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  1. I have an external monitor, and I am trying to drag PDF file into Designer, it should be a PDF dialog appear but there isn't, it seems to PDF dialod auto move far away from 2 monitors and NO WAY to bring it back, then Designer was hang in there, mac will play a sound telling me I have click a place outside the active window when I click anywhere, and press all keys in keyboard with not luck to close that hidden PDF dialog, I have to FORCE QUIT Designer to continue use it (can not save any opened documents). This bug exists on macOS 10.15.7, Designer 1.8.6 and below, and only happen when DRAG PDF into app, it's no problem if use File Menu to open PDF.
  2. Yes, same situation, I don't know this issue has been logged
  3. Can not select document palette because UI overlapping, try reset studio with no luck, AD 1.8.3, mac 10.15.6
  4. this bug can be easily found in windows version, and also found in mac version 1.8.1, hope this bug will be fix soon, now I can not draw icon in designer unless uninstall 1.8.x on both os.
  5. Thanks for reply, but I think its weird keep switching between 3 tools to do something simple just like sharpen, update linked images, etc. Wondering if there's a better way to do this, like: - Unlock these features for those users who already bought licenses for AD, AP and Pb; - A new full features version tool, like c4d studio version; - Macro panel for 3 tools (when users have specified licenses they can unlock some handy AD/Pb actions in AD) :D
  6. Are there any plans for 'AUTO UPDATA ALL LINKED IMAGES' instead of fake linked image? I don't want to reload them one by one every time, because some layers are locked its hard to find them, and pls only warn once for the same image. SCREEN CAPTURE:
  7. Add denoise filter to a layer group which contains vector reactangle will crash affinity photo without any notification. affinity photo windows 10 64bit 1809 16G ram 2666MHz nvidia gtx1060 6G intel i7-8700
  8. Text acts like symbol, please see the attached file. ad-165-text-bug.afdesign
  9. After watching Adobe MAX 2018 Keynote, when I see Real time blend mode preview on Photoshop, Multi-Point gradient on Illustrator, Smart responsive layout / plugin support / Voice interactions / lots of new features per month on Xd, and I turn around look at those features stay on roadmap for years, (sigh~), Good luck is the only word in my mind. If develop team doesn't focus on Designer right now, can't you just release some api for plugin developers? Anyway, I'll stay on Designer, for a while, hope to see some new things on it.
  10. Cursor jump behind when typing with chinese input method, this issue only happend on AffinityDesigner v1.6.1 (mac version), lower version Designer is OK. Screen capture has been attached
  11. Here's the tutorial for making perspective view in affinity photo and affinity designer.
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