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  1. Thanks Alfred! Yes I use a Mac, not Windows
  2. Yes I will gladly tell you this information, but first I need to solve this situation, and I ask you please if you could give me an URL of the previous 1.6 version. Thank you
  3. Can I downgrade Infinity Photo to the previous version ? I canĀ“t use it (1.7), always freezing, slow and impossible to work with Can I install the last version. Where can I find it to download?? OSX 10.10.5 Thanks
  4. Thanks, yes I did try via Appstore, but with the wrong ID. I have managed to change to other ID, and it worked Regards
  5. My account registration is not working, it gives me an error. I have received an User ID and Validation Key, but when entering them to validate my account, it gives me an error. I need to install a second copy of my Affinity Photo in my Macbook, I will be away from my office and I need to work. How can I achieve this?
  6. Thanks! it worked . Time machine recover those files, and Affinity Photo accepted
  7. My Affinity crashed and I have lost all my tone map presets and Macro Library. Can I restore them from a Time Machine backup? Where are this files located?
  8. I am using OSX 10.10.5 as administrator. But during the Apple Store automatic installation there was no request for my administration password.
  9. I have installed Affnity 1.5.1 from Apple Store. I have used several times, but Apple's photo app does not have any Affinity extentions installed. System prefefs->extentions does not have affinity extentions installed. Is there any way to install them?