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    RAW + jpeg

    Thanks very much
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    RAW + jpeg

    I shoot with a Sony a6300 which has the ability to shoot both at the same time. I have until now only shot in highest resolution jpeg, but am considering going to both as my ability to edit improves. When i download the pictures to iPad Photostream i get a message that it will only download one format, I will assume it choose jpeg. When i review the pictures on the camera, i only get one per shot - I expected to get 2 (one in jpeg and one in RAW) I would be grateful if someone would clarify my ignorance of how this works, and if indeed I have both on the SD Card, how do i select the RAW file into Affinity if only the jpeg is being imported into Photostream ? Thanks and apologies for my beginner question..........
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    How to “add” background

  4. I posted this question on a general photo Forum and most users are Photoshop, I am attaching the fix someone did. How can this be done in Affinity iPad ? Thanks PS -the original would not upload, the pelican is centered and very close to the top margin. He cropped it to put the subject closer to the right and added blue sky on the top. i would also like to remove the rocks to the left. Thanks
  5. As a new User about to start to use the App, I am keenly intersted in seeing some resolution to this problem. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 with 80 /128 GB available. will it freeze up as some have mentioned, and will I run out of space ?
  6. As much as we all have become accustomed to doing more and more on the internet, i would love to sit down with other Affinity users and learn from each other computers in hand. Has any thought been given to establishing local clubs of hobbyists, or is there a resource here to connect with others face to face ? PS - I am in Toronto area, Canada Thanks
  7. How about doing all the editing on the Mac and saving finished files on external drive and Dropbox ? i would save space that way
  8. I currently download pictures from my Sony camera to MacBook using a USB C cable. From there, once the pics are in Photos folder I edit in Affinity. Since i only have about 100 GB available, am concerned with space and am considering an external drive option. Does anybody download directly from camera to external drive and then work from there keeping all the originals and modified files on the external drive ? Looking for the most efficient workflow - Thanks
  9. I get the sense in looking at some of the tutorials that i don't really need to shoot in RAW format as the software's ability to edit jpeg's is strong and RAW editing is unecessarilly complex for beginners.
  10. Thanks I have seen some paid sites that claim to offer very good instruction, will take a look
  11. I looked for a thread that would answer what I am looking for, I expect it exists, just can’t find it. i will describe myself as a 6/10 photographer and a 1/10 Posr-processor. That said, as I approach Retiement, I would like to become reasonably proficient photo editor (5/10 ?), thus purchased Affinity after much research as I sensed it offered much of the functionality of more expensive and complex programs. i have diligently followed about the first 15 video tutorials and I am lost. I sense they are written for the Photoshop refugee ! Where can I find “Affinity for Dummies”?, I need to start from the ground up. Thanks
  12. Fixed ! Went to Settings in Photo app and made Photos the system or default program.... tt
  13. The lower picture is where I am at trying to view pictures in "Photos" to be able to import them into Affinity for editing. I am on a 2017 MacBook running High Sierra 10.13.4 (latest version) and Affinity 1.6.7 There is a spinning wheel lower right corner, but Photos do not appear in Affinity dialogue even after 15 minutes waiting
  14. Do I have to buy both iPad and Mac subscriptions? can I purchase one all encompassing ?