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  1. Well, I'm laying out a book so. . . yeah, the format from page 1 is going to repeat. Which is why I attempted to put the text frames on the facing master pages. And yes, for now I can just create guides on the master pages where I want the frames to go, but the point is: it doesn't currently function the way I would logically think. "If I can put a text frame on the master page, and all other items I put on that master page are duplicated (like the page header and page numbering), then I can logically assume that the text frame will be duplicated and work like a text frame that I create once, manually." I guess my question is, will it eventually work the way I expect it to, or is my reasoning on the way it should work faulty?
  2. Yes, possibly. However, if you look at the video, I think the resolution is high enough to show I'm not getting the triangle symbol.
  3. This may be a bug, may be something that's changed or simply doesn't work the way I expect/want it to. Basically, if I create text frames on the master pages of a doc, I can paste into them on a doc, but I can't control the frames, get frames to spawn onto new pages, or even see the text if it's there. See the attached vid clip. AffPub_6x9_01.mp4
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