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  1. You could accidentally undo things on a layer that you’ve recently hidden.
  2. You can turn the double tap off in the iPad settings:
  3. I wonder what format they’ve used to build the current version of the built in manual.
  4. The help as a PDF (or even online) in an overlay would be fine for me. I can quickly pull it in from the right. Maybe the format should be so that is readable in that window.
  5. The Apple Pencil is really worth it. All the third party pencils work differently. You would regret it.
  6. Is there a way to deform objects like skew, distort, perspective and warp in Photoshop?
  7. The help function Designer requires me to leave the drawing. I'd rather have an EBook or PDF that I could open in another app to switch quickly. An online manual would also be ok.
  8. blue_heron

    Undo/Redo button

    That's true and should be so. I would also turn them off eventually. For myself I don't care anymore. The two finger tap is great and I'm used to it from Procreate. But I think there should always be several ways to access a function (at least these very common ones) and the easy, obvious and intuituve ways should be on by default for beginners.
  9. The pinch gesture in Procreate is a quick "pinch+lift" gesture that needs some practice. Once you learned it it is really handy. (video @1:38) Double tap vs. tap: Its no problem to have both a single tap and a double tap on the same control (like you select a file with a single mouse click and open with a double click). Downside is that there would be a small delay when the system waits if there comes a second click/tap.
  10. The video shows these steps: apply a Shear in the Transform Studio Lock the Width and Height Move them both (scaling freaks out) tap UNDO and ALL steps are reset shearProblem.mp4
  11. blue_heron

    Undo/Redo button

    Undo/Redo buttons should be on by default.
  12. Open the Navigator, double-tap, close the Navigator - sorry that's WAAAAY too slow (esp. when you compare it to the pinch gesture in Procreate). Also, with the pinch gesture you can toggle between "Fit to screen" and the current view. When zooming out the rotation will also be reset to the nearest horizontal. If you don't like the pinch gesture, what about a double tap on the Navigator icon (Fit to screen & reset rotation - and back) or a swipe gesture on it? The current zooming with the Navigator button really doesn't make any sense. A double tap on the Layer icon could zoom in on the currently selected layer (and back to the last view)
  13. +1 The pinch gesture is indeed very intuitive. Opening the navigator is a no-go.
  14. blue_heron

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    I have a similar delay when I use the node tool. Esp. when I pick/drag a node slowly then there is a very annoying "sticky" moment when I move then pen quite a bit but the node sticks where it is. This seems to be less so when I pick/drag quickly. IMG_0679.TRIM.MOV
  15. blue_heron

    Undo brush malfunction

    These photos are in fact from an iPhone 6s. Attached. IMG_6752.zip

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