same problem? I had to export my file as a PDF since v.1 cannot open a v.2 file, open the PDF in v.1 and then export it again without the ICC profile embedded. Thank you.
  2. In Affinity Designer 1.9 (it looks great, by the way) I cannot find "replace image". Is it not there anymore or do I need to reinstall it? Everything else seems to be working fine. Attached is a picture of what I am missing. Maybe I need to reinstall, or maybe there is a way to get it. Just in: After rebooting my computer I got it back. Sorry.
  3. In Affinity Designer 1.9 (it looks great, by the way) I cannot find "replace image". Is it not there anymore or do I need to reinstall it? Everything else seems to be working fine.
  4. I just reported this issue with Publisher, but now trying to use the latest version of APhoto (1.8) I faced the same problem: objects lock (i.e. I cannot enlarge an image by dragging on its corner because the item is locked.) Windows 10 16 GB RAM
  5. Congratulations to Affinity Dev Team for addressing and fixing the problem with PSD export not exporting some of the master's items. It works great now. A new job for Affinity -- animation software?
  6. Hello, Stokerg I am having the same problem after trying to update both Photo and Designer today (to the 172 version), although I was successful with Publisher. I will upload the log to your dropbox. Thanks. Setup.log SetupUI.log
  7. APublisher is great! Kudos to the folks working on it. One question. Is there a way, when outputting to PDF, to default to pages as first option instead of spreads? Although spreads are a very good option (I believe absent in PPX) for clients to view a book, as many of them don't know how to set up their PDF viewer to view first page as the right-side page, most of the time, especially on files for publishing, one will need pages. Thanks.
  8. First, you folks are doing a tremendous job. AP is easy-to-use and quite efficient for production, even at beta stages. One great feature PagePlus had was the ability to create a package containing images, fonts, etc. When passing files from one computer to another this feature is essential. Unless I somehow missed it, I can't find this feature in Affinity. Thank you.
  9. AffPublisher promises to be a fantastic layout software. The Affinity team has done a great work and I look forward to purchasing it when it is ready, as I have already done with APhoto and ADesign. I still have some problems with automatic image replacing, although the images I have used on the layout were linked and not embedded. Sometimes it does a great job, even replacing seconds after I have edited it and saved on my art program. Other times it doesn't happen until I manually replace them. I also had some difficulty changing the pages size in the program once it had already been done in the document set up. I had to make changes one page at a time because changing the size of the master and applying them to the pages didn't cause the pages to change. I am sure all this will be sorted out on the final version. Thank you again and keep up the good work. Windows 10 64 Bit Intel Core i5 -4210U CPU @1.70 GHZ Intel HD Graphics Family
  10. So far all the versions I have downloaded and worked with were actually quite stable, except for this very last one (170192). Sometimes it just doesn't respond or crashes. Not sure if others have experienced the same.
  11. So far the program is great!!! Kudos for the team working on it. Although I mentioned this before, the "update links automatically" isn't working. On PPX it did automatically. On AP, although there an option to tick a box under General Preferences, it still doesn't work.
  12. Hi Walt, Under Resources Manager, when I have an image embedded and I want to link it instead, when choosing link, I just get a blank window. If I go ahead and click OK the image will get linked correctly. I tried to replicate the issue so that I can send you a snapshot and the window opened correctly, showing the files. I imagine that the final version will be more consistent and always show the files when the window opens. Thank you anyway.
  13. AP is linking images that are embedded fine, but when it opens the window it doesn't show the file you are trying to link. It does link, though.
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