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    Thanks for your reply. I hope the promise is met as I have opted to make my new IPad Pro my main computer
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    While my new IPad Pro has 256 GB, of which 130 have been used, i am hoping the new IPad OS will allow me to offload the files that are the largest ' Photos and Affinity. Any comment if this will be possible, thanks
  3. jimfastcar

    File size

    Ah, thanks
  4. jimfastcar

    File size

    This is probably an obvious question, but i cant seem to find the answer by search. Say I start with a 20 MB picture and i do some basic edits, Crop and Brightness - the resulting file is half the size. Is this normal ?
  5. jimfastcar

    Correcting exposure

    Same bird, no corrections , other than slight crop
  6. Hello a problem I encounter frequently is exposure on sunny days over water and the resulting green cast. i have tried to fix in Affinity, but my poor skills have me stumped. The only thing I have done is a modest crop your advice is welcome and appreciated
  7. jimfastcar

    Do i need a computer ?

    Thanks for all the replies gentlemen, much appreciated I checked back, did not realize i would not be alerted via email when someone posted response, thus my tardy reply - Ah !, i see the magic button below !!
  8. Novice user of Affinity here.... I am currently using the iPad version on my iPad Pro 12", and am debating getting a MacBook 15" for larger screen. At the end of the day, does the iPad version of the software afford me most of the functionality of the desktop version ? Especially since I would need to spend $ 3000 for a MacBook ! Again, I do not anticipate ever being a "power user", my out of camera pics are reasonable and so far have been using mostly the cropping tool and some brightness / contrast. Don't ever expect to get into masking elements, etc. Thanks
  9. jimfastcar

    White Balance

    Thanks very much, did not see this until now (time change Canada)
  10. jimfastcar

    White Balance

    My pics did not upload
  11. jimfastcar

    White Balance

    Rank beginner as you will discover from my question. i was looking at a You Tube video to replicate a quick correction a friend did for me. my original picture with some adjustment for cropping and brightness His correction The You Tube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohi-FZf_6Y4 where is the screen in the video ? I have looked for it everywhere ! Thanks
  12. jimfastcar

    RAW + jpeg

    Thanks very much
  13. jimfastcar

    RAW + jpeg

    I shoot with a Sony a6300 which has the ability to shoot both at the same time. I have until now only shot in highest resolution jpeg, but am considering going to both as my ability to edit improves. When i download the pictures to iPad Photostream i get a message that it will only download one format, I will assume it choose jpeg. When i review the pictures on the camera, i only get one per shot - I expected to get 2 (one in jpeg and one in RAW) I would be grateful if someone would clarify my ignorance of how this works, and if indeed I have both on the SD Card, how do i select the RAW file into Affinity if only the jpeg is being imported into Photostream ? Thanks and apologies for my beginner question..........
  14. jimfastcar

    How to “add” background

  15. I posted this question on a general photo Forum and most users are Photoshop, I am attaching the fix someone did. How can this be done in Affinity iPad ? Thanks PS -the original would not upload, the pelican is centered and very close to the top margin. He cropped it to put the subject closer to the right and added blue sky on the top. i would also like to remove the rocks to the left. Thanks