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  1. Hey everyone, I found this topic about how to get rid of white background from the image. I have the same question. How can I get rid of white background from my scanned sketch what I made and get some png file with transparent background? I've found tons of tutorials for photoshop but I can't do it in affinity photo. I would appreciate any help, thank's
  2. Hello MEB, I was looking for tracing feature in Affinity Designer for billions of time. I found some answers from 2014 and I'm wondering If developers figured something out since then. Few moth ago you guys had realise of new version of Designer and I got just one simple question. Did you fixed this issue in Affinity Designer? It would be absolutely amazing and I bet some of yours user would definitely say bye to Adobe Illustrator which has this feature.
  3. I can't wait for Affinity Publisher. I'm already using AF Designer and Photo as well. I'm so satisfied! Finally someone made so powerful tool instead Adobe software - I've got sick of it! Affinity is organised, intuitive, powerful and super fast! Can't wait for AF Publisher to own complete editing collection for the best price on the market. Thumbs up for all you guys from developers crew!