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  1. Or Serif Affinity could add the ability to create a template
  2. Putting a full-page rectangle as a background would work, but it's not ideal - certainly not "fine". It makes managing the bleed that little bit more difficult. In the excellent Serif PagePlus, setting a page colour via the Page Properties dialogue was a simple way to achieve this, and I hope it is replicated in Affinity Publisher.
  3. As I have run out of my daily allocation of reactions to Forum comments (Why? Surely it'easier for the developers to see how many "likes" a comment has rather than having to read loads of "And me's"?), I would like to add my +1 for Data Merge.
  4. Completely agree. This was one of the first things I looked for - and I had to look hard before I found it. Please add it to the New Document dialogue.
  5. It would be a nice feature, Redestino, but I think that the replicate option was only available in Serif DrawPlus, not PagePlus.
  6. Thanks, MEB. That has done the trick!
  7. I seem to be going round in circles in trying to resolve this issue, so please help me if you can. I have an image that I want to crop at a diagonal (see attached image). It would seem that the Add/Subtract/etc. functions only work when it is two shapes that are being worked on, not a shape and an image - at least, when I try to do this, they are all greyed-out except for the Divide function (which doesn't appear to do anything). I have tried using a jpeg image, but have also converted that image to an eps and an svg, all with no luck. Am I doing something wrong, or asking AD to do something it can't - and, if that is the case, what can I do as an alternative? Is there a function in AP that would allow me to do this? I want to overlay the resulting, cropped, image onto an artist's impression. Any input would be much appreciated. Shape from image.afdesign