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  1. Which version are you using? My Mac-Version can do this - its in the Dodge&Burn submenu👍. May you also have to upgrade your Toaster😁
  2. Not exactly. They would have made for a nice update, not upgrade. And yes: Hype can do that😁. Not that I was originally expecting so much more (rather something different); Hype made me to expect much more, ike something "BIG"! And in the end, there was not much else to build your expectations on: no betas, no roadmap...
  3. I'm seeing Publisher V2 as a disappointment, too. Maybe it wouldn't have been, hadn't there been this Hyping by Affinity. The changes would have made for a nice update... It seems to me that it is an Upgrade not because of the improvements they made but because Affinity needed a justification to charge some money without switching to a subscription based system.
  4. I agree. Import (IDML, joboptions) and Export (PDF) are - for me - the main weak spots of Publisher. Apart from Ressource (i.e. Image) Management.
  5. A Linux version would be great. But it seems that Affinity has a deal with Apple. If only they wouldn't call it a Universal License...
  6. Hm, when I open an idml template from CEWE, I get 16 spreads with 30 pages looking like this (When choosing "facing pages"): Using the Saal-Digital template, I get 15 spreads numbered as 15 pages: Checking "facing pages" there still are 8 spreads with 15 pages looking like this:
  7. Hi, yes, the Whitewall idml seems to be corrupt; I can't open the either. About the second idml: There are 13 spreads, each 290*145mm; but shouldn't there be 26 facing pages, 145*145mm?
  8. Hi, good idea; here it is:block_pages_24_A4LAND_hardcover_StandardSilkMatte_Digital.idml Actually, I have the same problem with templates from Saal-Digital: Fotobuch 15 x 15, Innenseiten Fotopapier matt, 26 Seiten (1).idml Regards Stefan
  9. Hi, I am a total newbie to Affinity Publisher and DTP in general. I want to print a 30page photobook with - say - Whitewall. To get page sizes right, Whitewall offers idlml templates. When I open a template for a 30-page book, it shows 30 single pages, but each single page (i.e. "spread" in Affinity) is actually a double page, Going to "document settings" and checking "facing pages" gives me a spread with four pages on it: I am not sure that will come out right from the printer. Is there a way to "tell" Affinity Publisher, that the spreads in the idml-File actually contain two pages? Thanks Foucault
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