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  1. Yes, this synchronize defaults feature does not work for me for the Pen tool.
  2. I think the bottom line is that Serif could work some things out better with styles. They seem very powerful, but can also be a bit confusing. This is a decent video with someone working through them:
  3. Thanks for the reply. That’s very odd. Wonder why they wouldn’t fix that? Printing from a PDF every time isn’t very ideal.
  4. I am having an issue printing on my laser printer from Affinity Publisher where it does not print a solid black. When I print from InDesign with the exact same color percentages I get a nice solid black from my laser printer. Does anyone know what would be causing this issue? I attached a file with 4 swatches all with different black specifications and none of them print as a solid black from AP. black-colors.afpub
  5. Has anyone noticed issues with the Edit Text Styles panel? I see text cut off in the left column for "Color &" and "Position &". Same thing in Affinity Designer. Also, I sometimes change some settings in a style in Publisher and the text on the page with the style applied to it won't update. I see this happen more often when changing settings in the Decorations section when trying to apply paragraph rules and they just don't show up.
  6. Rather than explaining these, can someone please post a file with some styles set up? It would really help.
  7. I would like to add some items that would make them easier to use. Select multiple layers and then right-click to select Link Layers from the context popup menu. It is kind of an odd process to have to link multiple layers that already exist right now. A checkbox for linking position relative to other linked layers.
  8. Oh, linked layers, where have you been all my life? Please, please, please add this feature to every app.
  9. Is this being fixed anytime soon? I am having the same issue. Why, when I paste an object from one document to another, does the color swatch not show up in the swatches panel?
  10. I think it would also be helpful to have a flip brush direction button within the brush editor window. When building my custom brushes I often find myself wanting to flip the direction to see which way looks best. It's tedious to have to go to the PNG and flip it, resave it, then create a new brush from it.
  11. Hello, I've noticed something that is a little annoying when moving between Affinity Designer on the iPad and Desktop. The graphic styles do not carry over from one to the other. I can set up styles on the desktop version, open the file on iPad and those styles do not appear in the styles panel. Likewise, the same happens when setting up styles on my iPad and then opening the file on desktop. It seems like graphic styles should be embedded within the document you are working with (like color swatches can be).
  12. So as I mentioned, my document is 280x70 at 72dpi. In every other application, including Preview and Photoshop, the file displays at actual screen size, as it does in a web browser. This is not how it displays in Affinity Photo using the 100% Zoom. I am just trying to find out which zoom option I should ALWAYS be using to see a document at the correct size. Photo did not used to display things incorrectly like this until after this latest update. Did something change?
  13. Thanks for your reply. However, I still do not understand why if I am viewing my document at 100% and the document is 250 pixels, why then when I export it, is it larger in another app, as in my screenshot? Is 100% not 1=1 pixel? Basically, I am not sure why a Zoom of 100% is even there if Actual Size is what we should always be using to view something as it will actually appear on every screen.
  14. Also, what is the difference in Zooming to 100%, Actual Size and Pixel Size. I don't see these explained anywhere in the help documentation. I found this, "For example, if you chose 'pixels', one pixel in your document corresponds to one pixel on screen; your document will display at its exact pixel size at 100%." But this is not the behavior I am getting based on my screenshot above. Viewing at 100% should give me the same size document as what I export, should it not?
  15. I am noticing an odd bug. I created a document at 280x70 pixels at 72dpi. When I view the image at 100% in Affinity Photo it is not the actual size. When I export the file as a PNG or JPG it is the correct size. I am attaching a screenshot showing the Photo doc (left) and the PNG opened in Preview on the right. Anyone know why they are not the same and how to fix it? Thanks.
  16. Hi, so I just did this. I have a global CMYK color and my document is set to CMYK, but when I make a tint of my swatch and add the tint color to the swatches it is named as an RGB color. Does this mean it is registering as an RGB color and not CMYK? It's quite confusing.
  17. Looks like Affinitio will not be going live. Also, just curious as to why someone would name a site with io at the end and then not get the .io domain name?
  18. @Grumpy1954 @AffinityJules You're welcome!
  19. In Affintiy Photo, when I click on a point on the canvas and then shift click, the stroke continues from the last shift clicked point, NOT the new point that I clicked independently of the shift click. Therefore, I can never start a new straight line - it always continues from the last shift clicked point. Rather, I should say, that I have to actually MOVE the mouse while painting in order for Affintiy Photo to use that as the starting point, instead of just clicking and making a dot without moving the mouse. Really frustrating.
  20. I am having issues printing from Affinity Designer. It always seems to print bitmap images very pixelated, no matter what the resolution or what printer I am printing to. It also NEVER remembers my print settings. If I export my documents as PDFs and print from Acrobat or Preview they print the bitmap images fine. Anyone know what's going on?
  21. I just created some Affinity Photo brushes free for use. You can read about them here: https://www.cricketbow.com/brushes Or just download the file directly here: https://app.box.com/s/p7fao19irvpjz04zp5v2guefd5nv4uf2 They are free for use, but are not to be sold. If you want to redistribute them, please ask permission. Have fun! -Tim
  22. So after 3 years of people requesting a simple feature like arrowheads, mesh fill tool is on the feature roadmap, but arrowheads still are not? I can only imagine the complexity of trying to create a mesh fill tool over something like arrowheads. Please flip these two and make arrowheads priority over mesh fills. We have the pixel personal for those that need to have nicely rendered "meshy" type things.
  23. Hey NewInBoston, you can change text (as well as other things) by disabling the symbol sync button in the symbols panel and then re-enabling it when you're done making your changes. Learn more in this video
  24. SMA, Macaw has been abandoned. No work/progress has been made on it in years. Macaw was developed by a group of kids that gave everyone a lot of hype and promise and then under delivered and then sold the company to InVision, which has done nothing with it. I would avoid Macaw like the plague. I like InVision, but it's too late for anything good to come of Macaw. If you are looking for something like it, then Webflow is your best bet.
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