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  1. My PC is a laptop! Are there any "tweakings" I can make hen using Affinity Photo? The Processor is Intel(R) Core(TM)i7-4800MQ CPU 2.7GHz, Graphics NVIDIA Quadro Kw2100M. When I look at the NVIDIA control panel I am offered numerous settings etc and I become easily confused! The windows 7 Pro x64 score is 7.2 which I believe is good? Some advice would be appreictaed please. VMT Mike
  2. Mike from South Oz

    Photo Not updating to 1.7.0?

    Leigh, About 5 hours later. Ran CC Cleaner and thought I would try once more, Bingo!! Installed and running seamlessly and probably faster than ever! So all seems to be good, Many thanks for all your help and thoughts on this, Mike
  3. Mike from South Oz

    Photo Not updating to 1.7.0?

    Hi Leigh, No luck! I followed the procedure and it did appear to download correctly and remove 1.6 references in the process. BUT it wont start, even as administrator. Fortunately I have 1.6 on another drive so I m continuing to use that. Incidentally 1.7 beta was very very very slow when exporting .jpgs. I am not "flagged" for anything in the Action Centre? Back to you thanks. Please give my regards to Kegworth! With my Mum I was evacuated there as baby in 1942!!!!! Mike
  4. Mike from South Oz

    Photo Not updating to 1.7.0?

    VMT Leigh, I think I have done as requested!! Will be very interested to know what the gremlin is. Meanwhile the latest update to beta installed seamlessly! Mike
  5. Mike from South Oz

    Windows Aero is not enabled

    I too have had this problem. The work around I use is to stop DWM and the restart it. admin command prompt. For the command prompt use net stop uxsms to disable and, then to restart use net start uxsms . My problem originates in NVIDIA settings apparently. regards, Mike
  6. Mike from South Oz

    Photo Not updating to 1.7.0?

    Hi thanks for the response. Yes I have tried running as admin, have also rebooted to no avail! When I run install I am asked to repair (see attachment). , this it does, reporting when complete. Problem is it is no where to be seen! I have even run search to try and find it!! When I run 1.6 iam told 1.7 is available. When I run beta I am told there is now a new beta - have which is working fine. I have not tried the uninstall option as I need a working set up! and not sure which versions would disappear! regards from South Australia, Mike
  7. I have just downloaded the .exe file which ran but nothing happened? A rerun provided repair or uninstall. I have tried both. Advice please Windows 7 Pro x64 etc. My version is up to date at Thanks, Mike A couple of hours later - update! I have now reinstalled 1.7 beta which I un-installed a few weeks ago. This runs perfectly. I then tried doing the update. No joy~! So I would certainly appreciate some guidance / help on this. VMT Mike
  8. Mike from South Oz

    Affinity Photo Workbook London 2 question

    James, Dead right!! Many thanks. I am exporting from Raw in 16bit tif and then going to RGB 8bit at the end. I am enjoying your videos and projects very much. all the very best, Mike
  9. I am enjoying working with the workbook. However I do have a question based on page 230. Following the instructions, I set the paint brush tool and then look at the colour panel. I am unable, in RGB mode, to get those standard numbers (please see my first attachment). What is that scale? I am however able to complete the steps (up to number 4) improving the red tones as suggested! The other attachment shows my work so far - prior to cropping. Many thanks in advance, Mike
  10. Mike from South Oz

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Great workbook. However a problem! I am unable to log into the affin sites and get error 404 regardless of the browser I use. Help please. Thanks. 4 hours later! When entering the URL I was not entering a space after it!!! I have now downloaded all the zip files for my homework!! Many thanks great product.
  11. Mike from South Oz

    Paint Brush Tool with epic skies macro

    Not sure how but problem solved after two reboots!! Mike
  12. I have a Paint Brush Tool Problem. Using the very good epic skies overlays I am unable to get the paint brush tool to perform after applying the epic skies macro. The erase brush tool does work however on the sky layer. I have watched James’ video on this a few times and it all seemed so easy! In my case the paint brush tool does nothing with "black” or “white” selected. I cannot work out where I am going wrong as the paint brush tool works correctly in other mask layers. Advice please. Thanks.
  13. Mike from South Oz


    Please cancel my last post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found my mistake after re-reading the instructions for the nth time! I was working from the macro button rather than the library one! Macro is in and working fine. Many thanks from a novice! regards, Mike
  14. Mike from South Oz


    Thanks for your responses. I am close, but not there! When I activate the import button, it doesn't see the macros file. When I try to import the file using Windows explorer it tells me the file is already there! I am attaching three shots which may explain better than I. Please read in reverse order. I am using Windows 7 Pro x64. Thank you, Mike
  15. Mike from South Oz


    I am unable to open Skies.afmacros; I am informed that it is the wrong file type! I would like to reinstall this zip file but I no longer have the original of the email! Can I be sent the link again please? When comparing file size I see that the file is much smaller than the other macros and has the pro word uplift which I assume is is wrong. I have all the up lift epic skies files however.Many thanks.