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  1. That worked thanks... Need to get used to new paradigms and terminology. However can you give an image rounded corners ? OK got it, you need to create an image container first and then place the image in that container. Using the Place Image tool alone will not allow rounded corners.
  2. First, it's great (and an improvement on InDesign), that opacity of text can be set separately from that of container. However you can specify text opacity with a numerical value and you cannot do it for the container opacity :-( Also how do you preview the layout without the text containers blue outline ?
  3. Quite a few of my project include making Blurb (www.blurb.com) books. A great thing with Blurb is that they provide custom templates for their various books types. They also provide a PDF export profile to make sure everything will be exported properly to go through smoothly on their end. You should team up with them to deliver these in Publisher format as well... Keep up the good work.
  4. As a future ex InDesign user, I would love to have shadows for objects and texts...
  5. Obviously, coming from InDesign, I tend to expect the same features, i.e. be able to have different values / styles for each of the corners. Besides, having the radius value only as percentage value of rectangle is cumbersome. one should be able to enter the value in units chosen for docuent (pixels, mm, in, points..) Keep up the good work.
  6. When defining the bleed parameters, it would be cool to be able to "link" the four vales so one would have only one value to enter instead of four. Keep up the good work.
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