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  1. In Affinity Designer 1.9 (it looks great, by the way) I cannot find "replace image". Is it not there anymore or do I need to reinstall it? Everything else seems to be working fine. Attached is a picture of what I am missing. Maybe I need to reinstall, or maybe there is a way to get it. Just in: After rebooting my computer I got it back. Sorry.
  2. In Affinity Designer 1.9 (it looks great, by the way) I cannot find "replace image". Is it not there anymore or do I need to reinstall it? Everything else seems to be working fine.
  3. The latest beta (184.663) seems to have the problem solved. Whatever the Dev team did with this version seems to have fixed the problem. I have been working on this AP version for the last two days and so far nothing got locked.
  4. I've reported a few times a problem that AP has with freezing. To unfreeze I don't need to restart the program but just to close it and open it again. Lately I noticed that one thing that triggers its freezing is when it replaces an image with a new modified one.
  5. Interestingly, I usually have to close the file (not the program) to get the text boxes working again. This time, while typing on this forum the text boxes unfroze on their own. I will further experiment with this beta to see how it behaves.
  6. This latest version (184.651) did better than the previous 180- versions (this problem was nonexistent in the 170- versions) by staying functional for a longer period. After leaving a Publisher file open for a while but not working on it, when I returned to the program the text boxes are frozen. I sent a video clip as well as well documentation from my computer on it. I still find Publisher a wonderful product but it would be nice to have this issue resolved. Windows 10 Home 16 GB RAM
  7. Still having problem in all versions 1.8 with the text boxes freezing (unable to drag) after using for awhile. The only solution is to close the file (not the program) and open it again. Thanks and stay safe. Affinity_Publisher_2020-03-16_22-41-47.mp4
  8. I reported this happening on all 1.8 versions. After leaving the program open for awhile when returning to use it, the text is frozen and I can only move the text boxes after closing and opening the file again. I was hoping the latest betas had resolved the issue but it persists.
  9. Also, the freezing text boxes after the program is open for a while is still happening in 1.8.2.
  10. There was a problem with the first 1.80 version with freezing the text boxes after the program is open for awhile. The new 1.82 still has the problem, as you can see in this video clip. Thank you and keep up the good work. Affinity Publisher 2020-03-16 22-41-47.mp4
  11. I noticed on the latest official 1.8 version of APublisher that if I leave a file open for an hour or more texts get locked or frozen (not the program). If I close the file and re-open the problem disappears for an hour so so and then it freezes again. It never happened it to me with the 1.7 so I had to reinstall it in order to continue my projects. The latest beta seems to help a bit but just by prolonging the time it takes to freeze. Still, Affinity products are tops!!! Win 10 16 GB
  12. I had to do the same, reinstall version 173 until the bugs are fixed. The only problem I had with the 180 is that after some time open, images and text got locked and I had to close the file and open it again to make it movable. One problem though, is that I cannot open the file I was working on because the 173 version cannot open a 180 file owing to its new features. I am using the beta 180 for that file in particular, so thankfully there was a way around.
  13. I just reported this issue with Publisher, but now trying to use the latest version of APhoto (1.8) I faced the same problem: objects lock (i.e. I cannot enlarge an image by dragging on its corner because the item is locked.) Windows 10 16 GB RAM
  14. I noticed in the recent Publisher 1.8 that objects and text get locked after very short use and are only movable again after restarting the program. Windows 10 16 GB RAM
  15. Congratulations to Affinity Dev Team for addressing and fixing the problem with PSD export not exporting some of the master's items. It works great now. A new job for Affinity -- animation software?
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