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  1. chirpy

    Free Affinity Photo Brushes

    @Grumpy1954 @AffinityJules You're welcome!
  2. Please fix this. I cannot save or export anything from Affinity Photo OR Affinity Designer to my iCloud folders on my iPad.
  3. In Affintiy Photo, when I click on a point on the canvas and then shift click, the stroke continues from the last shift clicked point, NOT the new point that I clicked independently of the shift click. Therefore, I can never start a new straight line - it always continues from the last shift clicked point. Rather, I should say, that I have to actually MOVE the mouse while painting in order for Affintiy Photo to use that as the starting point, instead of just clicking and making a dot without moving the mouse. Really frustrating.
  4. I am having issues printing from Affinity Designer. It always seems to print bitmap images very pixelated, no matter what the resolution or what printer I am printing to. It also NEVER remembers my print settings. If I export my documents as PDFs and print from Acrobat or Preview they print the bitmap images fine. Anyone know what's going on?
  5. chirpy

    Free Affinity Photo Brushes

    Glad everyone likes them!
  6. I just created some Affinity Photo brushes free for use. You can read about them here: https://www.cricketbow.com/brushes Or just download the file directly here: https://app.box.com/s/p7fao19irvpjz04zp5v2guefd5nv4uf2 They are free for use, but are not to be sold. If you want to redistribute them, please ask permission. Have fun! -Tim
  7. So after 3 years of people requesting a simple feature like arrowheads, mesh fill tool is on the feature roadmap, but arrowheads still are not? I can only imagine the complexity of trying to create a mesh fill tool over something like arrowheads. Please flip these two and make arrowheads priority over mesh fills. We have the pixel personal for those that need to have nicely rendered "meshy" type things.
  8. Hey NewInBoston, you can change text (as well as other things) by disabling the symbol sync button in the symbols panel and then re-enabling it when you're done making your changes. Learn more in this video
  9. SMA, Macaw has been abandoned. No work/progress has been made on it in years. Macaw was developed by a group of kids that gave everyone a lot of hype and promise and then under delivered and then sold the company to InVision, which has done nothing with it. I would avoid Macaw like the plague. I like InVision, but it's too late for anything good to come of Macaw. If you are looking for something like it, then Webflow is your best bet.
  10. chirpy

    960 grids with constraints for Designer 1.5

    budaloco, out of curiosity, is there a reason you set your document to use points instead of pixels?
  11. It would be a great feature and would put Designer above other apps like Sketch if we had the ability to apply a different style (color, weight, dashed, solid, etc) of stroke to each side of an object, just like you can with CSS. I have never seen a design app that could do this and would be a welcome feature for any web designer.
  12. I also think linking files into a document would be far better than embedding them and also more logical. It seems like symbols accomplish anything that an embedded document would otherwise be used for.
  13. Streamline was so much better than Illustrator's Live Trace. I don't know what they changed, but the results just aren't nearly as good. Anyway, hope this feature comes to Designer soon.
  14. Is this something that will be added in the future? It seems like that would be the point of have styles to begin with, so that all objects with that style are easily updatable.
  15. Is there no way to update a style in the Styles panel and have all object that use that style update? I've been searching around but can't seem to find a way to do it.

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