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  1. I first wrote about this 2 1/2 years ago. I converted some of my layered spp files to layered psd's and it worked ok. It was usable. Since then I updated my computer, and no longer have PhotoPlus, so my unconverted spp files are now unusable. I'm a hobbyist that belongs to several camera clubs. When the topic comes up I give my opinion, that Affinity is basically a good program and I like it, but I have to question Serif's commitment to their customer base.
  2. What I really don't understand is why Serif didn't just come out with a conversion utility program, to convert SPP files to PSD files. The export capability already exists in PhotoPlus so any development should be minimal, and Serif's long term customers wouldn't be pissed off. Serif doesn't seem to get that they gave themselves a black eye by not supporting their customers.
  3. I also went through this. What you can do is save them as layered psd files, that can be opened as a layered file in Affinity Photo. What's really much more important is that Affinity Photo doesn't support Topaz remask. The selection tool in Affinity simply doesn't work very well comparatively, and using remask as a standalone is really a poor solution. Affinity should make these type plugins the top priority if they're serious about competing with photoshop.
  4. The .ssp files I store are still layered. I'll loose the layers if I export. I still have PhotoPlus, and will use it for those files. If anyone has a solution, please let me know. Thanks
  5. I'm trying to migrate to Photo from PhotoPlus. There are 2 big problems. First, I can't work on my old spp files, which means I can't completely migrate. Second, Remask doesn't work with Affinity. This is, by far the bigger of the two problems for me. I have to use Remask as a stand alone, which is very awkward. Luckily Serif sais they're working on it. BTW, all my other Topaz plugins seem to be working with Affinity,
  6. I don't understand. I'm using windows 10 and Fastone. Is the transparency a function of Affinity or another program?
  7. I can convert my Photoplus SPP files to DSP using Photoplus' export feature. But when I open the image in Affinity it is no longer layered (it seems to be merged. Is it possible to convert a layered pic so that it opens as a layered image in Affinity?
  8. I need instructions on how to install my Topaz plugins. Are instructions available?
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