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  1. Now, after updating to the newest version of Affinity photo, all settings and textures of the last brushes in my own category/set lost again – very frustrating...
  2. Strange things going on with my brushes – yesterday the following happend: - I've closed the app, then later, I opened it again. - In all my individual brush categories now are the same brushes (I've saved 6 differend/modified versions in the last days) - The last modified 3-4 brushes lost all their settings, one brush also my additional textures. Only the first texture is remained. Re-importing my saved brushes doesn't bring me my settings or textures back! I was in belief that my exported brushes left touched – why is the app modifing my exported brushes? Or perhaps the settings are already there (in the files) but couldn't be loaded? My canvas size in the last days was 80x40cm (the behavior happend in more than one document) Attached my last saved brush set with my special textures (24-bit PNGs) Perhaps the programmers can look into the brush set file if the settings + textures are saved and the app just haven't read them correctly. Brushset-with-textures.zip
  3. Hi Gabe, the crashing never happend until now. But after a few tests, *sometimes* the settings and additional textures are not saved / not loaded of my individual category. It is hard to reproduce – I think it happens due memory problems, because it seems more often with larger canvas sizes.
  4. I've duplicated a DAUB (Aquarell) brush and click to move it to my own category. The brush then was removed but not found in my category. I only found the brush in "last used" category. Same happens with other DAUB brushes. Are they copy protected? If so, a notice would be helpful. EDIT: A workaround is move the brush from "last used" to a default category – then moving to the own category worked for me. EDIT 2: And – like reported earlier (Link) – my changes to the DAUB brush where all lost.
  5. I have made some special brushes (own settings and textures). Now the app crashed suddenly (I was painting) and sadly the last settings and textures wasn't saved. Is this a bug or what I have to do to just save my created brushes inside the app (not export them)? EDIT: Ok, second time now: Crashed while doing "dynamics" settings. Have recreated the brush before. Now the settings still there but the textures gone again :-/ I'm using the newest version and an iPad 12.9" with iOS 12.1.1
  6. EDIT: If've expanded my previous Post because I'm found that Affinity Photo could so much more for a litte bit more handling comfort: Would be great if the App could save my last settings of used tools in the palette panel, my last used brush category, the unit for my land (i.e. cm)
  7. Hi, I've found two issues while duplicating a brush: 1.) The app crashes 3 times. I then close the file and after that it worked. But I couldn't reproduce this bug – what I can say is, that I have had a very large canvas size (100cmx60cm). 2.) I have changed the settings of a brush, then I've duplicated this brush. But copied brush doesn't have this changed settings.
  8. Great, +1 for SmartObjects / SmartFilters! For me, SmartObjects is one of the best features in the last years of PS. Nearly every bigger PSD file of mine use SmartObjects. And it's seems a good idea to me, to warn the user, if he will save a PSD with flattened SmartObjects inside Affinity Photo.
  9. EDIT: Sorry, have discovered this feature now on the roadmap, but perhaps my suggestion beneath is worth to discuss. I'm using Illustrator among others to draw font icons. Each icon is on his own artboard / page for using the export-to-svg option (which is a pain to use each time you changed an icon). Wish I could use slices instead in Designer and do an simple export like it can be done with Bitmaps. The auto-export such a great idea, that it would be great for other export file types. I know there's a difference because if you not fully enclose an vector element it's not a problem to save a sliced bitmap. Suggestion: What if using slices on vectors just like the "crop" tool? So if a slice doesn't enclose a vector fully, this cropped vector (with the boundaries of the slice) is saved as SVG. PS: Thanks for your hard work! – I'm exploring Designer since yesterday and it's a pleasure to work with.
  10. Linking an image instead of embedding it, would be useful if you're working on different documents with the same file, i.e. a logo in a design phase. So if you change that logo it will be respected in every file it is linked. Besides that it doesn't increase your Designer file, that could be crucial if you're working with large files and make a lot of versions / copies of your Designer file. I think it's like the new version of the Photoshop Smartobjects (CC version). Would be great if this makes sense to you too and isn't too hard to implement. Thanks!
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