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  1. Embeded Document can not export with slice any more (win10 64bit, hopefully it's just a bug in because it really SCREW UP all my exports! Now when I need to export pages to my client, I have to rasterize Embedded Document ONE BY ONE in all Artboards! Please roll back this function to eariler version, if that's a new behavior design for Embeded Document, you better fix Symbol's bug first(auto change to Group) and mention it in update log
  2. Cursor jump behind when typing with chinese input method, this issue only happend on AffinityDesigner v1.6.1 (mac version), lower version Designer is OK. Screen capture has been attached
  3. WaveF

    Symbol Unlink Bugs

    Symbols always have unlink bugs in many versions, I suggest use ‘Embedded Document' to do the same job, it's more stable than symbol and you can even switch states (artboards) from the parent canvas.
  4. +1 This area even smaller in beta
  5. Here's the tutorial for making perspective view in affinity photo and affinity designer.
  6. My new tutorial for quick setting before drawing on panorama image.
  7. When I am working with multiple artboards or layers, sometimes I just want to export something I've selected for quick without change slices, "File - Export" will export everything by default, hopefully can auto select exporting area depends on active object, that really helps a lot.
  8. Symbol is so unstable that always turn into Group automatically
  9. No idea why when I export .eps file from affinity designer, and import to Ciname 4D, the vector lines become mess, but it's ok when I am using Illustrator export the same shape.
  10. This is my new tutorial for drawing a can with affinity designer v1.6.0.81, hope you enjot it~ My custom keyboard shortcut setting already provided at the begining of the video. I use "Carnac" to diaplay the key I pressed, but sometimes it's not showing the "shift" key when I press.
  11. Force to save as kinda "filename_af1.6.afdesign" when saving the file with higher version of ad/ap, it's more safe for us when forgetting backup the source file manual. "Force" means I shouldn't overwirte the old version file in the new version software, if I do that, there'll a warning dialog show up.
  12. Yes, I didn't pay attention on these detail, thanks for your suggestion, I'll make it better next time