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  1. jimfastcar

    Deleting files

    Done, thanks for your help !
  2. jimfastcar

    Deleting files

    Thanks I have to figure out how to create a folder in Files for iCloud
  3. jimfastcar

    Deleting files

    Cleaning up my iPad Pro to make room....... After I complete my edits in Affinity, I save the image in the Photos App, so seems redundant to keep the Affinity file, only takes up room Advice on deleting please
  4. jimfastcar

    File not supported ?

    Yes, that did work, thanks
  5. I have been able to open RAW files on my Affinity ipad before, but i got this message with 2 pictures taken yesterday. I should note no problem opening other pictures, same date, same camera !! Thanks for your comments
  6. I have gotten rid of my MacBook and my ipad is now my only computer. The Affinity files are however eating up my space in a hurry. The new ipadOS will allow for external devices to be connected to ipad. Any experience saving Affinity files from ipad to external drive via USB ? I am also looking at the Monument device for uploading all my Photos to external drive (my Photos App is much bigger than Affinity as the latter only holds the files i choose to edit) Thanks for your advice.
  7. jimfastcar


    Thanks for your reply. I hope the promise is met as I have opted to make my new IPad Pro my main computer
  8. jimfastcar


    While my new IPad Pro has 256 GB, of which 130 have been used, i am hoping the new IPad OS will allow me to offload the files that are the largest ' Photos and Affinity. Any comment if this will be possible, thanks
  9. jimfastcar

    File size

    Ah, thanks
  10. jimfastcar

    File size

    This is probably an obvious question, but i cant seem to find the answer by search. Say I start with a 20 MB picture and i do some basic edits, Crop and Brightness - the resulting file is half the size. Is this normal ?
  11. jimfastcar

    Correcting exposure

    Same bird, no corrections , other than slight crop
  12. Hello a problem I encounter frequently is exposure on sunny days over water and the resulting green cast. i have tried to fix in Affinity, but my poor skills have me stumped. The only thing I have done is a modest crop your advice is welcome and appreciated
  13. jimfastcar

    Do i need a computer ?

    Thanks for all the replies gentlemen, much appreciated I checked back, did not realize i would not be alerted via email when someone posted response, thus my tardy reply - Ah !, i see the magic button below !!
  14. Novice user of Affinity here.... I am currently using the iPad version on my iPad Pro 12", and am debating getting a MacBook 15" for larger screen. At the end of the day, does the iPad version of the software afford me most of the functionality of the desktop version ? Especially since I would need to spend $ 3000 for a MacBook ! Again, I do not anticipate ever being a "power user", my out of camera pics are reasonable and so far have been using mostly the cropping tool and some brightness / contrast. Don't ever expect to get into masking elements, etc. Thanks
  15. jimfastcar

    White Balance

    Thanks very much, did not see this until now (time change Canada)

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