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  1. Hi, i'm a professional graphic designer and Adobe dominated my workflow over 18 years. I am so upset about the Adobe subscription system that I looked for alternatives, so I came to you and bought bouth of your Apps. First impression: looks great and very fast But there are some things which I do not get along and I hope that's just because I worked so many years with the Adobe Apps. I watched all the videos on your site but couldn't find anything about these basic features: - resizing images: couldn't find a dialog to type in new image dimensions - crop tool: couldn't crop from the center of an image; cropping does not snap on the outer image borders; constrain proportion of the cropping tool is not possible, is it? - layers: couldn't find a delete hidden layers option These are just some of the things i noticed after the first 60 minutes. I'm curious to see how you develop your apps over time and i'm glad that new App-Developers like you entered the stage!

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