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  1. Thanks, h_d. Fn+Delete works !
  2. Will this be fixed in a new update? I'm also having this issue. Glad that another user was kind enough to suggest to use the Fn+Delete key in MacOs. That worked. It'll be nice if this bug is fixed.
  3. Thanks, guys. I did notice that issue with going back one step in the history panel instead. I'll try the Fn+Delete keys to see if it works in my Mac. I was feeling frustrated seeing it works with other tools but not the freehand tool. It thought it was me doing something wrong.
  4. Using Affinity desktop in Mac. I have a jpeg which should not require rasterizing but I even tried that. I duplicate the layer, make a selection with the free hand tool and press the DELETE key. It deselects it. If instead I make a selection with the rectangular or the elliptical tool and press DEL, it works. Pixels inside selection are removed. Is this normal behavior? I tried with a different photo and also restarted my laptop, but same behavior. Of course, I can remove the pixels by using Refine and Mask, but I would've thought that the Delete key would work to delete pixels inside any selection, regardless of how one makes it.
  5. Why not do your edits directly on Affinity Photo? Is there an advantage of using Photoshop Express for your edits over Affinity Photo? Thanks
  6. Oh, sorry, I came to the forum to delete my question and totally forgot I should've posted the answer. Paul explained that the 'share' button will produce image sizes as defined in the export module. So if you choose say to save a jpeg with 2048px on the long side and high quality, that's what you get and that's what will be shared.
  7. Got my answer. Paul Mudditt was nice enough to reply on in a Facebook group for Affinity photo.
  8. I was wondering what is the quality of the photo produced by the Share button on the app export module, left bottom corner. Does it resize to 2048px on the long size? Does it do high quality jpeg? Progressive? Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Any plans to release this workbook in digital form? Would love to get one but it's heavy and it'd be expensive to order and have it shipped overseas.
  10. <<I guess you mean the view of the brush-"presets"? You just want to show its small "symbol" not the line-preview for displaying more brushes in a role? >>. Exactly, I d9nt need to see all those brush strokes for most brushes. More display preferences just as with PS brushes. I too would like to see a better way of moving and organizing brushes. I’m going to create a favorites category for now.
  11. True yet photoshop offers the display I’m looking for and it’s super useful if you have lots of brushes, which I do, as I’m trying to more artistic looks and learn digital panting. It’s not one or the other, but the option to display the tools in a way that suits different users better. The way they are now, I can barely see 6-7 brushes in a category of brushes in my 13” laptop, unless I move the panel away, which then takes a lot of real estate in my workspace.
  12. Gee, I guess I need to get another cup of coffee !! Only after I read your post, I realized I've used it many times to modify brush properties Thanks, Callum Any ideas of how to display just the icon and not the brush stroke? Is this a feature that Serif is considering?
  13. Upper right corner of the brush studio (not the icon to add brushes) but right below it. I'm using the Mac version and it doesn't do anything for me. Looking for a way to display only the thumbnail and not the brush strokes. I guess this is not yet possible. But curious of what that icon is for.
  14. No, I got what he’s looking for. Just saying that when I click on the Force 1 macros link in the welcome screen, I’m taking to download the latest uplift macro pack released with 1.6 (not sure why). Maybe he wants to try that. I clicked on on it because I’m actually looking for the Force 1 macros, when I lost, but instead the welcome Window link took me to the Uplift pack. Ended up on this forum post when searching for the Force 1 pack.
  15. When I open Affinity (in a Mac), if you click on the arrows of the photos on the Welcome Screen, there's an offer for Force 1 macros. ( I was looking for those, which I downloaded, but never installed and can't find the files.) On clicking on that Force 1 link to download those macros (from Affinity 1.5), I was taken to a page to download the macros that came with version 1.6, which is what you're looking for. It may work for you.