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  1. And by the way, when will affinity suport printer profiling like in Aperture/Lightroom/Photoshop : at application level, not at document level ?
  2. I have a workbench (plan de travail in french) with 3 pages of digital negative, ie photo +BW conversion + curve correction + inversion that fails to preview+print on mboith designer and photo. THe first pafge is ok, but page 2 and 3 are shown as positive, not inverted. Included 2 scrrenshot, one for page 1 (correct), one for page 2 (incorrect : imahes are shown as positive, not negs)
  3. Arrows should be quite useful. I need a tool to change aline into an arrow, with several different shapes.
  4. Maybe this is because book document have longer kife than illqsutration or photos. These are more one shot. Books evolve or are used as templates. That maybe why we need to open existing InDesign documents.
  5. .. or authorize the import of blurb indesign templates.
  6. It seems that there is no way to import an InDesign document. (This is the first thing I tried to do with Publisher.) I have quite a lot of Indesign document I would like to work on with Publisher (one way import - no need to reexport to Indesign). Is there a way in the current beta to do it ? Do you plan to have this feature before official launch ? Great work anyway.
  7. It would be great to reorganize (eg reorder) slices. As a UI designer, I have more than 50 sites in some files. I would appreciate to reorder them A bonus would be to group them in folders If it is not possible to reorganize, then sorting them alphabetically could help.
  8. I will send the file from my workplace monday. However, I found the fix : I had a big pixel layer with transparency in the background (the model for the illustration). It was hidden behind a background. I removed the layer and everything went fine.
  9. trying to print a 3 Mo designer file took several minutes: the cpu (4 core i7) running a 400% for several minuts. Each option change (paper size for instance) took at least 2 minutes. End of printing returned the cpu to normal. See screenshot
  10. I am a bit unsettled by the way soft proofing is implemented. It is currently a layer. It is not document wide, this is confusing: I could make a mistake and have two soft proofing layers,, or export a photo with the soft proofing active, or print the soft proofed version... A document wide soft proofing it definitely necessary IMHO. And I am also completely unsettled by the print dialog. There is no print dialog: I jump directly to the winter dialog: I miss a dialog like in aperture (my favorite tool tool) or photoshop (all east like my aging CS3) : the dialog allows to adjust margin, select the paper/printer profile, proofing options (perceptual etc) by put affinity photo in direct control of the color management (i.e., disable apple print dialog volt management). These two options a (for me) absolutely pessary for a complete print workflow. My tools : iMac + OS X 10.11 with calibrated screen (with probe), epson R2400, access to epson 4800, Aperture, Adobe CS3 (serious glitches win photoshop, crashes in illustrator and indesign not working anymore). PS: I would love a DAM from Affinity, and almost buy it blindfolded, these above functions are essentials for it too.
  11. Gosh. Found it with Google. I never thought of going into gradient to found it. THere is clearly a problem with the diocumentation : It is tool-centered, not task-centered. IMHO, a good documentation has both aspects.
  12. It would be also great to resize at export in the export personae. Currently, you can only resize an image at export time via the File-Export command. I have not found how to resize each slice exported
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