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  1. Hi Chris, Yes, all the base Paragraph Styles have gone and I am only left with those that I created. It seems to cause issues with the TOC panel: Selecting the TOC in the top drop down of the TOC Panel and then trying to select Paragraph Styles to include in the TOC. The selections get the tick but then the top drop down flicks back to blank and the ticks disappear. Selecting the TOC in the top drop down of the TOC Panel highlights the text box associated with it > tick the Paragraph styles to include: Nothing changes in the text box An ICON appears when over the page with the 'Create a text box' look. I dragged out a new text box but still no TOC content. I uploaded the file so you can see directly. I cannot remember at what stage the standard Paragraph styles disappeared. Siretta Master airCONNECT.afpub
  2. Mr.C

    Spread Set-up

    Thanks Petar, Unfortunately the Paragraph styles still disappear. The plus side of a PDF import are - the text comes in as a block and is more easily edited The down side of a PDF import are - the graphics quality is poor where its embedded. Overall we could not swap from InDesign to Publisher based on either the EPS or PDF routes. If you were starting from scratch then it would not be an issue but with 100's of assets already in InDesign there needs to be a simple method to import the files without losing the integrity of the file (Master Pages > Graphic Links > TOC's, Quality etc. Perhaps there is not a plan for this kind of cut over (import) to be facilitated. If I was Adobe I would be very concerned if files could be imported or opened easily as Publisher would corner the market overnight.
  3. Mr.C

    Spread Set-up

    Hi Chris, I think this must have been a one off. I tried to replicate what I did and it is now opening and staying as A4. Originally I was trying to find a way of taking InDesign files and importing them in to Publisher. I exported a 2 page A4 InDesign file to EPS and then opened that with Publisher. The result was an oversize page that I had trouble to get back to A4. Having just repeated the task it opened fine this time. This has led to another question..... I just noticed that all the standard text styles disappeared when I opened the EPS file. Is that what you would expect? From a user perspective it would be better if the standard styles were still there (see attached screenshots).
  4. I worked through the options given by others and the video (more on that below) but to no avail. I tried again from scratch and I did see a tiny blob appear in my text box. When I zoomed right in I could see a TOC. I then had to go to each TOC: 'style name' in the Text Styles panel and individually change the font size from 5pt to a readable 12pt. It seems that the default font size for the TOC is 5pt. I will see if there is a preference/default setting for this and update this thread. The video was only a minor help: suggest that some preceding steps are covered in the video. Show the Paragraph Styles Panel > Create a new Style > Tick the Box on the TOC Panel then 'Insert TOC' to the text box.
  5. Tried to set up a TOC but it does not appear to work: I Set-up 5 paragraph styles Tried to 'Insert Table of Contents' but option not highlighted in Text menu Found TOC panel > selected' TOC' from TOC drop down and the 'Inserted Table of Contents' had an issue selecting the 'Style Name' to Include, then it would select the style and then tick would disappear. Once the Styles did select, tried to Insert TOC again, but all I get is a blank text box. I'm Probably doing this in the wrong order.
  6. Tried to set the original document up as A4. The size changed in the boxes to the correct size 210 x 295mm but then the document came out at 328.1 x 464.1mm. Going back in to the Spread Set-Up and changing it by selecting A4 again did the same thing. Going back in to the Spread Set-Up and changing it by selecting the size worked e.g. changed 328.1 to 210mm and 464.1 to 295mm worked.
  7. The text samples shown do not appear to reflect the point size selected for the style. I set up a 'Major Header' paragraph style with font size 16pt and a 'Minor Header' at 14pt. The 'view samples' displayed them the other way around in size terms.
  8. In InDesign it is possible to have core Master Pages for different documents, Product Spec Sheet, Flyer etc. It would be good to be able to set-up these master pages and then to be able to import them and then apply them to pages. (the latter part already possible of course). Workflow > Start new Document > Import Mater Page > Apply to Pages sub Workflow > In existing document > Import Additional Master Page > Apply to pages sub Workflow > In existing document > Replace Master Page > Auto Apply to Pages
  9. I echo these comments: an InDesign file import is required to be able to move existing work into Publisher.