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  1. It would be great if Affinity gets the possibility for multiple grids in the same document. It can be done like normal layers, but for grids. This will make designing with compound grids possible for more complex graphic design.
  2. Thnx! This solves my problem. Didn't think it would be this easy
  3. For some UI Design I need to change the padding of the bounding box to "hugging" the text. How do I do this in Affinity Designer? It would make designing a lot easier for me
  4. Serif should create an easy to use marketplace for the plugins that will be creating for the Affinity Suite when the SDK is released
  5. In the sense that when you make an interface and you click a button it will show what what happens when you click it. For example a play button changes shape or a gallery image changes. It could be done by linking different artboards with each other depending on where you click or a animation function
  6. That's a bummer. What's the main difference? Is there some sort of interactivity in the programs?
  7. I'm looking into UI design and see that everyone is talking about designing UI's in Figma and Adobe XD. Since I have the V2 Affinity Suite I'm wondering if Affinity Designer can replace these programs or would that be a pain in the ass?
  8. I see people are still complaining about the discount they think they deserved. All I can think is "don't they have something better to do with their lifes?". Let's say you get an extra 10% discount. That's just $20 or so. I just can't wrap my head around all the privileged people that think they deserve more discounts. Stop victimising yourself and get on with your life! Nobody is forcing you to buy V2. If you feel like you're getting ripped off by Serif, just don't buy it and go for Adobe's CC rental.
  9. Why are so many people complaining about the price of V2? This is total crap. $119 is a steal for three pieces of software that you can use on mac, windows and ipad. Serif can't give them away for free, they need to make some money and keep the business afloat. V1 lasted for 8 years. An incredible run with all free updates. Let's look it from the Adobe side of thing. Adobe Creative Cloud costs $50 a month and you can't use it anymore after you stop paying. CoralDRAW Suite is $25 a month of $600 one time purchase. VectorStyler is $99 and just one piece of software. All the whiny people need to grow up and understand that nothing is free in this life and nobody is entitled to anything. If you bought V1 recently it's just bad luck but the software doesn't change a bit. It's still the same piece of software you bought and won't expire. Besides that, if you did a bit of research before buying V1 you could have known it released about 8 years ago and software usually doen't have such a long run without any new paid version. There were also a lot of rumours about a V2 going on for a long time.
  10. Around what time can we expect the announcement on the 9th? If it's around midnight I'll just stay up and wait for it
  11. They indeed don't have an obligation to anyone about anything. But it would be a great gesture to the community to give a small announcement about the state of V2. Seeing the messages on the forum it seems a lot of people are eager to get some info and quite a bit of speculation is going on lately. I think it would be wise to get a bit of a grip on the speculation so that people won't get majorly disappointed and go full negative posting everywhere
  12. The iPad Pro is available on October 26th. So maybe V2 of the Affinity Suite will also launch on that date. Fingers crossed
  13. October feels like the perfect month for the release of V2. Autumn is in full swing so people won't be outdoors all the time and it's before the holidays so people can get V2 as a gift from someone.
  14. If there are "DLC packs" there needs to be an incentive for the developers to bring features/tools people need. Let's say you buy V2 and V2.1 is a "DLC pack". You like the new features/tools and buy it for $5,00. When V2.2 comes around you also buy it for $5,00. In total you'll spend $10,00 on "DLC packs". It could be the case that V2.1 doesn't offer any substantial or needed upgrade for you. In that case you should be able to skip V2.1 and get from V2.0 to V2.2 later on for $5,00. Though I must say the best case would be no subscription at all. Just a perpetual license for the whole of V2.
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