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  1. The original PDF was created with matplotlib (https://matplotlib.org) so I think it makes sense that it is unprofiled? It looks like the PDF exported by designer also does not contain a color profile, that would explain why it looks as the original in Preview? $ mdls -name kMDItemDisplayName -name kMDItemProfileName colortest.pdf kMDItemDisplayName = "colortest.pdf" kMDItemProfileName = (null)
  2. Thanks Walt, you're right! Is this be a problem with my configuration of Designer then? I don't think I ever modified any color profiles.
  3. The attached PDF is not displayed correctly by Affinity Designer 1.7.2 (App Store). Compare the screenshot from Preview with the screenshot from Designer after dragging the PDF into an empty document – note the missing shading crossing the horizontal line at level 8. Interestingly, when exporting a PDF from Affinity the shading in the exported PDF is correct (i.e., as in the original PDF), so this seems to be an error in the way it's displayed in Designer, not the PDF import. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help! STRF sin-h e-o-fg.pdf
  4. Just to add, the different meaning of alt-arrow breaks maxOS consistencies which trips me often when using my motor memory: macOS standard: command + leftarrow/backspace: move/delete to beginning of line alt + leftarrow/backspace: move/delete to the beginning of the word Publisher command-leftarrow moves the cursor one word to the left command-backspace deletes the whole sentence alt-backspace deletes the previous word (alt-leftarrow does something unrelated)
  5. Thanks for the suggestion Walt! Even though there are other options to achieve the same effect (command on macOS) I would prefer this to be consistent with all the other applications I am using...
  6. I am really used from other applications to use alt and arrows to move the cursor across words. I could not find a corresponding action in the Keyboard Shortcut preferences panel. Apart from wishing for this functionality, I also found it would be really useful to have a search control in the Keyboard Shortcut preferences panel to search for actions.
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