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  1. Paint Mixer brush is still not working either in version with Strength at 100%, in Photo 1.9 or Beta, one year later. :-) Glad I found this thread.
  2. Um, interesting. I downloaded from the App Store too but don't have any issues with masking, so far (fingers crossed). I'm guessing you can remove the App, and reload your macros, assets, brushers, styles, etc. which I assume you have saved and kept in your hard drive. But yes, that's a real pain. I would also want to get a product key and be able to install the Serif store version, but for other reasons, not being able to use Topaz plug-ins with the sandboxed version we get in the App Store.
  3. Thanks, John, this much I had understood long ago; my claim is that Serif knows about it and doesn’t warn about the lack of some functionality when purchased in the app store.
  4. I read and read online complaints, and it seems to me that we are all buying Affinity Photo from the Apple App Store not know that the version is different than the version Serif sells on its website. This isn't right. How are we to know that we are buying a somewhat stripped down version of the app? I don't understand the terminology but something related to sandboxing (?) by the App Store. Is there a way around this? Would Serif consider replacing one version with the other or at the very least adding a big warning to their ads so that we know what the heck we're spending money on? Thanks
  5. Studio 2 as well as Sharpen AI open but don't do much or anything. With Studio 2, you have access to filters but not looks. Sharpen AI doesn't do anything after opening. Denoise AI shows an error message Denoise AI model is missing or corrupted as shown in screen shot below. I had a long talk with Topaz Support. Nothing they can do as they don't support Photo. It's a real shame that Serif cannot provide a solution to this. We spent a ton of money on plug-ins as well as on AP and are left to figure this out on our own.
  6. No problem with placing jpegs, just ORF. IMG_0874.MOV
  7. Í’ve reported this bug last year for both Olympus ORF and Nikon NEF files (3500 model). It was resolved for NEF files, but it remains an issue for Olympus ORF (camera models e-m10, e-m5ii and e-m1ii). Trying to help another person, I see this also happens now with CR3 files from a Canon 90d. My post from last year Trying to place a RAW files does absolutely nothing but moves the background pic around.
  8. still having issues placing ORF files from any of my 3 Olympus cameras. em-10, em-5ii and an em-1ii models, both from Photos or iCloud. Is this issue not going to be fixed??
  9. Terribly difficult composing and blending background properly with an brush edge preview ! It´s been three years since first requested. Is it that difficult to implement ?
  10. I had the same issue on the US App Store both for iPad AP and desktop version for MacOS. Since I wouldn't get a notification for the update, I search for the app using the App Store search. Once I found it, I clicked on it as if to read reviews (don't click on Open cause it'll open the old version). Once you're on the full page of the app, you'll see the Update button instead of the Open button. Installed both this way.
  11. Anyone else using Olympus having this issue? Thanks
  12. Any news on this issue? I'm testing AP beta and isn't solved in their latest GM version.
  13. Update. In addition to having this issue with RAW photos from Olympus em-5ii, same thing happens with photos from em-10i
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