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  1. I've posted before that I've found a workaround for saving back to Photos in Catalina but I'll post it again. Go to the App Store and download External Editors for Photos. It's free and hasn’t been updated for ages but I can assure you that it works. Once it's installed put it at the top of your edit list for Photos Edit, as well as having Affinity in the edit list too. However don't select Affinity there but click on External Editors and choose Affinity from inside that box. Then edit as much as you want and I guarantee that every photo will be saved back to Photos complete with all your edits.
  2. I seem to have found the way to do it. Not sure if it works with 1.7.2 as I only tried it by luck having installed 1.7.3 last night. Select the photo you want to edit (not as thumbnail but enlarged) and click edit top right. Then the three dot edit button and I select "External Editors". You will have to have installed the free to download programme on the AppStore called "External Editors for Photos" which hasn't been upgraded for three years now but it still works. When you click on that it brings up a list of all the editors that you've allowed in System Preferences and you choose Affinity, do the edit and Save at the end and all the changes are accepted in Photos. It also works with Luminar.
  3. That's the way I always edited my photos anyway. However I've just tried the right click and selected edit with Affinity Photo (or Cmd+Rtn) and it works a treat thanks. Never even knew that method existed! You live and learn all the time in life, so thanks for the help.
  4. Me neither. It's not only Affinity photo that is affected though as it's the same with all the Skylum photo editing programmes.
  5. Not with Catalina they aren't. I get "Unable to save changes for edit in Affinity Photo". I know Catalina is in Beta but it's worth letting you know, although you probably already do!

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