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  1. I've tried deleting the updates, without success, so as a temporary measure, I have found a solution to work round this problem. It's a rock-solid, bulletproof programme called Serif PagePlus X9!
  2. Is there a way to change all the spellings of a particular word in a document without having to go through each instance of the word. In Word (and, I think, PagePlus) if a word is incorrectly spelt throughout a document, there is an option to "Change ALL", but this doesn't seem to be the case in Affinity Publisher. I am currently changing a 27 page document from US English to UK English with much usage of the word "Color/Colour", and it is a pain to have to change each individual one, but I can't find a way to do it en mass.
  3. Hi firstdefence I've only just started using Publisher, because I've found it a bit intimidating after PagePlus, and it does seem to crash a fair bit, so I couldn't say in all honesty if it's a repeatable issue or not. I've got a feeling that all the affected parts are in text that I've pasted in from Word documents, but surely if it looks okay in Publisher, it should look okay in the output? Also, I don't have the time to experiment with it this week! I have uploaded the one of the affected pages, as there's nothing sensitive in it - it's quite educational actually! Programme RWNS.afpub
  4. I have an issue in Publisher with the programme not converting the letter "f" correctly to PDF when the f comes before a lower case L , an i, or - occasionally, another f. Th issue became worse once it had been through the printers' proofing process. Is this a bug? If not, what am i doing wrong?!
  5. Putting a full-page rectangle as a background would work, but it's not ideal - certainly not "fine". It makes managing the bleed that little bit more difficult. In the excellent Serif PagePlus, setting a page colour via the Page Properties dialogue was a simple way to achieve this, and I hope it is replicated in Affinity Publisher.
  6. As I have run out of my daily allocation of reactions to Forum comments (Why? Surely it'easier for the developers to see how many "likes" a comment has rather than having to read loads of "And me's"?), I would like to add my +1 for Data Merge.
  7. Completely agree. This was one of the first things I looked for - and I had to look hard before I found it. Please add it to the New Document dialogue.
  8. It would be a nice feature, Redestino, but I think that the replicate option was only available in Serif DrawPlus, not PagePlus.
  9. I seem to be going round in circles in trying to resolve this issue, so please help me if you can. I have an image that I want to crop at a diagonal (see attached image). It would seem that the Add/Subtract/etc. functions only work when it is two shapes that are being worked on, not a shape and an image - at least, when I try to do this, they are all greyed-out except for the Divide function (which doesn't appear to do anything). I have tried using a jpeg image, but have also converted that image to an eps and an svg, all with no luck. Am I doing something wrong, or asking AD to do something it can't - and, if that is the case, what can I do as an alternative? Is there a function in AP that would allow me to do this? I want to overlay the resulting, cropped, image onto an artist's impression. Any input would be much appreciated. Shape from image.afdesign
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