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  1. Do we know if this is in Apple's hands or Affinity Tech ?
  2. My workflow once I finish editing is to place a Photologo watermark on my pictures and save to Photos App for sharing. Place > Place from Photos (where I have the watermark saved) ...button on iPad menu Export > Share > Save Image My watermarked image is now in Photos App. For the last couple of days some images do not save the watermark and others save multiple copies same image with watermark. Very strange - I have updated to IOS 15.4 and Affinity for iPad 1.10.5 Any ideas what could be wrong ? Thanks I have attached an image where the watermark worked
  3. Thanks, I actually already own a copy of Affinity on both my iPad and my MacBook. I had switched to Lightroom as all my friends use it and I can get help easily plus I like the Cloud feature as my iPad was getting a bit full with af files Appreciate the input all
  4. If I understand then, if say, I have 8 images at various focal lengths, I should process them in Lightroom first, then bring them into Affinity to merge ? If I stack them first and export them from Affinity as jpg, tiff, whatever and then bring that file into Lightroom I will have lost most of the data that I would have had from having shot RAW in the first place ..... Perhaps I need to buy Photoshop to create the merge ? Assuming that because they are both Adobe they might marry better ? I am perplexed best course of action, or perhaps I am just not understanding the advice....
  5. Hello While I started my Photo editing learning journey with Affinity, I have since migrated to Lightroom Cloud - long story. I do however, own an Affinity License and it is installed on both my iPad and MacBook Pro. I am in the early days of experimenting / learning to Focus stack and have been looking into Photo merge the resulting images. I could add Photoshop to my Adobe subscription or use Affinity. My question is workflow - RAW images from Sony (*ARW) 42 MP Do I first photo merge in Affinity and then process Exposure, etc in Lightroom ? Will the merged Affinity file still be a RAW Sony file or will it be different in some other way, and if so, is there a workable solution ? Is there some other potential issue or problem I am not considering ? Thanks for your advice
  6. Sorry for screaming an alarm. Affinity files are now 83 GB / 256 iPad Pro and at this pace will become a storage problem. When I edit a pic, I do keep a copy of the RAW, and edited picture in DropBox where I have 2 TB of space. I have not deleted any of the finished edits from the Affinity app itself. Can I safely do so in your view or is there a better place / method you would suggest. Thanks much
  7. Does anybody know if Topaz DeNoise will work with Affinity iPad ? I am running My Sony images with 100-400 + 1.4 TC can at time be "soft". Shot with Sony a7RIII and typically 1/1000 f8 (Birds are my thing) Or, does AP have a comparable tool that will help with "crispness" - I am a Beginner Photo Editor Thanks
  8. Ah, a solution ! If I set the camera to take RAW + jpeg, the merged file is now visible in Photos. I am not sure that when I import the picture into Affinity I am actually importing the RAW "component", but I am told by a Forum contributor on DPReview that the file is merged and that is what will happen. Anyway, my workflow is now restored and here is an example of a picture I took today, though interestingly the EXIF data is lost (that will be another detective project for another day) Please be gentle with my editing skills, they are in progress
  9. I posted this to Apple Support Forums Uploading RAW files to iPad (Sony ARW) I recently upgraded my camera from Sony a6400 to Sony a7RIII, the fundamental difference is Full frame and higher resolution to 42 megapixels. My prior workflow was to upload pics from SD card using the Apple SD card reader to iPad where I would be able to further delete unwanted pictures before importing into my Photo Edit software - Affinity. With the new camera, the RAW file images are not visible, they appear as gray squares in Photos App. They are visible in the Edit software so there is no data loss. I have tried to upload to iPad in both Compressed and Uncompressed formats. The Sony RAW files still have an .ARW extension so as best I know they are the same as before, just bigger. Could it have something to do with the latest IOS update 15.0.2 ? Would really appreciate a solution, thanks
  10. Sadly, the App does not support RAW transfer Thanks for the suggestion
  11. This technically, not an Affinity question - allow me to explain please. My workflow was to upload RAW files to iPad using Apple Card Reader, further select and then edit in Affinity. I upgraded from Sony a6400 to Sony a7RIII (24 vs 42 megapixels) and when I go to view pictures on iPad to decide what I will keep they are all gray squares / image not visible. I posed this question in DPReview Forum and called my camera store and I got a variety of potential solutions, the most likely being that IOS cannot read Sony compression, so I took some pictures today without compression, but the same result as compressed. Perhaps someone here has experienced the same problem and found a solution ? - keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks
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