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  1. Thanks, DM1. Yea my camera is definitely supported. This is quite frustrating - Apple bills their iPads as an end-to-end solution, but these issues of file management seem deliberate. I’ll try the iCloud option. If anyone else has a workaround, I’d really appreciate.
  2. I’m using an iPad Pro and am having two issues with importing raw files into Affinity: 1) when I plug in my SD card the iPad imports CR2 RAW files as JPEGs in Photos, and as such I can’t get the RAW file to Affinity. 2) I tried a work around of loading CR2 RAW files into google drive using a desktop. But when I go to Afiinity for iPad, click import from google drive, I can see the the CR2 files, but my iPad won’t allow them to be downloaded. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Your trick worked. I have no idea why this 3rd party app was paying attention to the dpi rather than the dpi plus sizing of the file. At any rate, your work around seems to have tricked the software. Thank you!
  4. I have resized an image to 2.5 x 3.5, but no matter what I do, the image increases dramatically in size when I export, either through email, google drive, or iPhoto. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I suspect my iPad might be overriding the parameters of the file. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Thanks to all who have chimed in, thus far. G-Ralmps, Alfred, DM1, AlainP, your insights are very much appreciated.
  6. I have to agree - The pencil is fantastic on the iPad, in terms of pressure, drag, control, and speed of editing. (Disclaimer though, I’m using the 2017 12.9 inch iPad model). In fact the pencil, and how strong it is as an editor, is why I am moving away from my stationary iMac. Occasionally, my selections disappear, so I have to zoom out, then back, for them to “show”. But this seems less an issue with the pen and more of the software or iPad processing power. Comparatively though I have a Wacom pad for my desktop and hate that it captures pressure from the sides of my hand, and that I’m not editing on the actual screen. It all feels very counter-intuitive. I much prefer the pencil for the iPad. One other note that might be helpful. My friend who also has the pencil for the iPad, and doesn’t do photo editing, doesn’t see a ton of value in the pencil and never uses it.
  7. New user here and I have been going through the video tutorials. These are great, but I’m finding myself with a lot questions - For example, retouching has multiple techniques and settings that can’t fully be explored in a 10 min video. Anyone try using the workbook for the iPad? How helpful have you found it for the tablet version of Affinity Photo? Naturally some of the buttons and functionality will work differently, but I’m hoping it will go into the depth of content needed to fully understand this software. Thanks, Trxr
  8. Thanks stokerg. I appreciate the response. Anyone else have thoughts on the work process of IOS?
  9. Hi - I’m a print photographer, primarily, and have just discovered Affinity Photo for the iPad Pro. I’m considering my workflow process and would like to move away from editing on the desktop as the Mac pencil is just so amazing and easy to work with. Does anyone have experience editing and then printing strictly off of Affinity Photo tablet? Curious of the quality (are the prints true to color/expectation?) and ease of sizing, etc. Any thoughts or stories of success / failures would be extremely appreciated. Thanks, Trxr
  10. Hi - New to Affinity Photo here. Are there any differences in software capability for Affinity Photo on the desktop versus tablet versions? It looks like the short answer is “not really”, but I am having trouble confirming this. Thanks, Trxr
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