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  1. I just purchased Affinity Photo for iPad and for the life of me I can't find the healing brush! Where is it?
  2. After a successful export, when opening the export dialog again, all settings are remembered just not the "Area" selection field, it always resets back to "All Spreads"
  3. Amazon KDP needs such pdfs.. no transparencies... pdf/X ... that's millions of books... I'm struggling myself at the moment. I tried all export variants there are in Affinity Publisher 1.9.0 and still can't meet Amazon's requirements. It's like I'm almost ready to switch over to MS Word to be able to produce a pdf 😅
  4. I usually copy text in APu and paste it in Ulysses, which does the word/character count. It would be useful to have that little stats window in APu as well
  5. Is there anything I could optimise in this preferences to reduce the fast battery drain?
  6. I have a similar problem. Whenever I open an AP file I get the long list of pop-ups, then I need to go to Resource Manager, highlight all images, click on Update, wait 2-5 minutes, then I can work. I save, next time I open: the same problem. It's really annoying.
  7. I was on the airplane a few days ago (12 hours flight) and wanted to get some work done with Affinity Publisher. I have a MacBook Pro 2018 13 inch with battery cycle count 166 condition normal. Battery went from 100 % full to empty in less than 2 hours, with Wifi turned off and screen brightness at 4 dots (maybe 20 %). All other apps closed (apart from Apple Pages and Finder). I was quite disappointed since I could not get much work done. I tried that again at home and battery drained equally fast. You can almost watch the battery indicator count down. Simple text editing in AP, nothing fancy. Is this an issue? How is it even possible to drain the battery that fast? I think not even FCPX can drain the battery that fast. Will this be addressed in a future update? Are there some preferences I could change to slow down the fast drain?
  8. Did you try restarting your computer? I had a similar issue and after restarting it was decently fast again.
  9. I did a restart of my MacBook Pro and now it's much better. Wouldn't say it's speedy like Adobe InDesign, but definitely a lot better than before the restart. I think I should have done a restart of my MacBook after the upgrade from AP 1.7 to 1.7.3
  10. I'm currently lay-outing a book on AP 1.7.3, MacBook Pro 13 " 2018, 16 GB RAM, 6x9 inch page size, simple text layout, nothing fancy, and about 50 images, images linked. Now at page 65. Right from the start there was a delay between keypress and letters being typed on the screen. Now with every page AP becomes slower, slower to safe, slower to show up after switching to other apps, in general everything is slower than just 20 pages ago. How many pages can I still add before having to start a new document? Or should I break the book up after 40 pages? My book will have about 80 pages in total, will AP be able to handle all 80 pages? Thanks
  11. Can someone tell me how too prevent this behaviour? When I resize the picture frame then the image inside violently jumps to it's original size. When I press command+Z (undo) the picture disappears. Not recoverable. I need to delete the picture frame, link the image again. What's going on? Untitled.mov
  12. Same challenge here... can't find the supposedly overflow text... 49 pages here... ok this is not a helpful comment for support I realise that... hm.. there's a little rectangle on one page in the right upper corner, I can't highlight or delete it... maybe that's what's causing the trouble?
  13. ok this did the trick! thanks ! btw, there might be a chance that I did it wrong the whole time, my fault, not AP... anyways, now it works!
  14. Argh, I tried to reproduce it on a new document and it does work. But it doesn't in the big file I'm working on. Tragic. I don't want to reset...
  15. Lucky you, for me on the Mac when I chose "Replace.." in the Resource Manager it replaces all instances, not just the highlighted one. Also dropping pictures into picture frames doesn't seem to work.. (AP 1.7.3, MacOs 10.14.6)
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