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  1. When exporting a document to PDF there seems to be an issue with stock PDF readers on Windows computers. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the issue affects images that are placed inside a masked shape. i.e make a rectangle shape and add the image to it as a mask using the 'Insert inside the selection' tool.
  2. robskinn

    Dragging object jumps bug

    Hi Sean, I can confirm that it only happens when syncing a file using the Google service File Stream. I use the digital design software 'Sketch' quite a lot and that seems unaffected, don't know why only Affinity software is does this?
  3. robskinn

    Dragging object jumps bug

    Thanks Sean. I have a new development. I think that it might be down to saving files to the cloud. I use Google file stream, so when a file has been saved it immediately starts syncing which must take a chunk of cpu processes. Unfortunately large files take a few minutes to sync which is why I’m seeing it happen more often than not. It also explains why it’s happening on all my devices.
  4. robskinn

    Dragging object jumps bug

    Over the last week I've tested different 'magic mouse' configurations and even different macs, but still no luck. I'm currently using my MacBook Pro and have the same issue while using my trackpad. The document is a small 4-page Affinity Publisher document so I wouldn't think it's my MacBooks performance. Is there is anything else I could try?
  5. robskinn

    Dragging object jumps bug

    I wondered that as well. I’m using an Apple Magic Mouse. Later on I’ll disable some of the touch features to see whether that has an impact and post back. thanks
  6. robskinn

    Dragging object jumps bug

    Hi Sean, It also happens sometimes when dragging items to reposition them, without copying them. It seems that the larger the document (more art boards) the worse it gets, although my document is by no means larger than it would normally be. It may be worth noting that I’m seeing the same behaviour on large Affinity Publisher documents as well.
  7. When dragging items around the artboard they randomly jump to different locations. Also, when dragging a copied item using the 'alt' key, sometimes the original item jumps without a copied item. Any ideas? The attached video shows it clearly. drag-bug.mov
  8. Is there an option to vertically align text from any location in a paragraph? In my example (image), I'd like to align the word 'around' to 'I'd'? In InDesign, I think the key combination is 'cmd' + '\'

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