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  1. I am also using Linked Document, same problem with Embedding document, I am not sure if these are the same issues with the post you provide, at lease it did not crash the app on @madPXL 's computer. Thank you for giving me a hint that I can send screenshots to @NathanC, when I'm home.
  2. Environment: AffinityDesigner v2.1.0 macOS Ventura 13.3.1 Display: OpenGL Hardware acceleration: Apple M1 Max (Metal) Issues Detail: - Adding a new Artboard in Embedding Document not showing on the Main document (showing empty with bounding box) - Adding more Artboards in Embedding Document may cause the app crashed Expected Result: Sample result as Affinity Designer 1.x Steps to reproduce: 1. Open main document 2. Double click the embedding document to enter edit mode 3. Select on artboard in the embedding document and press Cmd+J to duplicate, drag to a new position (have content like shape/text...) 4. Go back to the main document, select the embedding document and switch to the new ardboard duplicated just now from context toolbar 5. The embedding document layer showing empty with bounding box Additional Information: - The document was created in Affinity Designer v2.0.4 - Issues still exist after app restarted - Sometimes the first duplicated artboard shows normal bug the second one shows empty - Sometimes duplicated artboard in embedding document may cause the app crashed - If the main document and embedding document created in v2.1.0, main document can not be saved with warning (see screenshot-1) - I have a SD card inserted, but all documents I worked with is on local SSD - Please provide official email address for upload sample documents and videos (for privacy reasons I can't upload here) Screenshots/Videos:
  3. I think if Affinity products release Scripting API, there would be many ways to implement it. For example, by scripting to store text information and font properties as layer names when export PSD format. Then opening this PSD file in Photoshop, the text can be restored as a text layer through Photoshop's script.
  4. I found that Photopea can export PSD files with editable text layers, perhaps they have commercial partnership with Adobe? For now, I am exporting PDF to illustrator, and then save as PSD file to keep the text layer editable in Photoshop, which is painful, it seems Sketch use the same way to do this.
  5. I think that if Affinity supports extension development, it can solve all of these requirements and problems, and make Affinity even more capable. 😘
  6. Try to run Fireworks as administrator (Right click .exe and choose run as Administrator)
  7. I am using a M1 series MacBook Pro now and do not have a PC for the test, try to remove "adPathConfigFile.cfg" under Fireworks installation folder, and run the command again, It will ask you to choose Designer.exe, then you can choose AD 2.0 executable file to see if this works.
  8. I am afraid you need to rasterize these strokes before transferring layers from Fireworks to Affinity Designer, fortunately Designer has its own brush setting, so we can try to simulate these Fireworks stroke's style in Designer for the new painting.
  9. I've found these 2 interesting icons when customizing toolbar, have no idea what they are used for. Same command will be found from the Layer menu -> Geometry, maybe someone can tell...
  10. Embedded/Linked document's Artboard and Layers switch option is not mapping the correct target. Screen record attached. adv2-bug-report_sm.mp4
  11. Same situation but you can customize toolbar by click and drag the lower area as shown below, it works fine.
  12. Case: My client can't read the order without layer index, so I have to put a number before artboard's name manually, but when there is a new artboard inserted, the current number order will be broken, and needed to be renaming again and again. Feature Ask: This problem can be resolved by adding a "Layer Index" path component, please see the attached image below to explain:
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