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  1. When click layers/groups, their position will auto shift, very sensitive. When hold down CTRL key and click layers/groups, they will be auto duplicated, very sensitive. Same situation happend on but much more easy seeing these when working with big file(heavy filter/adjustment calculations) on 1.7.x/RC2. 5 Artboards with about 400+ layers in total, not including 10+ adjustment layers, 10+ layers effects(Gaussian/Shadows) and 11 symbols. Render very slow when zooming & moving, click everything will have about 0.5 second delay, restart AD will help for a short time so I guess it's a performance problem, may be this problem course the SENSITIVE shift/duplicate issues happen more easily. --------------------------------------------- Windows10 64bit 1809 16G ram DDR3 Nvidia GTX970 Asus Intel E3-1230v2 Sandisk 256G SSD
  2. Sub-layers with constraints setting will jump to unexpected place when moving parent layer. affinity designer (RC2) windows 10 64bit 1809 16G ram DDR3 nvidia gtx970 intel E3-1230v2 ad-constraints-bug.afdesign
  3. Add denoise filter to a layer group which contains vector reactangle will crash affinity photo without any notification. affinity photo windows 10 64bit 1809 16G ram 2666MHz nvidia gtx1060 6G intel i7-8700
  4. Number increase insanely when use mouse wheel change value on the input field, no matter scroll up or down, number going bigger...
  5. Can't reproduce this problem now, same Mouse and Driver using in AD 1.6.x for about 2 years is okay, only happend in
  6. Text acts like symbol, please see the attached file. ad-165-text-bug.afdesign
  7. WaveF

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    After watching Adobe MAX 2018 Keynote, when I see Real time blend mode preview on Photoshop, Multi-Point gradient on Illustrator, Smart responsive layout / plugin support / Voice interactions / lots of new features per month on Xd, and I turn around look at those features stay on roadmap for years, (sigh~), Good luck is the only word in my mind. If develop team doesn't focus on Designer right now, can't you just release some api for plugin developers? Anyway, I'll stay on Designer, for a while, hope to see some new things on it.
  8. Hi, it's me, wavef again. I've made a Real-Perspetive (not shear things) mockup in AD and you can see the demo in the gif below ( ad source file provided ). it's a unreleased and unstable function in AD, maybe crash your app, damage your un-saved files, blow up your computer~ I don't know. And you may notice "Mockup-3" in the demo has some render issus and it also bring that problem to the exported bitmap, that's why it's unreleased. Keep in mind DO NOT copy and paste anything from this file to your working project !!! [ GIF Preview ] [ Download .afdesign source file ] https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-kA5GV7MxICMWZyT3hSalF3UUE
  9. Pixel alignment is not perfect in Affinity Designer, in fact non pixel align situation is VERY EASY to happen. When shapes align to TEXT object or, a integer position&size shape with a little ROTATION, it's position no longer integer. I think AD should learn from Fireworks pixel alignment design, no matter cursor position, text/shape geometry, once user start to draw, all objects' bounds should be treated as integer in pixel alignment mode. Now we can turn off "snap to object bounding boxes" to make this happen, but it also make AD become useless, I think what we need is "snap to pixel-align bounding boxes",
  10. Cursor jump behind when typing with chinese input method, this issue only happend on AffinityDesigner v1.6.1 (mac version), lower version Designer is OK. Screen capture has been attached
  11. Last week I've been asked how to convert .afdesign file to .psd, here's the solution I found: 1. Export your design as .PDF from AffinityDesigner; 2. Use Adobe Illustrator open the exported pdf file and export as .PSD, done~ I've tried export eps/svg/pdf from AD, strongly suggest export as pdf.
  12. +1 This area even smaller in beta
  13. Here's the tutorial for making perspective view in affinity photo and affinity designer.
  14. My new tutorial for quick setting before drawing on panorama image.
  15. When I am working with multiple artboards or layers, sometimes I just want to export something I've selected for quick without change slices, "File - Export" will export everything by default, hopefully can auto select exporting area depends on active object, that really helps a lot.
  16. Symbol is so unstable that always turn into Group automatically
  17. No idea why when I export .eps file from affinity designer, and import to Ciname 4D, the vector lines become mess, but it's ok when I am using Illustrator export the same shape.
  18. Really hope official can release some simple api that allow us develop extensions for AD/AP, especially seeing sketch updates so quickly, hope to develop some free extension for affinity software for filling the gap.
  19. This is my new tutorial for drawing a can with affinity designer v1.6.0.81, hope you enjot it~ My custom keyboard shortcut setting already provided at the begining of the video. I use "Carnac" to diaplay the key I pressed, but sometimes it's not showing the "shift" key when I press.
  20. Force to save as kinda "filename_af1.6.afdesign" when saving the file with higher version of ad/ap, it's more safe for us when forgetting backup the source file manual. "Force" means I shouldn't overwirte the old version file in the new version software, if I do that, there'll a warning dialog show up.
  21. Hey, I've made a quick&easy trick tutorial for making 2d-chart in AffinityDesigner, hope you like it
  22. Yes, I didn't pay attention on these detail, thanks for your suggestion, I'll make it better next time