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  1. Correction: I have this bug also when I import those Nikon RAW files. Its not ALWAYS. It definitely happens when I don't check the image after development and keep working for 1/2 hour and do things that I can't reproduce 😢
  2. I have this problem only when I drag&drop image files (Nikon RAW, D800) from the Files app into Affinity Photo. When I use “Import from Cloud” or “Open from Cloud” I don’t see the problem.
  3. The desktop version does the same thing (range 2.000-25.000). I dont mind the total range of the slider. In the desktop version I can strech the sliders across the whole screen The iOS version needs at least the fine tuning thing (further away from the slider = finer tuning). Or something like a modifier tap: hold the finger on the screen while moving the slider = fine tune.
  4. Yes, I know that there's an option to enter numbers. But that is, of course, no replacement for "tweaking" esp. the White Balance.
  5. The sliders in the Develop persona are way too small and difficult to adjust. When I set a value with the pencil or my finger and then lift the pencil/finger then the value jumps almost always. I’d like a way to fine tune the slider value (like in scrubbing a video) or to make the slider full screen.
  6. With a Nikon RAW file I had the problem that in the develop persona the slider “White Balance” had a ridiculous range (2.000 - 25.000), it was impossible to adjust the WB with the slider. The meaningful range was super small. The sliders are pretty hard to handle anyway (all sliders in AP on iPad). They are much too short and there is no possibility to fine tune them.
  7. “HUGE” means that a 45MB RAW file (Nikon D800) becomes a 500MB Affinity file (BG Layer plus one adjustment layer).
  8. I have the same problem. Simple files with one background layer and some adjustments become HUGE. I don't care while I'm working, but this is very bad for archiving.
  9. You could accidentally undo things on a layer that you’ve recently hidden.
  10. I wonder what format they’ve used to build the current version of the built in manual.
  11. The help as a PDF (or even online) in an overlay would be fine for me. I can quickly pull it in from the right. Maybe the format should be so that is readable in that window.
  12. The Apple Pencil is really worth it. All the third party pencils work differently. You would regret it.
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