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  1. I couldn't figure it out at first, but then I drew a fresh line and suddenly it worked. Don't know how to delete this post, sry. no_curve.mov
  2. Always crashes on that move, can't open layer properties (see video). 1. In Finder right click on png to open it in Designer. Designer opens with png as background. 3. Make background a layer by double clicking it 4. Add new layer 5. Right click on new layer to go to "Properties..." 6. Crash (every time) Affinity Designer 1.6.1 High Sierra 10.13.6 ad_crash.mov
  3. Just ran into this feature request. Coming from InDesign I was looking for linked files in Designer, just now, that I updated one of my image files and wondered how I can reload that in Designer. Maybe a far stretch? Would be nice to have though. +1
  4. John Gibson, you could give monthly, substantial donations to Serif. I'm sure Serif will tell you their PayPal. I find the crowdfunding idea interesting too. Just this morning I received a popup banner from WeekCal, the calendar app I've purchased and been using for years now on iOS. They asked me to switch to a subscription based model. I was thinking: oh my, them too? If they change to a subscription based model I need to change software, EVEN THOUGH I've paid for their software. For hardware, companies in most western countries need to give a warranty for a certain amount of time. For some it's 2 years, others 10. Different for different categories and countries. If the released product is faulty, they need to take it back or replace it. With software that's simpler than with hardware. However, if BMW releases a new car, this doesn't mean that everyone is getting a free upgrade. A customer can sell his old BMW, and upgrade to a new one. Some people ride their cars 2 years, others 20 years. I find this "forced subscription or shut down" model is not to my liking and not within my financial abilities. Maybe some people can afford it, I can't. I had to say good bye to Adobe upgrades (even though I loved the software), goodbye to Ulysses upgrades (I run my old version, plus purchased Scrivener), and maybe I need to say good bye to WeekCal (but can hopefully continue to use my current version). Also, I don't understand why everyone needs to get filthy rich. Aren't there enough rich people who store their money overseas and are useless to society already? I think it's possible to run a great company, have great income, and that's that. No need to lose ground contact. I'm sure that's possible with a user base of a couple of tens or even hundred thousand customers.
  5. I love my CS3. It's so simple! Clean, easy to use. Everything is just there and works and is self explanatory. When I downloaded the QuarkXpress 2018 demo a week ago I couldn't even figure out how to start a book project. I gave up after 15 minutes, moved the whole thing into the paper bin. Unfortunately CS3 doesn't support retina displays, plus I don't have a portable license. My CS3 is basically sentenced to live and die on my MacBook Air 2011. Will start with a book cover project on my new MacBook Pro in Affinity Publisher beta tonight. Really looking forward to it.
  6. I like the new icons, they integrate nicely in the dock. The only critique I could have is that they are bigger than most other icons. But then, I usually run them in full screen, so that makes sense.
  7. Just a small comment I need to drop: Holy cow, this is one of the most supportive and friendly forums I've ever been on, didn't expect that. Thumbs up!
  8. I don't think I can create IDML in InDesign CS3, QuarkXpress however does only import IDML, not INDD, so I'm kind of stuck there with INDD. My only other option is INX, which I don't even know what that is. Or I go by pdf and have to basically redo all pages and image placements.
  9. indd import would be AMAZING. I have all my (self published) books in indd, I'm still on InDesign CS3, I really love the simplicity and beauty of the old Adobe suite (and the one time purchase). I downloaded QuarkXpress 2018 Trial last week, seemed overly complicated and I couldn't import indd. But I also purchased Affinity Designer last week. So super happy with Affinity, that I will give Quark a miss for now and wait for Affinity Publisher.
  10. The font menu is so wide that it does not fit my screen. Therefore, when I want to change the color of a text, I need to click the arrows-to-the-right button first. Is there a way to rearrange the font menu to save me that click? Thank you.

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